Shadow Hack
441 Smashing the Resistance
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Shadow Hack
Author :Great Lord Of Cloudland
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441 Smashing the Resistance

Li Yunmu, who had appeared from nowhere, was truly favoured by heavens. Starting from an unremarkable fluxer without any background, he had been able to reach the position of being able to influence the plans of quasi deities.

And he had also found the method to return to Earth far earlier than anyone could have expected. However, Ye Qing had no idea that the reason behind Li Yunmu's success wasn't some dogsh*t fate.

It was instead because he possessed the system. However, Li Yunmu naturally wouldn't enlighten him on this point. After leaving Ye Qing in the heavenly world, he returned to the sacrificial altar. He sized it up again, and his complexion changed slightly.

After learning about some affairs from Ye Qing, he came to understand that the void of Heaven's Path was actually opened by the sacrificial altar which was actually a treasure.

According to Ye Qing's narrative, it wasn't like the sage treasures of Earth, but rather a natural precious treasure which were extremely rare in the Origin World.

It was used to cleave open the cosmos with sacrifices establishing spatial bridges to any world. As long as Li Yunmu had a sufficient amount of offerings, he could easily enter any world, even his own heavenly world.

Of course, if he wanted to enter his heavenly world through it, he had to provide the exact coordinates to the treasure, or else it wouldn't be able to draw a bridge. It would be like having a vehicle but not knowing the location of the destination.

After thinking about it, Li Yunmu breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, he had been extremely careful about concealing the coordinates of his heavenly world, unlike a few major powers on Earth which had publicly revealed the coordinates of their heavenly worlds so as to make it convenient for their members.

Until then, only Li Yunmu alone knew the coordinates of his heavenly world, for not even his followers like Li Qinghong or Blade Overlord were told about it. Because of it, he wasn't afraid that anyone could enter his heavenly world by relying on treasures like the sacrificial altar.

Of course, even in the enormous Origin World naturally formed treasures like the sacrificial altars which could allow people to intrude on his heavenly world were extremely rare.

Apart from the distance from the heavenly world creating a restriction on traveling through worlds, the amount of offerings to the sacrificial altar relied on the individual's strength. It was based on dimensional stones. The higher the strength, the larger the amount of energy needed to go.

Since Li Yunmu was only a high level flux expert, which was a rank second from the back, he didn't need a surplus amount of dimensional stones to move to another place. He only needed to supply the base amount to descend to Fifty-Fifth Earth.

When his cultivation reached great flux expert or even sage flux expert, or even the terrifying deity level, the amount of energy he would need to offer would be astronomical.

This was the reason why there were many descenders from the sixty-six planes into the Origin World, but very few people from the Origin World had done the journey. After all, the costs were simply enormous.

People with extremely great strengths would find it impossible to afford descending. Furthermore, even those who possessed the financial means would not not go through with it because the costs of descending would be far higher than any profit they could reap.

In a short while, Li Yunmu quickly understood many mysteries behind the descenders. It had to be said that he had obtained a large harvest from the secrets revealed by Ye Qing.

By then, he was almost certain that Divine Religion had a descender from the Origin World in its ranks. Perhaps, they might not be a member but a prisoner, but it didn't change much. Either way it would explain why Divine Religion knew more about the Origin World than the other transcending powers.

After establishing the spatial bridge to his heavenly world and obtaining Infant Soul Preservation, the next tasks in front of Li Yunmu were quite simple.

He first went to God Flowing Wind and presented him with Infant Soul Preservation, even allowing him to see some of its contents. At the sight of it, that wisp of deity soul couldn't resist abandoning all its previous thoughts.

It was basically impossible for an ordinary person to create a mortal soul and continue existing after death, but after cultivating that technique, even ordinary people could exist in spirit form. However, they wouldn't be able to touch anything in the real world.

But what if a deity soul which already possessed intelligence were to obtain it?

Infant Soul Preservation was like a divine treasure to such things. As long as they cultivated it with their profound experiences, their souls would become extremely stable, which would greatly increase their chances of survival in the Origin World.

Then what if a wisp of deity soul, which actually is a damaged deity soul, obtained it?

Then the worth of that technique would become even greater. That was right. After all, God Flowing Wind was a damaged soul. Its innate mental essence made it superior to other souls, but it still wasn't complete, which caused deep mental suffering to God Flowing Wind.

Although he possessed formidable mental essence, his strength wouldn't increase until the day he became complete. This was also the reason why his strength hadn't increased in the slightest in the two hundred years he had been separated from God Undercurrent.

It was like he had the quality but not the quantity. That was the reason why he was even afraid of Li Yunmu, who was just a trifling flux expert with some trump cards, and didn't dare to possess his body, but had decided to go after Ya Yan and the other three who had no trump cards.

"This is Ghost King's Body Refining Secrets. It's a cultivation method to increase the strength of the deity soul to the next level.

"This is Devil Soul Refinement. It can further stabilize your deity soul. As long as you agree to serve me, the above three cultivation methods will be yours," Li Yunmu said to the other party with an unenthusiastic expression. He knew that the damaged deity soul would lose all thoughts to resist him after seeing the three cultivation methods.
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    《Shadow Hack》