Strangers in love
9 chapter 9- Scheming queen
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Strangers in love
Author :Richie520
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9 chapter 9- Scheming queen

"The rules are simple and same,the one who get knocked out of the ring will be the loser",with this the martial arts match began.

Elina and Seth bowed to eachother and were ready to fight."Seems like I heard wrong about you little girl.It's ok,I will go easy on you.Don't worry I won't disfigure your beautiful face".

Elina smirked at him."Over-confidence kills excellence,senior".

Seth gnashed his teeth,"You first".

"You first, senior", Elina just gave a plain causal look to him.

"Looks like you are afraid to make the first move .Then,take it", Seth flicked his left leg straight out and aimed for Murph's knees.

Murphy quickly dodged away from his simple yet highly effective form of attack.

Seth balled up his fists and aimed at her face .Murph bent 30 degrees escaping his kick once gain.Seeing a little girl escaping all his attacks like that from last 10 minutes of match Seth felt a flare of anger within him.

"Don't you know how to strike back?", he cross-questioned Elina in a flushed tone.

"I already told you to not to look down on me just because I am a girl, Seth", Elina uttered calmly.

Oblivious to what was happening on the stage,other students began to cheer for senior Seth.The chatter of a noisy, cheering crowd can inexplicably be heard lurking in the background throughout the stage.

" Of course,Senior Seth is very powerful".

"He is very strong.He's been practicing for years".

"Senior Senior",the crowd began to cheer for him while few girls were enjoying the sight of his well built fit body .

"Oh my!! look at his body.It's so athletic .Seth... Seth...",the cheers went on.....

On the stage...

"She indeed improved alot from back then",thought Seth. He remembered when Elina first joined the academy. She seemed well trained back then also. Their first face off was six months ago when he totally knocked her out. Elina was attacker back then but now, she looked like a professional. Seth began to attack once more.Just when he thought she was dodging once again,She caught him in surprise by grabbing his neck with right hand,banged her hand on his neck with other hand and then she wrapped her arm around his neck and locked him till his oxygen cut off.
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She then released her hold on him,resulting him to knock out."oh no!!I was defeated by my rival.It'll be a shame to my master",thought Seth.

While on the other side Seth's so called master thinking,"She waited for Seth to expose his weakness.When he became impatient,then she started to attack him.That's the reason why she didn't strike back then.While Seth lost the match because of his temperament ,not because of his skill.

He then went onto the stage and declared Murph was the winner."You have improved a lot, Elina. You can become a professional now.Me and other masters will help you to improve your skills even more. Keep I up" the master patted Elina's back with pride in his eyes.

She bowed with a perfect 90 degree bend to him showing her respect towards the school and him."Thank you and please take good care of me in the future".

Master Lu smiled and got back to other masters .Elina went to Seth ,stretched her handout for him to take it and get up .Seth's lips slightly curled up ,took her hand and got up to his feet.

"Finally, you defeated me" Seth said while dusting off his clothes with a little smile on his face.

"Of course I had to after you knocked me out in that match."Elina said with a serious yet, casual face. "I don't like anyone's debt on me. I always return what I get from others" she said to him with a hint of unidentified anger beneath her tone.

"Hey, why are you getting worked up again. There is no face off after this" Seth said after he sensed her differentiated tone. Seth knew Elina well.

They were friends since childhood. They studied and played together. Elina's father was a gym trainer so,,,,they also trained together in gym since their teenage years. Elina's father was also a good combat trainer that's where their skill and interest in combat started.

"I'm leaving",Elina said turning back from Seth.

"Hey, stop. You need to give me a treat." Elina paused her steps as she reached to take a towel and water bottle from her bag."Are you planning to give up on your diet. You know master won't be happy." She reminded him of his strict diet plan given by their master to maintain his fitness.

"Elina, remember I'm your senior and you need to follow me." Seth demanded his authority while widening his shoulders. Elina punched him in chest.

"This is not fair", Elina stopped as though she was giving a thought about something very deeply, then she added, "then should I ask master Lu's permission to give you a treat my senior".

" Aish!!! You scheming queen..... ", as soon as she mentioned about master Lu Seth understood he would be banged by his master for disobeying his words so he hastily left the place.

Elina gave a playful grin as he left the room in a hush.


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