Strangers in love
4 Chapter 4- Search for them.
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Strangers in love
Author :Richie520
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4 Chapter 4- Search for them.

The hospital was chaotic,people were being pushed, screams were filled in the air,"Search every room and ward".

"Don't loose your sight. Check every nook and cranny you see".

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"Let nobody go out of the hospital. Seize all the doors." Police along with people wearing black suits were searching the whole Healthcare hospital. Just then a big fat man with a poker-like face and short hair, who seemed like an unfit soldier,pulled a tall man aside. " Don't let police find them before us. We have to get them at any cost" the fat man told him with a warning look.

"As ordered, sir", the tall thin skinned man replied but tension was all written over his face worried about what happens if they miss their target now.

"Just another turn and we will be out of this hospital" ,doctor parker was leading the way of the group. They were like group of captured soldiers trying to escape from enemy camp. With Parker in the lead, they were heading towards the hospital's back door. Paul was limping because of his leg injuries with Adam helping him and Alex was bringing up the rear.

Dr. Parker turned around and saw Adam, just like that he entered into a reverie.

Even though he was just 10 he looked like he was capable of doing anything.Even in such tough situations he didn't loose his cool-headedness and acted accordingly. He is just like how Richard described " One shouldn't pick on him ".

" We need to buck up" Paul said with his voice breaking into gasps, which made Parker to get back to his senses in panic.

"Close the back door too." Someone barked and a series of footsteps were heading towards their direction.

"Doctor, fast!" Alex almost shouted out aloud sensing parker's panic.

"There they are! catch them!" They spotted them. The group sprinted across the way to the back door. They almost made it when they ran into the guards who were coming from the opposite side. Just then a guard threw a steel plate towards them which straight ahead went and hit Alex on back of his knees.

"Alex!" Adam shouted out but the guards were already running towards them." No!" Paul stopped him from going but,Adam was already running towards Alex. He was going to get Alex but then something hard hit him on the head. Everything blacked out at once, he felt like loosing his balance and fell on the ground. "Adam!!" was the only last word he could hear which came resonating.

"I need to mislead them " Alex spoke out loud only audible to him.

Oh god!! Please help me, let them follow me and give a chance for Adam and uncle Paul to escape from here.

Alex was so angry that he wanted to punch every guard's head off their neck but then, he remembered Adam's words "We have to disappear to be powerful".

Then he did what he hated the most in that moment, he traced back the path they came, leaving Adam there. While running, he thought that Paul would have definitely save Adam. But what if they both were caught? . What if they couldn't make it out to their escape from country. We will fail. Even with these thoughts, he knew at some part that Paul and Adam will not give in that easily.

He grabbed some patients dress on his way down, thinking they would take him as some patient or visitor. He was small kid so it was easy to deceive them. Even though he was small, he was a skilled runner. He trained himself well in any aspect that caught his interest. Running was one of the thing. This interest was caught when he went to marathon race with his father. The runners were so fascinating for him and he immediately caught interest in it. He trained by himself in breathing techniques and his pace. The thought of his father made his corners of his eyes burn with tears but he had no time to shed tears.

He sneaked smoothly towards the entrance. All he had to do now was to go out and figure out in which street

Adam and Paul were. He went out to the reception desk and hid behind it. The front part of the hospital was even more crowded and had many guards waiting. They were like hawks trying to catch their prey. All the people, police and the guards were here searching everyone going out. Alex now needed just an opportunity so that he can get out of here. But, the police and the guards here looked superior and they were surely more efficient than others and there was high risk of getting caught.

I have to get out of here.

Alex thought while planning a strategy to sneak out of there.


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