Shadow Hack
442 Meeting Tutu Again
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Shadow Hack
Author :Great Lord Of Cloudland
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442 Meeting Tutu Again

God Flowing Wind's resistance was shattered by the three cultivation methods, and he entered the ranks of Li Yunmu followers.

Why Li Yunmu didn't hesitate to pay any price to get his hands on him? It was naturally to deal with its main body recovering on Earth.

"Speak, tell me everything you know about Ancient God Undercurrent. The better you explain it to me, the higher will be our chances of survival."

The two of them were clearly on the same side. Li Yunmu couldn't possibly abandon his homeland and God Flowing Wind was unwilling to allow its main body to recover.

After talking with him, Li Yunmu finally gained a certain amount of understanding about Ancient God Undercurrent and some of the secrets of Earth. According to what God Flowing Wind sensed about his main body, Ancient God Undercurrent's strength wasn't recovering quickly. In other words, he was stagnant at mid stage great flux expert.

On Earth, a mid stage great flux expert would be equivalent to those who had recently entered sage layer.

However, when all was said and done, he was still an ancient god. Although he had lost his divine abilities, he still had his experience and deity soul. Moreover, he also had his deity level skills and secret techniques.

Thus, according to God Flowing Wind, his main body's present combat strength should be enough to battle against the most formidable people on Earth.

If an ordinary quasi deity faced Ancient God Undercurrent who had barely reached initial sage layer, then that person may not be an opponent for the ancient god.

The only good news was that because there wasn't a completely suitable body for him to seize on Earth, based on God Flowing Wind's assessment, it was the limit for his strength for the time being.

Unless the ancient god found some formidable bloodline to forcefully break the restriction on his strength, he would remain stuck at the mid stage great flux expert layer because of being unable to obtain a flawless body. This of course could also change if he found someone from the Origin World.

After hearing it, Li Yunmu breathed a huge sigh of relief. "Then what should be the most important task for me right now?"

"Increase your strength. As long as you break through to great flux expert level, then with that serpent class goddess' protection as well as my resistance from behind the scenes, you could return to Earth. Those defenses would ensure that you wouldn't be forcefully possessed by my main body.

"Besides that, you must also try to make sure that your descender companions don't return to the present Earth; otherwise, you can imagine the consequences…"

After sharing everything he knew, God Flowing Wind stayed inside the heavenly world to cultivate Infant Soul Preservation. It wanted to remove the defect in his soul by using this formidable cultivation method.

Only after becoming complete would be able to assist in resisting the Ancient God Undercurrent attempt to possess Li Yunmu's body.

Once Li Yunmu listened to the advice, he realized his next course of action. He was also sure that Ancient God Undercurrent should have gained a rough understanding about the situation of Earth by then.

Li Yunmu returned to the sacrificial altar and opened the spatial bridge to the Origin World. He had to offer one high grade dimensional stone as the price. The reason why establishing the spatial bridge with the Origin World was so easy was mainly because it was one of the worlds whose coordinates had been given to the altar long ago by offering sacrifice.

On top of that, there was only a fine line between the island's dimensional space and the Origin World because it was attached to it. Because of that, there was no need for a large amount of energy.

Early morning the next day, Li Yunmu summoned Lu Zhong, Zhang Ru, and He Miao to give them instructions to handle the affairs of the island. After that he stepped onto the spatial bridge to the Origin World and left the dimensional space.

The location he chose to connect to the spatial bridge was Cloud Island where he had stayed previously. He had recorded the coordinates of that island, and if he appeared there, it wouldn't reveal the true location of the island.

With a thought, the spatial bridge rose, and in a blink of an eye, it fell on Cloud Island's beach after traveling through the void.

This scene was like just like one end of a rainbow falling on the island. The only difference was that the spatial bridge wasn't seven colored. It radiated with bright brilliance, however, revealing Li Yunmu's lone figure.

"Elder, elder brother…"

Since the beach chosen by Li Yunmu had been far from the village of the slave residents, he hadn't expected that he would be discovered by anyone.

"It's you, Tutu. Seems like you have worked hard and become more powerful."

Li Yunmu was slightly startled on discovering the little lassie Tutu nearby. To his surprise, she was lifting a rock for her training on the other side of the beach.

That was right, she was really the same little lassie to whom he had given some croton and advised to train harder.

In the few months in which he hadn't seen her, her appearance had changed greatly. He would have not recognized her if not for her eyes which were filled with stubborness and desire to grow strong. They allowed him to place her at a single glance.

Although her temperament had changed greatly, Li Yunmu discovered that the little lassie's body remained unchanged, as if the power grains had had no effect.

Li Yunmu couldn't help but feel a little suspicious over this point. Could it be that the little lassie had been unable to keep the secret and the power grains had been snatched by the other residents?

"Elder brother, have you returned to take me with you?"

The little lassie didn't find anything strange about Li Yummu's miraculous appearance on the island. It was because in her eyes, Li Yunmu was a formidable flux expert, so he naturally coudl possess this sort of miraculous abilities. She was only concerned about whether Li Yunmu had changed his intentions and wanted to take her with him.

"No, I just finished a matter and this island fell on my way, so I came to check on you before leaving." Li Yunmu smiled while shaking his head.

"Elder brother, I'm not weak anymore. I have increased my strength greatly. Tutu wouldn't betray you."

Within a few months, Tutu had changed from being a shy girl and become much more confident. Afraid that Li Yunmu wouldn't be convinced by just her words, she immediately placed down the rock she usually used and rushed to get another, bigger rock.

In front of Li Yunmu's eyes, she used all her power to raise a rock which was much greater in size when compared to her small body. Her action gave Li Yunmu a fright.

Yes, Li Yunmu was truly astonished by the little lassie's actions. He kept wiping his eyes as if trying to make sure that he wasn't seeing things. The rock lifted by Tutu weighed full seventeen tons!

Seeing the enormous rock being lifted by Tutu was similar to seeing an ant carry an eraser. The disparity between their sizes was simply too astonishing.
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