88 A boy“s mission and a mother“s panic
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Author :Foxythefox
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88 A boy“s mission and a mother“s panic

Johnathan and his crime companion, the psychic dragon flew toward the miasma infested areas at high speed. The boy rode the dragon as if riding a horse holding on to the dragon with a small modified horse saddle to fit the dragonling.

Soon the area affected came into view, the borderland around contained trees that had once been flourishing now desolate and dried of their life. All vegetation had died, animals laid dead from the toxic gas that emanated from the miasma.

The Johnatan activated the crystal as some dead skeleton walked near the border separating the land of the living with the land of the dead. As they flew over Psychic dragon realized the toxicity of the miasma and spoke worriedly.

"Young Master Johnathan maybe we should cover your mouth the air seems toxic even higher in the sky there is no escaping it."

The boy nodded slowly, taking his shirt to wrap it around his neck and face to keep the malicious poison out.

The dragon slowed his own breathing to lessen the amount of breath of poison he took before he needed to turn back.

"We will not be able to stay long."

The dragon said, after all, he too was just but a dragonling even if his size was now equal to a medium sized poney.

"Let's make the most of it so that you don't need to breathe too much, let's do an aerial wind combination of flight. Let's glide down and use the ascending winds to get back up with minimum effort.

The two companions exchanged a glance and nodded simultaneously in agreement as they entered the territory deeper…


Suddenly waking up with dreading feeling Speranza sat up in her bed.

Sweat covering her forehead and back. She gasped for air trying to calm down from the horrendous nightmare that had badly shaken her.

Undead had surrounded her boy, just a few more moments and a death knight would surely slaughter him mercilessly!

That nightmare felt so real too! How could she not wake with fear in her guts?

She got up and walked to look at her boy that has been sleeping in the next room she needed to make sure that her baby boy was safe. Even if it was just to settle her mind off that terrible dream.

Opening the quilt gently not to wake her sleeping child as he had covered his head with it, she feared he would be too hot and have difficulty breathing under the covers.

Her face instantly turned white as a ghost. There was a huge teddy bear at the place of her child! In a panic, she removed the entire sheet to see no child but two big bears that she had made for him!

"NO! No no!" She whispered in low panicked screams.

She voiced loudly as she searched the room for the psychic dragon that normally slept inside the closet. Opening it in a wide hurried move her eyes went wide with fear at the empty site!

Chie! Saya! Every one up! Johnathan is missing! She yelled in sock and sobs.

The others quickly got up and ran to the room in nightdress and messy hair, all of them looking more miserable than the next.

All of them stop at the door eyes trailing to the empty uncovered bed.

Chie spoke first let's look around he couldn't have gone too far maybe he woke up and went to play outside.

Than Yuya noticed that there is a crystal missing!

"Guys where is the fourth crystal?" a sense of dread entered deep into their bones and soul.

Not losing time they all went out and searched the nearby area maybe the boy was restless to test the new recording crystal and decided to test it out first!

The Fey-dragon sniffed the air looking for his scent and the psychic dragon mental vide, but nothing was forming and she was becoming restless as well.

The white wyvern woke from its slumber as the action and the search went on.

She was not the smartest of the remaining dragon kind their group since the little red dragon had gone missing in the underground cave.

In fact, she now ranked last in brains, nevertheless, she still was smart enough to understand the situation. Her sense of smell was the best out of all of them.

She quickly picked up the trail in the air but it was now very dim. The young boy had left for quite some time!

Giving an alerting roar toward the deeper darkness heading north, doing so until all could see her antics, after all, she couldn't speak, unlike true dragons.

Seeing her antics Speranza and Chie glanced once at each other and ran toward the wyvern jumping on its back.

Landing in perfect sync the two girls held onto its back small spikes.

"Let us go girl." Speranza said as they took off quickly with the wyvern launching at its fastest speed.

The others could only look at one another there only the fey-dragon left and it could not carry up for long distances and it was the slowest of them all!

The psychic dragon being the fastest needed only a few hours to reach two daytime walk distance it could have gone anywhere now.

They all helplessly couldn't follow!

They needed flying mounts but those did not grow on trees...


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