Strangers in love
12 Chapter 12- Could it be her?
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Strangers in love
Author :Richie520
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12 Chapter 12- Could it be her?

"Could it be really her?",when this thought stucked his mind again,he abruptly turned off the shower then immediatey wrapped a towel around his lower body and came out just to see a bed filled with some random thrown money in the huge couple suite room.

"That damn stupid woman actually took me as a male host.In what way I'm looking like one?". He let out a scowl seeing the empty bed.

He sat on the edge of the bed .He felt something under him and took it out.It was a gold lighter.By looking at the brand he could say that it is one of the limited edition.

"Who could she be?Was she from any influential family?No it can't be.Otherwise,I would have known already about her.Could it be that she is a secret child of any influential person or a young mistress.",his thoughts kept on coming. "Whatever" he shrugged and threw the lighter back on to the bed.

Back then....

"Girl!!!this is no time to admire his beauty",thinking that she jolted back to her senses,got up from the bed and searched for her phone.Maybe,the alcohol has still an affect on her,her steps stumbled,while she swayed to and fro.

"What the...".she screamed in a low voice to not to awake the predator in bathroom when she hurt her leg by hitting the edge of bed.She held her head tightly and shook it violently as it was throbbing with pain.

When she heard the abrupt stop of splashing sounds of water in bathroom,her heart rate increased,panic striked her resulting her to not able to think.

She searched for some money in her pockets to pay him.She was about to make her way to place the money on a table,but when she thought he was about to come out,she halted her steps ,throwed the money on the bed resulting the money to scatter all over the bed.


she heard the sound of something to fall apart from money,but she couldn't pay much heed to it and immediately made her way out of the couple suite.

She managed to get to the premises of the bar,wobbling.When she was near girls washroom,she saw some familiar figure and let out a sigh of relief.

Elina walked towards the familiar towering figure,held her hand on his shoulder."What? call me only if you find her",as these words trailed off from his mouth,he turned around to see the person next to him .Seth was fuming with anger and panic could be seen in his eyes.

When Seth came out from the private room along with Elina's bag he went straight to the place where Elina sat before.When he couldn't find her it panicked him and he searched for her in the whole bar.

The thought of how she was made him to scare out of his wits.If it was not because of other young masters in the private room,he would have never bought Elina to this place ,never and ever.

As the whole city knows Bar Ritz is not only famous for its great services and expensive bar in the city ,it is also well known for its services of providing escorts both male and female.

Few recent incidents took place in Bar Ritz,in which females were taken advantage.This was a place where men loose their money while woman have to give in their bodies to men.

"I hope she is fine wherever she is",thought Seth and immediately called to the owner of the bar.Just as the dailer tone rang for 2 rings,the receiver in the other end attended Seth's call.

"Yo boy!!having fun?",sounded a boisterous voice from the other end .

Even in such a noisy and busy environment ,Seth could clearly hear Roy's boisterous voice.In fact,it was even a little bit loud."Hey, why is it so noisy there?Are you in a bar?".

Not bothered to answer his questions,Seth's cold voice rang on the receiver end,"Elina went missing in your bar.I don't know how you will find her but,I want her to be in front of my eyes within 10 mins safe sound".


Before Roy could respond anything.Roy heard a beep sound indicating the end of the call,"Seriously,did he just hung up on me? ",he thought not minding much about his friend's behaviour towards him,he understood the situation and took initiative to find Elina.
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Eventhough many people in the city don't know about Seth's true identity,many young masters and his childhood friends know who he was.

He came from an affluent,noble family.His family has very good connections in military.He is the apple of his family's old man,who groomed Seth since childhood and believed,one day Seth will be the one who leads their family company to great heights and prospers it.

Since he is expected to be future Magenta company's boss,nobody dared to offend him and always gave him his way.

Roy immediately contacted the bar's manager.The line got through within first ring."I will send you a photo of a girl.All of you immediately stop your works and search for her",with that he ended the call.

Just as the call ended,the manager's phone beeped.He opened the message box and saw pictures of a girl in it.All photos of her had Seth in them,looks like they are good frineds thought the manager.He clicked on the picture button to have a clear look of the girl,his face scrunced up,"Such a lovely little girl,who knows what is happening with her",with these thoughts in mind he immediately began to call other staff and passed her photos to them.Just like that search for Elina began.


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