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Shadow Hack
Author :Great Lord Of Cloudland
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Tutu kept on holding the enormous stone with her full strength, beads of sweat covering her forehead. It was clear that she wanted to prove to Li Yunmu that her strength had greatly increased so she had decided to raise the stone for which she needed to use her full strength.

Throughout it all, there was an anxious expression on her face. She seemed to be afraid that her strength would be insufficient to obtain Li Yunmu's approval.

But Li Yunmu seemed to have been hit by a bolt of lighting. He was flabbergasted.

He couldn't understand the situation before him. The enormous transformation of the little lassie was completely out of his expectations. How could a little girl who was less than ten years old mature to this extent within a few months just by eating power grains?

Motherf*cking heavens, you aren't playing with me, right?

At that moment, Li Yunmu was completely dumbstruck. He subconsciously asked, "System, what's going on here? Can you scan that rock for me and check whether it is fake or real?"

[This… Host, the system also isn't clear about what's going on here. The system can only say that the rock in her hand doesn't weigh seventeen tons but nineteen.]

The system's reply made Li Yunmu's legs go soft. While he was dumbstruck, the little lassie Tutu was firmly supporting the rock with all her strength. While strenuously holding it up, she asked, "Elder brother, is my strength now sufficient to follow you?"


Li Yunmu snapped out of his daze. He hastily picked the large rock and placed it to the side. While doing that, he kept sizing up the little lassie with an odd expression.

After carefully observing her, Li Yunmu was astonished to discover that after eating the power grains, not only had her body not grown, on the contrary, it had become thinner.

If previously she could be considered as slim, then presently she was clearly in a malnourished state.

"Tutu, didn't you eat the power grains I gave you?" Li Yunmu finally couldn't help but ask.

"I did. Tutu followed elder brother's advice and secretly ate the power grains. I also came to live on this part of the island to keep it a secret from other people."

"Then why have you lost even more weight?"

Li Yunmu was bewildered. It has to be known that he had given several hundred power grains to Tutu. For ordinary people, just half a grain would provide enough nutrition to survive ten days. Yet Tutu had grown thinner after eating them...

"In the beginning, Tutu followed elder brother's advice and ate only half a grain a day. At that time, I felt my body finally maturing and growing healthier. But afterwards, for some reason, Tutu felt great thirst for the power grains given by elder brother…"

After speaking to that point, Tutu couldn't help but timidly raise her head to take a look at Li Yumnu. Her next words were spoken with guilt in her voice and expression.

"After that, Tutu couldn't control the hunger and ate some power grains everyday. But the more I ate, the hungrier I became. In the end, I couldn't control myself and ended up eating all the power grains given by elder brother."

"Then since you didn't have anymore power grains, you body began to grow thinner?"

Li Yunmu finally understood the crux of the matter, but his heart almost leaped out of his throat.

"Yes, after I finished the power grains, my situation grew even worse. I was hungry all the time, even more hungry than before, but could only eat what I found on the beach."

Tutu began to weep while speaking.

Good god.

Li Yunmu was left speechless.

He couldn't understand what was going on with Tutu. The system had scanned her body constitution to confirm that she was only an ordinary person before, so he knew that she didn't have any formidable bloodline. But with the current developments, Li Yunmu wasn't so sure anymore.

"System, scan her body again," Li Yunmu instructed.

[Alright. Since the system has upgraded to the sixth level, even if something hadn't come up last time, it would be discovered this time,] the system immediately said.

Clearly, a peculiarity like Tutu had thoroughly broken the system's confidence about never being wrong.

Before long, the system tested Tutu again, but it cold only reply helplessly, [No problems have been discovered. No abnormalities have been discovered. No concealed bloodlines have been discovered.]


Li Yunmu opened his mouth to speak, but in the end couldn't say anything. He had clearly realized that the peculiarity of Tutu's body surpassed his and system's reaction mechanisms. Since system's investigation hadn't discovered any problems or abnormalities, it was clear that there was a larger problem.

The Origin World was filled with many mysteries. Let alone the system being unable to understand them, even the arrogant deity level powerhouses would be filled with reverence toward the unknown of the Origin World.

[Host, the system suggests that you take her along with you so as to provide the system with maximum time to find the peculiarity.]

The system energetically made a request to Li Yunmu, which had never happened before. But Li Yunmu still shook his head. If it had been some other matter, then he might've accepted the system's suggestion.

But seeing the expectant look on Tutu's face, he couldn't bear to destroy her hope. Neither he nor the system could understand what was the cause of the transformation in the girl. They didn't even have any guesses as to what could have been the cause of it.

Since both of them couldn't understand it, Li Yunmu didn't dare to lightly take the girl out of Cloud Island; otherwise, who knew what sort of disaster might fall upon her.

After that, Li Yunmu repeatedly asked Tutu about every small matter which she had experienced in the past few months, but he couldn't discover anything that caught his attention. Because of that, he could only provide her with an even larger amount of power grains.

"Tutu, I cannot take you out of this island right now. This is a large pouch of power grains for you. According to your consumption rate, it should take you several months to finish it."

Li Yunmu sat down and patted Tutu's small head.

"Then what happens after I finish it? Will Tutu have to starve again?"

Tutu's face was full of despair.

"No. Once you finish, you should try to catch vicious beasts in the shallow sea and eat them," Li Yunmu said with a smile. He then gave her a sack of power grains which was far larger than the last one and contained more than several thousand power grains. Li Yunmu was convinced that by the time they were finished, Tutu would have the strength to kill vicious beasts in the shallow sea.

"Shallow Sea? I have heard from uncles and aunts that the shallow sea has very large vicious beasts. Will I really be able to kill them?"

Tutu was slightly afraid/

"Definitely. At that time, you can easily kill the vicious beasts of mid sea region. But remember, never go deeper or far from shore."

After some thought, Li Yunmu solemnly handed the Snow Guzzle Cold Thunder Blade to her.

It was the weapon which had followed him from his earliest days. But as his body became increasingly more powerful and his strength increased quickly, its effectiveness had declined.

Now, it was inferior to his fists. Moreover, the blade couldn't endure the strength of Danger Critical Extinguisher, so he decided to pass it onto the little lassie.

"Then elder brother, will you come again to check on me?" Tutu anxiously asked.

"Yes, after you've finished these, I will return again to take you with me," Li Yunmu consoled her.

After some thought, he spent some space elements and manufactured two cultivation relaying globes for her. "Remember, never allow other people to see them. After you have finished this batch of power grains, you can enter the halo where I will teach you martial arts."

Of the two cultivation relaying globes, one was the tyrannical Big Dipper Limit Breaking Method while the other was Chaotian Eight Steps.

The first one would help her break through her limits again and again while the other would provide her with a burst in speed. They were the two methods cultivated by the ape gods. If Tutu's comprehension was sufficient and she could cultivate them, then with her tyrannical physical strength, the shallow sea would be like a back garden for her.

After talking with Tutu for a while more, Li Yunmu didn't go to meet the natives of the island on the other side but chose to leave quietly.
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