Strangers in love
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Strangers in love
Author :Richie520
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May 21, 1999

All the reporters were gathered at the Presidential, the president's official address.

"This is reporter James speaking from Presidential right now. The searchings for any bodies and evidences are still going on. The police decided to stay tight lipped on any updates from inside. So far, only two bodies are found from inside which are supposedly of the President and the First lady. Investigators speculate that the President attempted the fire for his escape from the forces which, landed last night to officially arrest him after the evidences were confirmed true. But, the fire has already spreaded bad and he himself caught up in fire. As you can see behind, the building is totally ruined to ashes. Forces are continuing their searches for more evidences."

"Thank you very much. So these were the live updates from the Presidential after the incident yesterday. For further news, stay with NationNews."

May 22,1999

"This morning, after a day of the incident, the chief superintendent comfirmed that the bodies found were of President and the First Lady. And also, that the President of our nation was the true mastermind behind all the conspiracies which are taking place in our country. Elders say that:When the country is at war, you need to support the president, but what should the country do, when president was the one who became a threat to his own country? I will keep you and our country safe, secure and free was the oath made by the president. Instead he created a havoc in the country. Wearing the mask of a righteous person, he betrayed his own country becoming a renegade for money. Stay with NationNews for further updates."

"Mr. Foster,as prime minister did you see this coming? ", the young news reporter wouldn't stop hounding him .

"If I expected this from him I don't think this would be the result",Emanuel Foster, the prime minister of Silbon replied as a matter of fact question in the reporter with his wrinkled eyes.

"According to investigations, President was not the only person behind all this. His men,George Evanston and James Dalton, significant members in Pesidential ,also played a significant role in executing his plans. Are these speculations are true? "

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"Sometimes its hard to find who are traitors. They were the best we had. Nobody expected they would turn like this".

"Mr.Foster, Silbon needs a leadership in current situation. Could you tell us about new president?"

"We have decided, once everything is sorted we will let the country know about the new President."

"Thank you for the interview, Mr.Foster. We hope the committee will choose a right leader this time." the reporter said nonchalantly. Foster gave her a blank smile and they both bowed.


" Young miss Emilia..... Young miss Murphy woke up and doctor came", Butler Wu came to inform her. She shifted her gaze from TV to Butler Wu. A shiver went through his spine when he saw hers menacing look.

"I'm coming", she replied promptly and went to Murphy. She saw doctors were still checking on Murphy.

"What's wrong with her doctor? ", asked Emilia.

"We suspect she went through amnesia. We still don't know till where she lost her memory. Once, she's awake we can confirm it. For now, I will prescribe few medications and take care of her", the doctor then began writing medications, and then left the room.

Emilia went near bed, sat beside Murphy, she then held her hand tightly. The dangerous gleam once shone in her eyes was long gone, instead she had a very gentle and affectionate look on her face.

Murph started to murmur something. Emilia inched a little closer to listen what was she saying. "Mom.... Mom.. ", at the mention of her mother , Emilia, the 9 years old girl had an urge to cry. She could barely stop her tears.

She tightened her hold on Murphy's hand. "How could you die just like that? You ruined my perfect life. My father and Uncle were turned out to be renegades. My mother died. I don't even know if my father was alive or not. My whole family went from trusted pal to ostracized outcast overnight. You ruined everything, I once had. I will definitely settle our scores, it doesn't bother me even if I had to ruin your whole family. I will prove my family's innocence at any stake...


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