Strangers in love
7 chapter 7-I will make you regret i
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Strangers in love
Author :Richie520
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7 chapter 7-I will make you regret i

Emanuel Foster, President of Silbon went on to the stage and began to speak."I'm truly grateful to everyone for attending. Hope everyone works hard for our country's benefit and remember to enjoy this party",with this he ended his speech.

Soon, people started to dance with their partners,while single boys went to other girls to offer dance.While everyone are enjoying dancing,their stood a bunch of woman,surrounding Eric.Few were trying to stike a conversation with him while few others were cracking jokes and rest were talking about their bussinesses,trying to get his favour to work with their companies.

"President collin,may I invite you for this dance",approached Yuiyu.

"It would be my pleasure",with this he stretched his hand for her to hook up with her's and went to dance floor .

When he saw the center of dance floor,he noticed that it was already occupied by Stanley,who was dancing with a very beautiful lady.For an instant,he stopped in his tracks and couldn't take his eyes off her. His partner noticed his abrupt motions and took his line of sight .What greeted her was Stanley dancing with Marina.With envy hidden under her smile,she told,"Oh,that's Marina from Magenta corporation".

Eventhough,he noticed her jealousy buried under that beautiful face of her,he pretended as though he didnt notice anything.Such a pretentious person.No wonder for everyone thinking him as a cheerful man,with happy hunting attitude.

He went to the centre of stage and stood near Stanley.Stanley noticed someone stood behind him and turned to look at him.He saw his second brother Eric and by the expression on Eric's face he could sense he need to go.Unwilling to leave the girl in his hands to his brother,finally stan gave in to Eric.

"Excuse me, my lady",Stanley excused himself from Marina.He then went near Eric.

"Stan,can you accompany miss Yuiyu for me.I need to do some business",with this he turned towards Marina who did not understand the situation,not at all concerned about Stan's reply.

Eric stood infront of Marina,stretched out his hand for her,"May I ask this beautiful lady here to have a dance with me?".

"All pleasures mine,Mr.Collin".

With this, he placed one hand on her shoulder and the other on her waist.Then they began to dance gracefully.They both fit well together .Anyone would see them think very compatible and are paired in heaven.
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"Seems like your dancing was very good, miss".

"Thank you Mr.Collin for your compliments".

"Ya!! whats your name?".

"Its Marina Claire and I'm here on behalf of Magenta corporation".

"So you are the head secretary of Magenta corporations.Its such an honour to be able to dance with you Miss marina.I have always admired your talent".

"You exaggarate much Mr.Collin,besides I don't have the honour to being able to work with Envision ,nor do I have any talent.You praise too much Mr.Collin ".

"Who would employ someone who is not talented.People should know their worth miss.You are being too modest,but I wil make sure to brag about you if you were my secretary".

"As I heard you are sure a person of words,Mr.collin".

He let out a small chuckle at her words.Everyone in bussiness world knew who Marina claire is. She became quite famous wihtin an year and now many people would flock to her ,eager to please and help her.Many people knew she was the one who fulfilled Yuren's role as CEO. She worked day and night for the company,went to banquets in his stead,and if one has to say "she was the reason behind Magenta to stay one among top 5 companies in this world".She is the one who takes care of all projects,proposals for the company's benefit.

"I take this as a compliment",replied Eric." Well with you, I'm sure I can rest a bit from my hectic schedule."

Marina gave a chuckle as a reply.

"Please, Mr.Collin ,dont say such things.People are dying to work in your company. But,", before she could finish he intervened between.

"I wish you are one among them,Marina".

"Of course,I'm not someone to shove away the luck that knocked my door Mr.Collin."

"Please,dont be too formal.Just call me Eric and I just follow it back to you".


Eric let out a chuckle"Its Eric,just Eric.So,I think you would be attending to my company's head secretary selections next week,right?"

Marina's brows creased at this question .She didnt hear of such thing in any newspaper or in any website,"Is there a selection round?But I didn't hear of that anywhere?".

"It's an exclusive information available only to this beatiful lady" he whispered into her ear, thightening his grip on her waist.

"Oh",she hummed with her mouth wide open,the she gave into her thoughts.

After long time, Marina spoke "You will regret me working in Envision."

Eric raised his eyebrows at her words. "Oh, I see. You will probably take my place in Envision. What am I gonna do?" Marina laughed out loud on his dramatic tone.

Then with a serious tone he told,"Just give it a try Marina.I'm sure you will clear it",he told her in a certain tone.

"From Mr.Collin's tone,can I consider it as an open offer?".

"You can consider whatever you want to." Suddenly, he let her go"Let's call it a day,Marina.Had a nice time with you".

"See you soon,Mr.Col....",she swallowed ger next words when she saw him to raise an eyebrow at her which is telling her,"You are addressing me wrong",she slightly giggled at him .

"See you soon, Eric".

With this they both bid bye to eachother.

"You will surely regret to offer me a job. It's time for The Collin's fall now", Marina told it under her breath with a wry smile on her face while her eyes bloodshot red which she hid well from others by bending her head. She then fiercely turned around to join other's.


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