Strangers in love
3 Chapter 3- They are here!!
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Strangers in love
Author :Richie520
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3 Chapter 3- They are here!!

"Uncle collin, we can only get out of here with someone's help from inside. There's no other way" Adam spoke nonchalantly. Adam Clinton, he is only 10 years old, but he is wise and intelligent beyond his age.

"I know a person who can help us right now", replied Paul almost immediately after Adam let out the phrase.

"Doctor Parker. Only he can help us right now."

"The doctor who treated us?" Adam asked with suspicion.

"Yes. You don't know, but he is an strong ally of Richard. When this hospital went down Mr. President helped it to rise again. He has great respect towards your father. I'm sure he will definitely help us for good. And, most importantly, your father believed him."

"He believed everyone he worked with." Adam spoke with a bit of emotion in his voice,which others might mistake as a sarcastic remark but deep down his heart ached for his father who got betrayed by his own men, the men whom he trusted with no qualms .

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Paul's face had an understanding expression. "But, I'm sure. Parker will definitely help us." Paul spoke after a small-long silence. After these words, the heavy silence again descended in VIP room of Healthcare Hospital.

After an hour, doctor parker was in VIP room with Paul ,Adam and Alex.

"I will be more than happy to help you".

"Thank you doctor for your help- I owe you one",the young boy Adam replied. Although, he expressed gratitude his voice was void of emotion. Well, nobody blamed him for that. With what has happened in his life, its barely possible for an adult to even speak. But, this boy has taken up responsibilities.

"It's nothing when compared to the help Richard offered me, technically to speak, I'm the one who owed your family . Things shouldn't have got this downhill", Parker said with heavy voice wondering how things turned out this way.

"How can I help you to go out from here??" He directed this towards Paul.

"You just have to get us into an ambulance without anyone knowing, to get away.", Paul replied.

"OK. I'll arrange it" saying it Doctor parker then took out his phone and dialed someone. He talked for almost two minutes and then turned towards Paul . "The ambulance will be ready in five minutes.As you mentioned not to be seen, it will be parked in the next street from the hospital. You will get there from hospital's back door. My driver will escort you to your destination" he spoke so confidently as if this type of plans were a part in his daily routine. "I'll make sure no one is on your way to the back door of the hospital" saying this he went out of the room.

Paul just then noticed a frown on Adam's face. He knew Adam never believed someone so easily." Don't worry, he will get us safely to airport" he said with an assuring smile. Adam told Paul not to tell Parker that they will be going to the airport from here because he didn't believe anyone at this point. Even though, Paul told they can believe him, Adam still had his doubts about him. If someone you trusted  betrays you, can you believe others again?

"I believe you, uncle Collin" he replied with clipped tone.

"I know how you feel, Adam. But, this is not the time to act on adrenaline. You know it very well. Once we get out of this country, I promise we will get back and get our place back." Adam simply nodded with that emotionless void honey eyes. "Go and talk to alex, he hasn't spoken a word ever since."

Adam noticed Alex was keenly watching the floor with his hands locked together. He knew Adam was thinking something and he can exactly point out what was he thinking. He went to Alex kneeled in front of him and grabbed his hands with his both hands "It's time to go Alex." Adam casually declared.

"Why are we going?" Alex just asked in a plain voice.

Adam tightened the grip over his hands even more "We have to disappear to be powerful." Adam spoke with determination and rage filling in his eyes.

"Powerful..." Alex repeated the word absorbing the same feeling from his brother.

Paul was just astonished to see them. These two small boys who should be playing games while enjoying their childhood and filling their hearts with cherished, happy memories are now preparing for their escape out of their own country like refugees

while their hearts were filled with hatred and enmity . Just the thought of how hard it was on them made his eyes to shut in anguish.

Just then, the door of the room swung open and doctor Parker came in breathlessly with panic clearly showing in his face and sweat dripping down from his hair "They are here!"


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