Strangers in love
10 Chapter 10- First encounter
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Strangers in love
Author :Richie520
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10 Chapter 10- First encounter

"Hmm. This would be enough" Marina thought to herself, checking herself thoroughly in the mirror.She wore a black skirt which finished around her knees,paired up with a white blouse.She had her long hair tied in a ponytail.She looked like a modest and normal woman.There was a very lively as well as wise expression in her eyes.She was all professional and ready to attend the interview of Envision.

Marina stepped out from a hire cab and stepped into Envision.The company was very big and she was sure that,it would take atleast 1 week for any normal person to memorize all routes in this company.She was very confident on herself and knew it shouldn't be that hard for her to atleast pass the interview.

As she stepped inside Envision she understood the gap between Magenta and many other companies she worked before. This was her first time she was entering Envision.

The floor was tiled in fine marble, which made every step echo. The ceiling seem to be at the sky limit. Sunlight entered the wide hall splitting into rainbow colours by the reflection.Embroidered silk Greg coloured sofas were placed at both sides of the entrance. A large television screen was above the desk of reception, where three pretty women dressed neatly and professionally seemed ready to receive her and give possible directions . The desk was made of amber-colored wood and a green granite top. Exquisite paintings hung from the rich, white walls. Even the door hinges were engraved with swirls and elegant designs

She made her way to reception ."Good morning,how may help you?",one of the young receptionist asked her very politely and gave a sweet smile to Marina.

"I was invited for an interview session in the company".

"Oh .May I know your name please".
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"Marina Claire".

The young receptionist immediately searched for Marina's name in her computer. She replied within a minute to Marina.

"So you are miss Marina",the receptionist asked to confirm once again,"The interview is in president's office on the 45th floor. You will find the office as you set out of elevator.You can take the elevator from here.",the kind young receptionist showed the elevator direction while still her face holding the sweet smile as before.

She was applying for the same old position she had before.The president's secretary.She stepped in elevator and pressed 45th floor.Actually she expected a one man show.Inside the room,like an alpha at one far end of the table but it was not as she expected.There were three men and a woman for interview.Among men,there was Eric and the vice-president Stan too.

The room was as big as her whole half house. It was just like a house without much furniture which has its own way of nobility. There was just a long table while few photos of Eric with his family were hung on the white polished wall. Opposite to the long wide table there placed a set of Leathered black sofas around the tea poy. The bright fleeting sun rays careesed fell right on Eric's face made him look like the eternal ruler just as he's name says. There was another room attached to it making Marina wonder just how wide the Presidents office was.

The president spoke,"Why don't you begin with your self-introduction first?", making Marina to come back from her stupor.

Emilia bowed,"Good morning, president Eric and interviewers.My name is Marina Claire.I studied in abroad and completed my MBA degree.I worked as head-secretary in Magenta coporation for over an year".

"Okay,please take a seat",told Stan.The other people asked her few really basic questions that she nearly did an eye roll before them as she wondered if they actually read her resume.It was a smoth exchange nonetheless.They seemed rather pleased towards her responses.

For the first time after asking her to take seat,Stan opened his mouth,"Alright,Ms.Claire,what post are you looking forward to?" Marina was little confused of the question yet, she answered without hesitation "Secretary of President" Eric let out a small chuckle by her response then he turned to Stan as if he knew what was he up to. "Why?" Stan asked her with a playful frown on his face. Realization dawned on Marina and she was amazed how Stan made it look as an intense question. She proceeded to answer keeping aside her thoughts.

"With my solid experience being the head secretary in Magenta corporation before I can definitely tackle the tasks perfectly and handle the clients and I can handle any crisis very well. Besides, I even had a long 3 years experience as secretary which makes me a better option".

The only lady other then Marina turned to Eric and Stan,"What do you think Mr.President and Vice-President?".

Eric just nodded his head,while Stan murmured something which Marina couldn't decipher.The lady wore a warm welcoming smile and reached out her hands towards Marina,"Miss Claire we are pleased to inform you that you have passed the interview.You will be an assistant secretary for time being After some time we will decide on your position.Congratulations .We will send you a mail officially".

Marina held her hand and shook it sluggishly although, she didn't understand what she meant by assistant secretary.The lady smiled ,"My name is Annalisa . You can call me Annie.I'm from management department.I hope that we will have a pleasent working experience together".

"Sure Annie".

"Secretary Marina allow me to show you around the place while I brief you the full job scope of your position",invited Annie as she opened the door.

"You don't have to be so formal.We are collegues from now on.You can call me Marina",said Marina as she followed Annie.

"It's alright".

After the interview ,everyone left the president's spacious office except Stan and Eric.

"She is pretty good. And I'm sure she will be good." Stan said while looking at receding Marina. "So from now on you can focus on business with her" Stan turned towards Eric and spoke in declaring tone.

"Shut up Stan....I have seen more",answered Eric.He then went to the floor-ceiling window and stood there in a trance.

Stan went and stood beside him.He placed his hand on Eric's shhoulder,"Doesn't it mean I can look for her?",Stan gave a playful grin to Eric.

Eric face scrunched up.He immediately took out Stan's hand from his shoulder.With an affirmative and commanding tone,"No you can't", he declared.

"Why can't I .It can't be that you are interested in her,right?".

