Shadow Hack
288 Ling Shuang Still Missing
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Shadow Hack
Author :Great Lord Of Cloudland
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288 Ling Shuang Still Missing

During the two hours after Demon appeared, the number of people who were able to cross the dragon mist continued to decline. In that time, only three came out.

One of them was Coiling Tiger.

Apparently, his luck hadn't been very good. Even though he was a descendant of Barbarian King Coiling Dragon, he had almost perished inside. As soon as he emerged, he collapsed on the ground.

Man Tian pondered for a moment, then walked toward him to help him up. There was a big cavity in Coiling Tiger's chest, and it was so large that even his internal organs were clearly visible.

If he wasn't an evolved human from the Desolate Continent who had merged with a formidable bloodline, he would've most likely been dead by then. When the rest of the people saw Coiling Tiger in critical state, they felt their hopes of anyone else coming out of the dragon mist slowly being crushed.

The journey from the dragon's head to its tail was extremely cruel. Even Barbarian King's son had narrowly escaped with his life.

Anyone who didn't possess strength and good fortune would certainly perish during this journey. Even those who were extremely formidable but had bad luck would not make it out.

After Coiling Tiger, the thirty-second contestant arrived three hours later. It was Ruyan Lanzhi, the heavenly daughter of the powerful Lanzhi Clan from the Higher Dimensional Continent.

'At this time, she no longer had her arrogant expression. Her complexion was deathly pale when she weakly staggered out of the dragon mist. Soon, one of the contestants who had good relations with her clan moved forward to assist her and save from the schemes of others.

Although Battle God had repeatedly stressed before this test began that all of them were the stars who represented the hopes of this world, it was hard to fathom a person's mind. Who could guarantee that among the thirty-two contestants present here there wasn't anyone who was planning anything?

Especially now that they were about to descend and this world's rules didn't apply to them anymore. Among the thirty-two people present here, how many of them still retained Battle God's words in their hearts? it was a question whose answer couldn't be known.

After this, the group waited for another two days.

After this time, two more people walked out of the dragon mist. They were Xie Qianxue and Bladewood's Blade Devil.

Xie Qianxue appeared to be rather carefree. Apart from her white gown being damaged in two places, she didn't seem to have suffered any injuries, which made Li Yunmu even more certain that her heavenly world had attained the three sun level.

Otherwise, he couldn't imagine her, who was a rookie just like him, being able to reach this stage without any trump card like his system.

When Bladewood's Blade Devil came out, everyone's eyes instantly focused on him, this descendent of Higher Dimensional Continent's transcending power.

Among the six transcending powers, the one who had the firmest desire to obtain power and the one which was the most formidable would definitely be Bladewood.

The people that belonged to this transcending power had mostly grown up in the Higher Dimensional Continent, experiencing all sorts of dangers. Moreover, after joining Bladewood, their desire to condense a blade intent would reach the level of craziness.

Someone had previously said that out of every ten disciples of Bladewood, eight were lunatics, and Bladewood's current successor, Devil Blade, was a madman even among madmen.

His craziness to cultivate his blade intent had already reached a frightening stage.

This was the first time that Li Yunmu had seen this successor of Bladewood. With his pedigree, Blade Devil had qualified for a spot without appearing in any of the competitions.

Blade Devil chose a spot with an indifferent expression on his face and sat down. The test of the Black Dragon Island was apparently quite ordinary for him.

From this, the strength of people from Bladewood could be clearly seen. But this wasn't important at the moment, for Li Yunmu had something else to worry about.

Within three days, even Blade Devil had reached the dragon's tail, but Barbarian Niu still hadn't come out. Furthermore, it wasn't only Barbarian Niu that was missing. There was another person Li Yunmu worried about, and that was Ling Shuang.

Due to this, he couldn't remain calm. Although he and Ling Shuang didn't have much contact, from the time he had started walking on his path as a flux disciple, she had been a sincere and reliable friend.

How could Li Yunmu have expected that Ling Shuang who never said much yet was quite powerful would surprisingly fall short at the last stage?

Xie Qianxie who was standing not far from him, said with a sigh, "The cultivation period must've been too short."

Li Yunmu knew that she was sighing for Ling Shuang. 

Currently, thirty-four people had come out of the dragon mist and divided themselves into seven small groups: Central Continent, Higher Dimensional Continent, Desolate Continent, Northern Continent, Seagod's people, Holy Spirit Continent, as well as a group formed by people like Fan Kong and Xiye Hanbei who were classified as rogue fluxers.

Li Yunmu, Xie Qianxue, and Ling Shuang were all rookie fluxers, and all of them had come from the Central Continent, so it was natural that they would subconsciously feel a bond of comradeship.

Clearly, Xie Qianxue also felt quite regretful that Ling Shuang hadn't come out. From the three rookies of the Central Continent, only she was missing.

Suddenly, Mammoth Barbarian Wuhang stood up. "It's already been three days, those who haven't come out yet will probably never do so. I don't think we should waste any time for them and start descending."

"That's right, everyone is well aware of the dangers inside the Black Dragon Island. Three days is quite a long time, so I don't believe that there are any more people inside who are still alive. I'm in favor of descending now, who knows what may happen if we delay for long," Zhongshan Anling agreed.

But at this time, Li Yunmu and Xiye Hanbei as well as Zhan Wuya said in unison, "Hold on."

Instantly, the atmosphere became heavy.

Man Tian, Mammoth Barbarian Wuhan,g and Coiling Tiger who had recuperated in the last two days as well as Tyrant Jiang were all the representatives of the Barbarian Kings. None of their group were missing.

Naturally then, they didn't have any reason to wait around.

But Li Yunmu was obviously not willing to move on. Regardless of whether it was Barbarian Niu or Ling Shuang, he wasn't ready to give up on either of them. He still wanted to wait, hoping for some miracle.

As for Xiye Hanbei, he was naturally waiting for Ge Ya.

Given his strength, the lack of his presence here, it could only mean that his luck was even worse compared to that of Coiling Tiger.

At that moment, Zhan Wuya said, "Huan Beichen still hasn't come."

"What? The direct disciple of Frontline Heaven still hasn't appeared?"

The next instant, many people began to realize that they were still missing one very important person of one of the transcending powers.

However, given the strength of Frontline Heaven's Huan Beichen, he shouldn't have died in the Black Dragon Island. If that was really the case, then this would be a huge joke.

Beichen Huan's luck was certainly extremely poor if he had encountered a sage level dragon beast.

Only Hai Yue and Ji Wuxin meaningfully glanced at each other. After all, both of them had seen what had happened to him personally, but they had formed a tacit understanding to not reveal this matter.

Li Yunmu was inwardly surprised. Zhan Wuya belonged to the War God Temple of the Central Continent, so why did he care so much about a member of Frontline Heaven, what bullsh*t was this?

For a period of time, everyone pondered what to do next.

"Since the quasi deities have given us five days, I think that we should wait for five days. Descending then wouldn't be too late, after all, every person who clears this round would mean an increase in our group's power."

Hai Yue also requested Man Tian and the others to wait a little longer.

Man Tian's complexion changed. But when he realized that Qing Yue still hadn't come out, he didn't insist on descending now. After all, the relationship between their two peoples was quite deep.

Thus everyone agreed to wait for two more days, even if after experiencing the dangers of Black Dragon Island, they didn't have much hope.
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