Strangers in love
6 chapter 6-Envision
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Strangers in love
Author :Richie520
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6 chapter 6-Envision

March 31, 2014

"According to the annual reports of the year, Envision, the biggest company in the world now has once again proved its worth. Envision managed to contribute a large percent towards Silbon's economy this year."

"Envision has a great range now. Have you seen its growth over past two years? Now, the competition is no joke." Yuren said while leaning back on his cushion chair of his Magenta corp. He was a weak forty-year-old bald man, who greatly depend on his young secretary Marina Claire of the growth of his company.

"Yes, Mr. Yuren. They have indeed grown very big." Marina said while watching the annual reports on the NationNews. She was an elegant woman with good features. She had a neutral expression on her face but, her eyes had an unreadable emotion inside her.

April 1, 2014

The limited edition of new Rolls Royce Ghost in arctic white finally stopped at the red carpet with a screech. Only three cars were currently in use on the earth. So just by looking at the car one can tell the person who would step out of it. One of the richest man in Silbon, stepped out of it looking unreal as always.

Eric collin, vice-president of Envision,little brother of Carter Collin. Eric had a very charismatic face and his features at once attracted everyone. The most beautiful and adorable feature were his honey coloured eyes, which seem to shine as whole milky way.Eric is a very easy going and lively person, thats the reason for successful collaborations of Envision. As everyone says it, don't judge a book by it's cover, no one can judge his mood and his reactions. When it comes to work, Eric will turn the world upside down to get his way. That level of commitment from him placed Envision now on top of the world.

Eric is now one of the country's most eligible bachelor. As soon as got out of the car everyone's eyes landed on him. As a result of his outstanding looks he immediately became the center of attraction which made many men's eyes green with envious while at the same time shrilling cries from girls came from the other side.

Eric wore a blue suit., and well-fitted. Exactly the sort of thing that a woman would pick out for her man to wear to a formal event like this.It made him look very handsome, and when he smiled, it was a little bit magical making him more sexy and very pleasing to eyes.

He turned towards the camera and smiled, chaos ensued. Interviewers pressed forward, cameras clicked faster. But,the man without sparing any second glance to them strolled down the red carpet and entered  the banquet hall full of lights shining brightly of honour.

Well, as one can guess, it is a banquet with A-list socialites, whose bank account has trillions and millions of money. It was held by President of Silbon as an inter company meeting for all the top companies of Silbon who contribute large sum to Silbon's economy.

When the most eligible bachelor of the country has entered the banquet, Marina knows it was her turn next to get down from car.Everyone shifted their attention to see who would step out of the car.

When the  chauffeur stepped out of the car, everyone stared at the black Mercedes in anticipation. The chauffeur went to the other side and opened the car door, giving way to her.

One long slender yet toned leg followed by another leg landed on the ground.Marina stepped out of the car by holding her dress gracefully.

Dressed in all black, she looked no less than any princess and breathtakingly beautiful. People who saw her were like "aww.... ". Including the paparazzi and many boys, stopped on their tracks to work  and stared at her.

Her natural wavy hair was dancing together with the wind ,creating a fantasy like effect and highlighting her beauty .The black evening gown perfectly fit her figure enhancing her beauty. Clearly, she swept all the camera lens towards her.

She turned to the cameras ,smiled and waved at them.Then,she strolled into the banquet hall.Marina was the current head secretary in Magenta corporation .After she began working there she became very famous especially in the high-society for her hard-work and dedication towards work.

At the entrance of the banquet hall ,two bodyguards were standing outside the door for welcoming the guests .Marina gave her golden pass to them and entered inside.Later a middle aged man walked towards her to greet her."Secretary Marina,please"the man bowed and called her name respectfully while instructing a young lady to help her take out her overcoat.

After giving her overcoat,she went to meet Mr.Yan, who had a recent collaboration with Magenta corps.

"Good evening Mr.yan." she addressed him with a soft and pleasing tone.

Mr.Yan turned his head only to meet such a beautiful and stunning lady ."Oh , secretary Marina,looking beautiful today." while scanning her from head to toe with his eyes.

Mr.Yan who was in his early sixties  was the CEO of Yan corporation from his mid-twenties ,who dedicated his whole life to company and made it till here.

"Thank you and you look handsome too Mr.Yan".

Mr.Yan's smile brightened and he offered her to sit next to him" are flattering me secretary Marina" he held his heart acting attacked. Marina laughed brightly seeing the old man's convincing acting.

Mr.Yan's Yan corporation was a well established company and his family was running it successfully so far.But all days were not same.With growing competition ,their company's standard decreased which gave other companys a chance to collab with them and now because of this new collaboration Magenta now was one among top 5 competitive companies in the world.

"Secretary Marina this is my daughter yuiyu .please introduce yourselves", Yan Jinnan told both Emilia and yuiyu.

Yuiyu rolled her eyes but as her father was watching her close eyely she tried to conceal her contempt and hostility for Marina ,"Is this so called Secretry Marina who is capable of even raising a small company to a huge large corporation". Eventhough what she stated was true her tone gave a sense of mockery.

"Another spoiled brat",thought Emilia.

Not losing her cool ,her lips playing the same radient smile like before she replied,"Looks like I'm quite famous even among girls too.Pleased to meet you Miss. Yuiyu".

Noticing the conversation between his daughter and Marina Yan decided to step in"Yuiyu,go to big brother and ask him to meet me".

Eventhough Yuiyu is an spoiled brat she never dared to have the wrath of her father,so she oediently went to search for her brother.Yan gave a awkward smile to Marina as he striked a new conversation regarding work.

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"Ladies and Gentlemen,thank you to everyone for coming to inter company meeting in the state for 2014.In this year ....",the Emcee began his speech.

"Now let us welcome our country's president onto the stage",everyone started to clap but among them their was a pair of eyes looking in disgust and venegnance for the president.


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