Strangers in love
13 Chapter 13-Pervert!!!
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Strangers in love
Author :Richie520
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13 Chapter 13-Pervert!!!

The head security went to find Seth who looked like a volcano which might burst anytime soon.He had an very intimidating aura and not to approach look on his face. Seth already checked all the private rooms ,but his attempts were in vain.Finally,he thought of checking all the cameras in the parking lot and entrance spot thinking Elina went out of the bar unable to bear these heavy noises.

Eventhough Bar Ritz is one of the nation's prestigous bar,as it has many services the use of cameras were limited .Cameras were only placed in parking area and at the enrance of the bar to show the customers how much their privacy mattered to them.It is actually one of the reason why many rich people frequently used its services pouring money into it.

Just as soon as the security guard entered the security room,he saw a man checking all the cameras in the bar,just by looking at his back,the guard can say it was Seth.

"Young master Seth",the guard politely called out his name,trying to remain as calm as possible.When Seth heard someone calling him ,he turned around and saw it was the head security."Check all the private rooms,hotel rooms and the whole bar in the first floor ".

Later he stomped out of the room and continued his relentless search for her. He even tagged a bar waitress along with him  to make sure Elina was inside the restroom or not. He already searched 2 washroms and now this was the only last restroom in the bar.He began to pray to god to make sure Elina was atleast in it.

He started to go around the woman's washroom like a bird around its nest. He just couldn't bare anymore and immediately drew out his phone to call Roy. Roy picked it up for the first ring this time. "Hey.." but Seth cut his words, "Your guys are worthless. How can they not find a single person?" ,he was fuming and was like a dragon spitting fire.

"Dude, calm down. First of all, its not easy to find one person in a bar like mine."

"You seriously are of no use, Roy." Seth cut down the call after saying that.

Just then a hand was placed on his shoulder. He thought it was some employee  and wanted to vent his anger on them. So he casually yelled,"What ?call me only if you find her",as these words trailed off from his mouth,he turned around to see the person next to him.

Just as he turned to face Elina ,the anger look in his face started to dissipate,which replaced by a gentle  and affectionate gaze.

Elina saw over his shoulders that Seth was standing right infront of the woman's washroom door-which was wide open.Her face quivered at the sight in front of her eys.

She reached out her hand and flicked him on his forehead hardly. She then bawled at him, "you pervert, jackass.... What were you looking into before". when she saw him ,he was facing his back to her and she could say he was seriously looking into something, but she never actually thought he held his gaze in the wide-opened washroom.

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"What do u think I would be doing outside here", just as these words left his mouth . ..without giving her time to resist, he bear hugged her.

I shouldn't have brought her here . If it weren't because of me forcing her to join me this would have never happened. What if something happens today .It would have always been my fault making me to feel guilty everytime I see her. Thank god she is safe.

As these thoughts ran in his mind, unknowingly he tightened his grip around her.

At first Elina,who was hugged out of blue thought to become free from his grip. But as he tightened his grip around her she understood she scared the crap out of him once again.

She reassuringly placed her arms around him, "It's ok.... It's not your fault ".

"Of course it's not my fault, I'm not the one who drank like a skunk and went missing ".

She pulled free from his grip and then she bumped his head with her fist. She knows it was useless to argue with him. So she remained silent.

"Where were you till now Elina. You scared the hell out of me".

She didn't know what to say. At first she thought of telling what happened. But she knew Seth won't remain calm and might face worst consequences if he thought the unknown stranger took advantage of her drunken condition.

"Wash.... Washroom", her voice came out in a stuttering .

He raised an eye-brow at her. " I checked the whole bar and made someone to check all the woman's washroom ".

" Indeed you are a dumbo. I'm on my way to washroom, so how could you find me in there".

"Is that so...." he eyed her suspiciously. Then he suddenly changed his expression and said"Come let's get out of this place first".

He exited the bar along with Elina - her hand in his while bantering with her all the way.

Following him who almost carried her all the way she fell into her train of thoughts and turned a deaf ear to him, " Is it that easy to deceive him or is he trusting me so much that he can't say right from wrong or is he pretending to believe my words even though he knows I'm lying? ".

"Your highness, shall I open the door for you or shall we stand here the whole night? ".


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