Strangers in love
11 Chapter 11- Changing feelings
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Strangers in love
Author :Richie520
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11 Chapter 11- Changing feelings

Elina still had a silly smile on her face.When he saw her smile ,the air seemed to become light around.But his brows furrowed deeply after hearing her words. Her smile made something turn inside him.

"Too bad..too good for  being a male host"said Elina while poking with her finger on his forehead with a pout on her lips feeling everything as surreal .She looked quite adorable and cute.

Listening to the words of the woman in his arms and noting her actions  he took out his phone and called Stan to book a room thinking it is inappropriate to leave her in this condition in the bar. After couple of minutes, Stan sent him a message of the room number.

Carter sighed looking at the room number in the message and princess carried Elina ,who continued to  cling onto him like her whole depended on him. He entered the elevator to go to the room.


The elevator door opened,pulling Carter's attention from Elina's face, which was giving a lot of different expressions in just couple minutes. As soon as he stepped out, he spotted a room service employ.

"Good evening, Mr. Collin. Mr.Stan Collin,informed me.This way please",the service boy led the way to the room.He then stuffed the suite room card into Carter's hand and left with smile after eyeing clunged Elina. Carter sighed again after seeing the service boy's expression and glanced at Elina. He didn't know what was he doing with her now but, it felt as a very right thing to do at this moment. He frowned at his thought and entered the room.

As soon as he entered the room,his face scrunched up at the sight of the room .There was a round circle bed with a white blanket neatly arranged over it.Candles were arranged all over the place.The air was emanating a rose fragrance and the wide balcony showed the beauty of the capital.

When he turned right,he saw an entire transparent bathroom with a bathtub with it,which can sure enough for two people .All in all,it looked like  a couple suite ,who came for their honeymoon.

Carter took large strides to the huge bed and shoved away Elina onto it.But to his surprise,she held to his cloak very tightly,which made him to fall over her.

As Carter gazed at Elina's face,it was as if she was admiring  a rare and precious jewel.When she smiled at him,it felt so seductive that he could feel his grip on his feelings slipping away .Her lips looked so delicate and alluring. It just seemed impossible for him to resist her lips. He wanted to devour her full and alluring lips. He just stared at her like that. She some how reminded him of her.

Elina struggled with the weight of Carter's whole body on her but, she continued to stare at him as if she has not seen such thing in her whole life.

Carter just couldn't bare anymore and tried to get up from her. Elina again held to his cloak and he fell again this time, but with more force. With that impact, Elina let out a small scream and Carter groaned.

Carter straight on fell exactly over her such that his chest was over her chest and his face was on her crook. He inhaled her sweet scent and felt her silky hair. This time when he saw her face, he just couldn't seem to control anymore and went on to pursue her but,,,,

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"Water...water",murmured Elina,which was unable to decipher.Carter stopped in midway and inched his ear near her mouth to decipher what was she telling.Suddenly she began to throw a tantrum,"Water.....water".

"Ah!!",her ear piercing voice made his ears sting which made Carter to massage his ear as she shouted at top of her lungs,but he still went to bring a bottle of water for her from fridge.

He bought it,opened the cap for her and gave it to her,"Water".

Elina took it with a silly smile on her face and gulped down all the contents in one go.She threw away the bottle and hugged her pillow, slept like a cute ,adorable baby.

Seeing Elina hug the pillow and close her eyes,Carter grunted .That's not right,"you shoudn't take adavantage of a drunken little girl.She sounds like her ,and she looks familiar to her,but she can't be her", his inner voice came out and reminded him of the girl whom he missed dearly.

He then started to unbutton his shirt and throwed the clothes which were dirtied with her puke on the floor,which were crumpled now .He then went into the transparent bathroom to calm down himself and turned on a cold shower.

Elina who was lying on the bed,was woken up by the sound of rushing water from bathroom.She rubbed her eyes and hastily woke up from bed.She then peeked at the bathroom.With that one glance,the half-asleep and drunk Elina was unable to avert her gaze from the scene.

Thump!Thump!! Elina's heart beat raised faster and faster.She could see a clear silhoutte of a man who was washing up.Her body felt very hot at this moment and suddenly she felt everything churn inside her.

Elina observed the man having a shower.He had flawless face,broad shoulders,slim waist with washboard abs and he was tall-around 6'1 feet.His body was literally shining when the water was running down his bod.She gulped down her saliva,"To good to be a male host",she remembered suddenly .She sat on the bed dazed there.

While Elina sat there dazedly,on the other side....

Carter went and turned on to have a cold shower to calm down .As the cold water touched his fair skin sending chills all over his body,it didn't wash

away the excruciating misery building up in his heart.

He stood under the shower supporting himself with a hand on wall,and got involved in his thoughts.

"What's wrong with me?" He thought while closing his eyes. For the first when he closed his eyes, he saw Elina. He immediately snapped open his eyes.


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