Eric turned to Stan and placed a smile.Others may not know the reason behind that smile,but to Stan ,he understood to not to probe the matter any further if you want to be safe and sound good.

"Because she is my secreatry.My sectretary's dignity shows my reputation.So stop fooling around my lovely brother and search for other".

"Unreasonable.Humph!!!",Stan snorted and banged the door,,with his heavy foot steps he entered the elevator and left the company leaving Eric alone in his office.

Annie then escorted Marina to the following levels to greet the heads of all other departments briefly.They were all nice to her as most of them approached her friendly.

" Hello ladies, may I know who is this lady here?", Lucas the head of IT department came suddenly out of nowhere.

Even though his sudden presence made Annie's heart to skip a beat but it didn't have any impact on Marina as her face as composed and calm as ever.

"Nice to meet you Mister Nosy Parker. This is Marina, the new secretary of President Eric", replied Annie as she gave a genuine smile to him.

" My name is not that,,,,you can call me Lucas and I'm the head of IT department. Pleased to meet you too", commented Lucas.

"Mind your work Mr. Lucas", Annie then turned around to leave IT department.

" Why a cold shoulder.... This is bad miss Annalisa ".

Not interested in speaking to him,Annie didn't even bothered to take a look at him instead she increased her pace to move out as quickly as possible while the latter was still wearing a silly smile on his face which had huge adoration for the girl who was stomping away right now.

Marina observed the whole scene and understood a thing . In just no time Annie left the department so Marina went out to find her.

Annie was sure serious when she talked about "showing her around Envision"as Marina could feel her shoe soles heat up as she took off her heels when she got home right after the long tour at Envision that day.

She reached home after a long day in Envision. She immediately hit her bed and thoughts filled up her mind. "You surely will regret to get me." she said into the void. She fell asleep mumbling the same words.


Not only Bar Ritz was one of the most expensive place in the capital ,it stood one among top 3 bars in the world.It is a place for entertainment,which provided many different services.

Those services included 'that' kind of services with good-looking men and women.Between the blinking lights,deafening music ,the moving bodies In a certain private room...

A well dressed man sat in middle of the sofa and drank cup after cup,"Seth, you are reeking of alcohol.Now stop drinking",Elina told it to Seth.

If it's any other day,she would've not stopped him from drinking.But,tomorrow was her first day at work of her new company and Seth need to drive her to home.If she didn't stop him now,she can't do it later.

"Hey,I only drank two.Don't presume things.If it's not for you loosing,do you think I will drink them too",he lifted her's flushed face.Elina's fair skin gradually turned as red as peach.The white cheeks with a touch of red,coupled with the red lips that were moisturized by the alcohol made her look very seductive.

For a second,he was totally into her. When their eyes met,Elina grinned at him,but her grin looked so silly and adorable,just like an innocent little girl.

" Look at you,you already are drunk like a skunk,it not like your last time drinking alcohol ",he chided the girl next to him who looked she might throw up anytime soon.

He stood up and turned around to bid everyone farewell." Guys continue having fun.I have some errands to run.I shall make a move first",he lazily strode towards the clothes rack to retrive his coat and he hung it on his arm.

Sid shouted from beind," Didn't you say to drink till we knock out.Seth take your time".

Seth ignored him and went to Elina .He supported her with his hand and lectured relentlessly at the same time.

"For someone who can't drink,you were too reckless to drink those many glasses".

"shut up!!".

They were already out of the private room and near the entrance door.Elina held her head and frowned,"Ah!!My purse.Bring it for me".

Seth didn't know what to do with the girl in his hands.Helplessly,he took her in again and settled her in a corner.He then went back to retrive her purse thinking Elina would wait for him.

"What's taking him so long?I told him to bring my bag,not to make one",she suddenly felt like using restroom.She immediatly raised to her feet and made her way into restroom.She swayed to and fro looking as if she was about to collapse at any time.

Grooving music,darkened lights and noisy groups of people-everything was a little crazed.The way to washroom was filled with many people.One has to use alot of force to squeeze through.Elina managed well till halfway and later she accidently bumped into a girl and swayed to all directions and was about to fall off.

Elina closed her eyes in despair and was ready to accept her fate.Two seconds later,instead of the cold hard floor she imagined,she fell into a pair of warm and strong arms.

She opened her eyes in surprise.She blinked and realized thats she was still in his hands and her face pressed against his chest ."Uhhh!",gazing at the attractive face right in front of her eyes,Elina blinked her eyes and reached her hand to rub her head.

Carter narrowed his eyes at her.The strong booze of alcohol coming from her made him furrow his brows.However,when he saw her flushed cheeks and focused gaze as if she could only see him in this world and nothing else,for some reason he could not bring himself to push her away.

This woman looked familiar.

His eyes still fixed on her beautiful face.Her sparkling eyes were reflected by the hotel lobby's lights and looked like twinkling stars in the night sky.She looked lovely and alluring.She settled her head on his chest and muttered something.

Looking at her drunken state,his face frowned even further and the temperature around him seemed like fallen to some more degrees .Just when he was about to pull her away and settle her in a seat....


Following this ,immediately the surrounding air reeked with the smell of alcohol.Immediately,his expression turned grim and gloomy at once.Anger flared up in him and felt like the volcano in him may erupt.He turned his anger gaze to her.


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