Strangers in love
2 The mark of return!
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Strangers in love
Author :Richie520
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2 The mark of return!

May 23,1999

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Healthcare hospital

"I can't believe it when I heard about it. Mr. Clinton would never ever think of such things. I have known him for ages and he can't even dream about doing such things to his own country who  dedicated his whole life to serve for the Nation. I'm sure  somebody made him a scapegoat for their misdoings ,if you guys want any help feel free to ask me". A tall man in his late thirties wearing a doctor's coat ended his long-winded talk. He was a tall well-built man. A little tanned but had an appearance of a responsible doctor as he is.

" Thank you for believing in my father", a boy sitting on a small table in the VIP room replied with his soothing yet serious voice. The boy was pretty, but his appearance was all wrong. His pants were filthy, his shirt had blood stains, his wavy hair was all messed up. Most importantly, his emotionless eyes, they seemed to be as dark as a moonless night.

Noticing the tension in the room, doctor Parker left the room to give some space for them. As soon as the clink~~ sound of closing the door sounded Paul turned to face Adam who seemed to be in deep thought about his next step.

"Adam, as far as I know they would be sending all the forces to every hospital to search for us. They know our situation well.We have to move out of here as quickly as possible." Paul Collin, the most entrusted of President Clinton, who has capability of doing almost anything . He is a strong man with great confidence and he had eyes of eagle. Almost nothing can escape from his sight.Yet, everyone can be outsmarted. The result of it is he is now in this hospital with a broken arm, leg and bruised face.

"I know uncle Collin but,we just can't get out of here with you and Alex like this" Adam looked at the small boy sitting on sofa, curled up almost into a ball as if it would prevent all the dangers coming towards him. He was almost two years younger than Adam. He had the same honey colored eyes as his brother. Alex had a thick bandage on his arm marking his broken arm.

"I'm fine." he spoke in a determined voice but his voice was enough for Adam to know he was on the verge of crying, even though the small boy in front of him tried to put a strong boy posture in front of them he was unable to conceal his true feelings in front of his brother who already saw through his white lie.

Adam went to his small brother and embraced Alex which gave a sense of responsibility and assurance. He then answered, " Everyone should bear the price for their own mistakes. The truth will be known one day because all walls have ears. With so many parties involved, the truth will be out one day. There's no way it can be concealed forever. We will definitely settle our scores with him. Rest assured", Adam stroked Alex's back which set Alex's mind at ease.

Paul knows that the current events had a great impact on the little boy and he knows Alex needs some time to accept the hard news that happened. But the only thing important to him now was keeping the boys safe and sound where their foes cannot find them. He just didn't want to repeat his mistake again. He failed to protect their father and now, he would even risk his life, for their safety.

"Adam, we are fine. The only thing important now is getting out from Silbon before they could find us."

"But, Uncle Collin do you have any safe place in your mind." Adam asked doubtfully.

"Adam, I've dealt with situations like this in my life. I know exactly the place where he will not even reach our shadow." Paul said confidently. Adam just nodded his head.

Paul tried to leap to his feet but because of his stunt earlier his leg was half broken and as a result he was limping towards , noticing it Adam immediately went to help Paul and pulled him back to his seat. Paul held Adam's hand weakly and squeezed it lightly "I promised Richard that I'll keep your family safe. I couldn't save your mother, now I just can't put you two in danger because of me."

In all the chaos, Adam almost forgot about his mother but, he couldn't forget the situation he saw her in. Her last words were still ringing in his ears. "Just be safe. Bu...but you have to return to prove our innocence." ,with this she left the world in peace.

Yes mom. We will return... I'll definitely prove our innocence.


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