Strangers in love
5 Chapter 5- Torn in between
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Strangers in love
Author :Richie520
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5 Chapter 5- Torn in between

Just then the guards who chased him came back and were reporting to a big fat man, their boss. Suddenly, the ground began to shake but Alex was so focused for an oppurtunity and he got it.

He was well hidden behind a huge vase so nothing happened to him but the shaking definitely had impact on them. All the men were wobbling and struggling for balance. The screams of the crowd increased. They all were rushing out of the door even more furiously.

Alex saw his oppurtunity and sneaked between two men who were well enough to get him hidden. He continued to move along with them but they seem to notice him as they were too focused on escaping from here, but because of their rush in saving their lives they didn't pay much heed to the small boy who came along with them.

Ten steps.

Nine. Eight.

Just five more steps and I will be able to go to Adam.

Finally, he made it out!

The air out was moist and cool. This felt as freedom for him. He liked it, open places. He was not claustrophobic but, those wards made his stomach churn.

"Isn't he the boy?", someone screamed at his back.

"Guards catch him!!" the screams increased.

"Why are there so many. Can't they just rest for a while. Man... Hardworking people" Alex frowned at this thought. He almost ran involuntarily after listening to their voices.

He ran with all his energy. He was out in the open so there was no chance they are going to miss him from their sight. They were chasing him like bulls. "Can you guys tell what do you even eat? ",he shouted at them with frustration.

Jjst then, he saw from the corner of his eye, he saw a guard pull out an iron rod from the trunk of a black SUV. He at once knew, the target of the rod was him.

" Hey.. Wait.Man.. No!", Alex was trying to figure out which way he would throw it and how he would dodge it. But, he had no time. While he was thinking ,the rod came and hit him on ankles, making him to loose his balance which finally resulted him to fall down.

"Geez... Why are you so fond of my legs" Alex let out a cry. Immediately three guards who were chasing him surrounded.

"We found other boy and a man!!" a guard shouted in front of him who appeared out of nowhere. Alex's heart dropped.

Adam is captured! Uncle collin too! This can't happen!

Then again earth shook same as his world which was shaken by the news he just heard. A new guard appeared before him. "Sir is calling you all to catch them. I'll bundle this item into the car" he said eyeing Alex. Alex couldn't believe what he was hearing. "Alright, just dump him in that car" said a guard with hard expression. His eyes filled with water. Over. Everything is over. All the guards disappeared into the hospital leaving Alex with the new guard.

"Get up" the guard said.

"Never. I'd rather die than go with you", Alex stiffly sat on the floor hard enough for the guard to not to take him while latter person was trying his best to drag Alex to their way.

"Get up. Hurry", he repeated humse wanting Alex to get on his feet.

"I have to find Adam and uncle collin. Leave me." Alex fiercely tried to move his hands away from the guard.

"I'm taking you to them" .

"What?", then he noticed that the guard was taking him to the opposite side of the hospital. He was not taking Alex towards the car as the guard earlier mentioned to him. He was perplexed by the situation. "Yeah. I'm taking you to Mr.Paul collin."the guard replied.

"How do I believe you?" Alex asked acting suspicious. Yes, he really wasn't suspicious. He was acting suspicious because he somehow knew this guy was telling the truth. "You just have to get to car parked a street away from the hospital's back door." Alex was wide eyed now. Nobody knew this except him,Adam,Paul and doctor parker. How would he know?

"I'm a student of Paul collin. I was working in their security company according to Paul's orders . Paul called me earlier for help for you guys to get away from the country." So, this was matter, Alex thought. I was actually shocked by uncle Collin's foresight. Then suddenly a thought striked him. "Are Adam and uncle collin safe? Are they caught?".

"Oh no! They escaped. I was just trying to distract them from you."

"But, aren't you in trouble for distracting?" Alex asked innocently.

"Don't know.I'm not going back probably." the man added doubtfully.

"Then you can come with us"Alex immediately offered. The man smiled seeing a small boy's offer to him.

They were walking down the alley silently. Alex's mind was only focused on Adam. "Alex clinton!" came a very familiar voice

That voice.

Alex stopped his pace and was stuck to his feet. He didn't move. That voice. He knew who he would find when he turns. Yet, he turned. There she was, standing with a beautiful face filled with rage. She was clutching a broken glass piece in her hands which shredded blood from her hand because of her tight grip on it. He felt a stinging pain in his heart at the sight his girls hand dripping blood.

He was, in one way, expecting this. After all of that happened, she has this right.

The world seem to stop somehow. The sounds, the shaking of earth, the thoughts in his mind, everything stopped. The only thing he could do was stare into her deep blue eyes. She took a step towards him.
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"No!" Alex almost tore his vocal cords by shouting. But, how can he not do that?When she took a step towards him the earth once again started to shake vigorously and the ground parted creating no way to move from one side to other side, while many people fell into the crack of the earth and some nearby buildings started to collapse one after another. The police began to run towards their direction to save people stuck there.

"Alex we need to hurry. Police are coming this way" the guard was pulling Alex's arm. But Alex couldn't make a move . He stood still. He couldn't believe what was he seeing. He started to run in that direction but another hand pulled him this time. "Alex". Adam called out . "Adam I have to go to her." Alex asserted. "No. Not now. Can't you see? If you go there everything is ruined. They will have us.


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