Shadow Hack
890 The Five Envoys
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Shadow Hack
Author :Great Lord Of Cloudland
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890 The Five Envoys

Yu Rou who was waiting outside the hall, and she saw Li Yunmu coming out before long. When she glanced at the jade pipa on the divine altar in the hall, the five-colored red light had already pulled inside it.

"You finished your conversation so quickly?" Yu Rou asked in astonishment.

"How long did you think I would take? Let's go," Li Yunmu said with a smile.

They then went toward the hall where Brunhilda was residing. After walking halfway there, Li Yunmu turned to ask Yu Rou, "Oh right, are the envoys of the ancient gods already here?"

When the holy daughter who was following behind him heard the question, she nodded in agreement.

"Envoys have already arrived at the Music Clan. One of the holy daughter received them. By the way, lord, are you really going to let Ancient Goddess Brunhilda continue participating in the competition?"

"What about it?" Li Yunmu asked while walking before her. "This competition was proposed by Little Bu herself. It's pretty good for me. At that time, the focus of the five ancient gods will be on this competition."


Yu Rou did not reply. While she followed Li Yunmu, her thoughts began to run wild. Although the time Ancient Goddess Brunhilda spent in Lakshmi City wasn't long, only a short few days, her relationship with Liu Bailing and the other holy daughters was very good. She didn't have the least bit of arrogance.

Yu Rou found it hard to see Brunhilda's husband, Li Yunmu, show no reaction about the matter of the competition between the ancient goddess and the five ancient gods. Apart from some anger at the start, he did not show anything else. He even agreed to let the competition proceed after talking with her.

It wasn't an ordinary competition, however. It was for deciding her groom.

Since Ancient Goddess Brunhilda possessed formidable strength, in the end, none of the five ancient gods were suitable to marry her. Such a matter was inappropriate. If the husband of any person in the Music Clan encountered such a situation, they would be stamping in fury.

Could it then be that Li Yunmu didn't love Ancient Goddess Brunhilda? It was most likely that. He didn't love her, and it was why he began flirting with Holy Daughter Liu Bailing of Pipa Clan.

Men really are pigs.

By the time, the two reached the corner of the corridor, Holy Daughter Yu Rou suddenly said to Li Yunmu in a calm voice, "Lord, since I have delivered your distinguished self to the Music Clan, I will withdraw now."

After saying that, she turned around and walked in the opposite direction without waiting for Li Yunmu's response.

He stopped and looked at Yu Rou with a frown, finding it somewhat strange.

She had been acting properly until just a moment ago, so why did she suddenly walk away like that?

Not bothering to think too much about it, Li Yunmu went toward Brunhilda's residence while minding his own business. When he returned to the main palace, Brunhilda was still sitting on the main seat, but Liu Bailing had already left.

"Returned so quickly?"

Brunhilda inclined her heard toward him, and a charming smile appeared on her lovely face.

Li Yunmu nodded, then walked to Brunhilda's side and said, "Wait until the competition between you and the five ancient gods starts, then I will make a trip to the divine palace."

"Trip to the divine palace? Why do you have to go there?" Brunhilda asked with a slight frown.

"I will steal the Heavenly Grand Ritual. Once I have it in my hands, the battle between gods will start."

After saying that, Li Yunmu pulled Brunhilda into his embrace and said in her ear softly, "Little Bu, I haven't seen you in a long time, so are you trying to kill me?"

Brunhilda turned to see Li Yunmu's face. She knew what he wanted, so she only waved her hand and a layer of divine energy covered the entire hall.


Two days before the competition, the envoys dispatched by the five ancient gods had reached Lakshmi City a long time ago. They had also heard of the exceptional beauty of the newly appeared ancient goddess of Lakshmi City and wanted to personally see her.

Brunhilda was the first holy daughter of Pipa Clan, so it wasn't like anyone who wanted to see her could do so. When the five envoys arrived, the music clans dispatched their holy daughters to receive them.

In the first two days after arriving, the five envoys were entertained by the holy daughters. They were also welcomed by descendants who entertain them with music and some excellent wines.

But the hearts of the five envoys weren't present on the scene and they didn't pay any attention to the arrangement of the holy daughters. All of their thoughts were focused on Brunhilda. After many reminders, the holy daughter dispatched to entertain them finally rushed to the main hall to consult with Brunhilda.

"Ancient Goddess Brunhilda, the envoys from the ancient gods are asking to meet you. They even used the names of the five ancient gods to threaten us. What do you think we should do?" one of the holy daughters said in a bad mood.

If the envoys hadn't used the names of the ancient gods to threaten her, she wouldn't have rushed over to speak.

Brunhilda looked at the holy daughter underneath with a hint of killing intent in her phoenix-like eyes. She could still accept the groom selecting competition mentioned by the five gods, since all of them were ancient gods with equal status.

But what was the status of the five envoys?

They were only the sons of the five ancient gods. The god realm could be considered as an untouchable heavens for others, but they were only five ants in her eyes. Yet they were relying on Lakshmi City's weakness to be unbridled.

It seemed like they had to be taught a lesson.

Brunhilda stood up and was just about to speak when a pair of thick hands took hold of hers. Li Yunmu came out from behind the main seat and said in an icy tone, "You don't need to take action in this matter. Those children are untactful and dare to find trouble for you. I will go with you to teach them a lesson."

When the holy daughter sitting underneath saw Li Yunmu suddenly appear, she recalled that he was the lord she saw at the Pipa Clan and respectfully said, "When did lord arrive?"

Li Yunmu waved his hand in front of Brunhilda. She sensed a burst of warmth and focused her attention on him.

She looked at him and directly said, "Your appearance won't do. If you followed me and the envoys saw you, wouldn't the ancient gods in the divine palace find that something's wrong? Quick, transform into Younger Sister Bailing."


Li Yunmu looked at Brunhilda with a startled expression. He really couldn't follow her as himself, going to find the envoys with the identity of a man. If the ancient gods behind the envoys sensed the emotions between the two of them, they would become suspicious. But if he used Liu Bailing's identity, it would be completely safe.

But Li Yunmu was still unable to convince himself to transform into a woman. After thinking for a long while, he summoned a shadow which transformed into Liu Bailing's appearance.

Li Yunmu then said, "Take my shadow with you."

Brunhilda coldly snorted, then turned around and walked down the stage. She went outside while leading Li Yunmu's shadow.

The holy daughter standing underneath was completely shocked and looked at Li Yunmu lying on the main seat with a hint of suspicion in her eyes. It wasn't that the holy daughter hadn't seen a technique to produce clones, but the refined clones could only have 10%-20% of the main's body strength. Even if Li Yunmu was an ancient god, the clone he congealed could only have the strength of a god at most.

Could a single god win against five gods?

If a conflict erupted, Lakshmi City's other holy daughters could not take action. Only Li Yunmu who had transformed into Liu Bailing could attack. After all, Brunhilda was impersonating the first holy daughter of Pipa Clan while Liu Bailing was the present holy daughter.

If her ancestor wasn't respected, it was only natural that the present holy daughter would attack.
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