Shadow Hack
668 Suspicion
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Shadow Hack
Author :Great Lord Of Cloudland
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668 Suspicion

When the people of Divine Religion escaped with great difficulty from mortal danger, many of the troops grumbled in anger. "Frontline God has always had incredible foresight, so how could he suddenly give such wrong information?"

Pope was ashen-faced. Either that Lin Yuerou of Lucky Wind City truly wasn't simple or Frontline God had used this opportunity to eliminate Divine Religion. Once he wiped out Lucky Wind City by himself, he would become a hegemon on Earth.

Pope would rather believe the first possibility than the second. Yet Lin Yuerou had just returned, so it shouldn't have been possible for her to know the full situation of Lucky Wind City!

Presently, it was like a sheet of loose sand. Frontline God's mole was still in the city, so even if Lin Yuerou was more intelligent than they gave her credit for, it was still impossible for her to figure everything out.

That only left the second possibility. Frontline God should have decided to send Divine Religion to its death.

First time, when ambushing the Vampires, he should have had the same intention... But the vampires were very weak compared to Divine Religion and couldn't pose a threat to them, so his plan had failed.

In the second ambush, he had again dispatched Divine Religion. This time, it was attacked by Lucky Wind City!

Frontline God had to have deliberately given them the wrong information to coerce them into Lucky Wind City's trap.

After thinking up to that point, Pope grabbed his head. Frontline God was actually scheming to eliminate him! It was impossible for him to sit and wait for his death, so Pope had to make Frontline God pay a price for his actions. He couldn't be allowed to become the hegemon of Earth.

The Pope's heart was filled with suspicion and anger. He couldn't believe anyone anymore!

"Pope, you should quickly make a decision! This Frontline God, what exactly does he want to do? Should we ask him first? After agreeing to collaborate, now they are scheming behind our backs? What exactly does he want?"

After hearing his disciples' resentful complaints, the Pope laughed coldly. "I will naturally find Frontline God to talk! I have wronged everyone in the matter of today's ambush. Henceforth, all the matters of my Divine Religion will no longer be influenced by Frontline Heavens."

The disciples of Divine Religion felt quite relieved after hearing Pope's words. Finally they got an explanation.

If they encountered such a danger in the future, their Divine Religion would be completely wiped out like the vampires, which was a very terrifying thought.

Pope led most of his high level experts to the camp.

Frontline God was still extremely cordial towards Pope and said with a slight smile, "Pope, you came. I wanted to talk to you about this matter. Today, sending you all for an ambush was a lapse in my judgment. Next time, I will definitely not make such a mistake."

Pope smiled coldly at him. "Who knows whether it was done deliberately by you Frontline God? I have always respected you as a man and wanted to cooperate with you, but you conspired against Divine Religion. What exactly did you mean by it?"

Frontline God repeatedly shook his head. "Pope, you misunderstand! The information I received from the inside was that there would be an ambush!"

"Hmph, you only said half of the information. There is still another half that you haven't said: the plan was for our Divine Religion to substitute your Frontline Heavens on the road to doom?"

Frontline God's eyes widened. He grew even more confused than before and hurriedly said, "Pope, what are you saying? Frontline Heavens have always conducted themselves in an honest and upright manner, so how could we possibly conspire against you? I suspect that my mole has been discovered and Lin Yuerou has used him to feed us wrong information!"

Frontline God sneered coldly. "Stop trying to make excuses. That Lin Yuerou just returned to Lucky Wind City, so how could she learn about your mole so quickly? You think I don't know how careful you are?"

Frontline God found it difficult to dispute it because he could see that Pope had already decided that he was the enemy of their Divine Religion.

"Frontline God, today either the fish will die or the net will split. Since you wanted to destroy us, we will fight until both of us are obliterated!"

Seeing Pope's people being aggressive towards Frontline God, his people hurriedly moved to protect him. Both sides engaged in a fierce battle.

Frontline God stopped talking and looked at Pope as if he was looking at a dead person.

"If the cooperation loses trust, then the cooperation cannot continue," he said furiously.

"Hmph, I also think that! It is impossible for me to hand over Divine Religion that I built up from my blood and sweat to a person who I feel can turn into a backstabber at any time!"

"Regardless of whether you believe it or not, I truly haven't done anything. Perhaps everything is a conspiracy of that girl Lin Yuerou!"

"Stop making excuses in the name of that girl. How could a silly little girl pull this off? I can see that you wanted to eliminate all the other factions after eliminating Lucky Wind City! From today onwards, all the ties between your Frontline Heavens and my Divine Religion are broken!"

Seeing Pope determined to sever all relations between them, Frontline God could do nothing besides letting him go.

At that moment, one of his subordinates suddenly said in a low voice, "Why don't we eliminate them? If we let them go today, tomorrow they will turn into our enemies!"

Frontline God sighed. "This is what I was thinking. Since your Divine Religion asked for it, then don't blame us!"

During the return journey, Pope had actually guessed that Frontline God would send people to assassinate him. This was his style of handling things. But Pope was prepared for it.

On the surface, it appeared that he had only brought a few people, but in the vicinity, many flux experts were lying low to ambush them. If Frontline God truly dared to attack him, those concealed flux experts would definitely catch their attackers unprepared.

At that time, not only would Frontline God, but probably the entire Frontline Heavens would fall into a crisis.

Pope took a deep breath. He could hear someone pursuing them. He knew that what he had been thinking had come true. It confirmed that the person who had thrown the people of Divine Religion in a pit was definitely Frontline God.

The experts of Frontline Heavens went after Pope and his people to kill them. But they had not anticipated that many experts of Divine Religion would be hidden in the vicinity and would then jump out to surround them.

Pope coldly sneered upon stopping and looking behind him. "Frontline God, you thought that this old man wouldn't take any precautions against you? You are too naive!"

The experts of Frontline Heavens were dumbstruck. Pope had surprisingly been on guard against them!
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