Shadow Hack
267 The Meaning of the Title Overlord
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Shadow Hack
Author :Great Lord Of Cloudland
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267 The Meaning of the Title Overlord

At this moment, Barbarian Niu was even more devilish than barbarous devil claws and appeared to have gone completely berserk. Since he had merged with the bloodline of Mist Fiends which had been nurtured by divine blood, the fiend bloodline in his body was relatively pure.

The formidable presence emitted from his body didn't lose to Coiling Tiger's in the least. He pounced towards the beasts with a loud howl, and in the same way as Coiling Tiger, he shredded the five barbarous devil claw beasts.

The entire process didn't last for more than three minutes.

"This contestant's degree of merging with his bloodline is quite good, but his battle skills can't compare to Coiling Tiger's."

"That's all right. At least in terms of flesh power, he is quite good. However, isn't this Barbarian Niu also Li Yunmu's follower? Quite strange."

Some people on top of the platform were discussing this strange matter.

Barbarian Niu's performance had barely attracted the attention of these people who stood at the top of pyramid. But unlike their light discussion, the people underneath were in an uproar, since the majority of people couldn't sense the disparity between Barbarian Niu and Coiling Tiger.

Most only knew that once this person appeared on stage, he had imitated Coiling Tiger in every move when killing the beasts. 

Who is this Barbarian Niu, how can he be so fierce? Although Coiling Tiger was also just as fierce, but he is the most talented son of Barbarian King Coiling Dragon. Where did this Barbarian Niu jump out from, though? I haven't heard about him until today.

This thought didn't belong to just one person. The main reason for this was that Barbarian Niu's fame hadn't been acknowledged by the masses and spread through the world.

"Yes, this person is also quite ferocious, it is like he is directly challenging Coiling Tiger."

When Coiling Tiger, who had passed the test long ago, looked at Barbarian Niu successfully imitating his every movement, he narrowed his eyes and said, "Very good, I hope you'll have the strength to copy all my actions in the future as well."

Coiling Tiger was an arrogant and proud person, and he was infuriated by this unknown person. But in this place filled with quasi deities and flux sages, he could only control himself.

"Haha, regardless of whatever method you use, your daddy Liu will continue with it."

Barbarian Niu wasn't scared. He was excited instead.

After his strength had increased, he was desperately waiting for some event where he could confirm that everything that happened during the last month wasn't a dream.

By this time, the commentators online had already shared the information about Barbarian Niu's previous achievements.

When everyone looked through them, they discovered that although he wasn't exactly famous before, his strength had still been impressive. He had been the eighteenth ranked Halted Fluxer.

But this list was already a has-been. With all the new stars rising in all the continents, this list had become outdated and inaccurate.

"Impossible, this Barbarian Niu was only eighteenth among the Halted Fluxers."

"Yes, a mere former eighteenth ranked Halted Fluxer, but surprisingly he doesn't lose to Coiling Tiger by much?"

"You all, quickly come and see, this person is also Li Yunmu's follower. Dang, this Li Yunmu really is something. Two of his followers possess the qualifications for the Continental Battle."

When everyone had investigated Barbarian Niu's information, it was all good. But once they checked and discovered that he was surprisingly a follower of Li Yunmu, everyone was shocked.

Not only were the majority of people extremely shocked, even many second-rate organizations and families felt quite stifled at this moment.

It must be known that these organizations had pretty impressive standings in the six continents, but even after gathering their entire strength, they might not be able to make sure that one of their members would cross the seventieth level. But this Li Yunmu surprisingly had two followers who could obtain the qualifications for the Continental Battle.

The test still continued. Soon, Ge Ya, Xiye Hanbei, Ju Wuxin, Ling Shuang, and the others entered the stage one after another.

These Overlord level characters used actions to show people the meaning of the word Overlord.

All of them cleared this round by getting rid of the five barbarous devil claws in less than three minutes without any exception. All of them stood above the others, clearly displaying that even if their flux energy was suppressed, it didn't mean that they were powerless.

"Formidable, really formidable. They indeed deserve the title of Overlord."

"Yes, when I saw Fan Zhanshan killing the five devil claws, I felt it was unimaginable, but I had never thought that real Overlords would be so terrifying. I have to accept that they are simply abnormal."

"Wrong, they aren't abnormal, but rather you are too inexperienced, that's all."

"Your old fart, what inexperienced! When the five barbarous devil claws had just come out at the start, didn't everyone think that this test couldn't be passed? And you f*cking hypocrite, I remember you also said something like that, or do you want to me turn over your recording?"

As many new stars appeared, the ordinary people on the online platform as well as numerous fluxers had their worldviews demolished again and again by these new stars.

"Who is this Ge Ya, how can he be so terrifying. I don't know what methods he used, but the five barbarous devils didn't even last a minute."

"Xiye Hanbei does deserve to be known as the most powerful person in the Fifth Dimension. Even if the ranking has become outdated, no one has yet been able to surpass him. He only used five punches to blow away the five barbarous devil claws. Such an amount of flesh power is really astonishing!"

In a short time, once Overlords appeared on the stage, they surpassed the performances of others, dulling their brilliance.

But even in front of Overlords, some new stars were bound to remain shining brightly. A person from the Northern Continent who had been cultivating bitterly and was unknown to people before suddenly took action, stunning everyone.

Even people like Li Yunmu and Man Tian etched his name, Fan Kong, into their minds.

A female disciple who was a rogue fluxer coming from the depths of a mountain range in the Higher Dimensional Continent also was an unknown. But once she used a knife throwing skill, she gave a fright to everyone. Even the people atop the platform noted down her name, which was Zhao Mei.

Later, a forty year old person used archery to let everyone know that arrows shot with great strength could be terrifying even within a small area. Almost all of his arrows hit monsters' weak points, as if they were shot from a sniper rifle.

This person was known as Yang Chengan, and he was clearly an older flux disciple. He was a person who had been stuck in the Flux Disciple realm for many years, but he wasn't a Halted Fluxer because his lack of advancement was due to his low aptitude, not outside forces. But no one dared to belittle this old man who was stuck in the Flux Disciple realm.

Soon, Blade Overlord Lin Jian stepped onto the stage under countless strange gazes.
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