Shadow Hack
266 Transformed Barbarian Niu
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Shadow Hack
Author :Great Lord Of Cloudland
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266 Transformed Barbarian Niu

"Demon? Seagod's Demon?"

"When did he obtain the qualifications to enter the Continental Battle? Wasn't he ranked twelfth among Halted Fluxers? Even the third-ranked Nangong Gongzi couldn't obtain the qualifications but he did?"

"Oh? Isn't this Demon one of Li Yunmu's followers? How could he possibly have the strength to participate in the Continental Battle?"

Many experienced and knowledgeable people found it unfathomable. The rookie Li Yunmu had been cultivating for less than half a year, but his strength had already reached the level of Overlords. All of this was extremely abnormal.

Not though, the motherf*cker on the stage is telling us that not only had Li Yunmu obtained the qualifications for the Continental Battle, but even his follower had done so?

"Reckless, seems Li Yunmu had spent all his reserves to support his follower into crossing the seventieth level, wanting to get some piece of the Continental Battle?

"Let's take a look, perhaps it is some other person named Demon?"

However, when Demon walked out from behind Li Yunmu and entered the transfer channel without saying anything, many people were startled.

It wasn't another person, but really a follower of Li Yunmu.

At this time, when all the people of the world saw this scene on their online networks, heard the comments, they understood Demon's situation.

"Li Yunmu is just courting disaster for his subordinate. If he had allowed Li Qinghong to participate, she might've had a chance to survive, but he had actually asked one of seagod's people to participate in this strength test?"

Most of the people thought that Li Yunmu was being too excessive.

Under everyone's gazes, Demon entered the energy cover. The opposite transfer channel flickered and the five barbarous devil claws were released.

Demon then summoned a sea beast as per the innate ability of seagod's people, and it was a sea devil ape! There was no doubt that this creature was a very formidable sea beast, and it was even amphibious.

But right now, it was faced with five barbarous devil claws. The audience had no hope for it, expecting to see Demon and his sea beast being torn to shreds by the five monstrous beasts.

"Before Demon became famous he had mostly relied upon his sea devil ape. I wonder where he got the confidence to face the five barbarous devil claws."

"That's right if his sea devil ape gets killed, then since he can't use his flux energy, even one barbarous devil claw would be enough to take his life."

"Has Li Yunmu gone crazy, ordering his follower into death…"

Many people were baffled while feeling sympathy for Demon at the same time. A Halted Fluxer with good strength had actually become someone's follower and lost all freedom, were forced to act according to his master's commands who was ordering him to court death.

The next instant, though, everyone discovered how wrong they were.

The sea devil ape summoned by Demon approached the group of five barbarous devil claws quite bravely. And then, it didn't perish right away.

How was that possible?

Although it was an amphibious sea beast and was quite powerful, it was still impossible for the beast to against fight five barbarous devil claws who were attacking it as a group.

One against five.

It was impossible to win.

However, the quasi-deities and other people on the platform could clearly see that the devil ape summoned by Demon was an evolved one.

"It's not an ordinary sea ape, it has awakened its bloodline and that also to a relatively high level."

"This Li Yunmu, or perhaps it is the Li Sect behind him, should've used some extremely effective secret technique to forcefully awaken the bloodlines of all their dimensional beasts."

"Battle Sage An Jing, looks like your Li Sect's foundation is quite profound."

While people atop the platform were assessing the grade of the sea devil ape, an astonishing change occurred underneath the energy cover. When the sea devil ape was surrounded by the five beasts, both sides had entered a deadlock. No one could gain an advantage over the other.

However, after Demon was done with chanting a secret technique, the sea devil ape began to change greatly. A layer of thick and sharp bristles appeared on its body, and it began to swell greatly. The sea devil ape was three meters tall at first, but now it changed into a genuine enormous sea devil which was seven meters tall.

The skin of this enormous sea devil was cyan and red, sprouting a layer of thick and sharp thorns which covered its entire body. The beast then lifted its lips in a grow-like motion, revealing two rows of sinister fangs.

"Ohh, this is a ghost king transformation. How did this sea devil ape cultivate the ghost king body tempering methods of the Ghost Clan?"

The expressions of many Flux Sages and even experienced Temporal and Nirvana layer Flux Masters immediately changed.

An amphibious sea devil ape was quite rare in itself. A sea devil ape which had awakened its bloodline was even rarer, even among ten thousands of its kind one such sea devil ape may not be found. But this was a sea devil ape which had awakened its bloodline and had evolved greatly while also possessing the comprehension close to that of humans.

This was unprecedented, and this unprecedented sea devil ape had surprisingly cultivated an extraordinary body tempering secret method as well.

This was neither seen nor heard of before.

After unleashing the demon king transformation, its strength increased by a huge margin, and the deadlock between the two sides was broken right away.

The seven-meter tall ghost king sea beast grabbed a barbarous devil claw and took a bite, its sharp fangs going deep into the skin. The barbarous devil claw which had tyrannical flesh was instantly chewed and swallowed.

This scene was absolutely terrifying and filled with even more blood, compared to when Coiling Tiger had ripped his opponents to shreds. After sensing the terrifying presence of the ghost king sea devil ape, the other four barbarous devil claws began to flee in all directions.

However, where could they escape in this energy cover which had a diameter of only one hundred meters. In less than a few minutes, they were eaten by the ghost king sea devil ape.


That's right, they were food. This wasn't a test, rather a restaurant for the sea devil ape.

Demon waved a hand and sent back his ghost king sea devil ape. He then left the energy cover and returned to Li Yunmu's side, silently finding his place behind him.

All the new stars on the Black Dragon Island sensed a formless pressure.

Demon returning alive from the test was completely opposite to their expectations. What kind of bullsh*t was this, even a mere follower of Li Yunmu had improved to this extent?

Then what level had Li Yunmu himself matured to?

Soon, an even more frightening fact came to light, which was that Demon wasn't an exception. When the turn for the 132nd contestant came, Barbarian Niu's name was called, and he appeared on stage.

Once Barbarian Niu stepped onto the stage, he immediately attracted the attention of everyone. Another one of Li Yunmu's followers had appeared?

Had all of his followers crossed the seventieth level of the Tower of Glory secretly? Once the new star flux disciples thought of this, a chill ran down their backs.

"Weak, too weak. This sort of test is simply needless," Barbarian Niu said, imitating the tone of Coiling Tiger while shaking his head inwardly, the moment he stepped onto the stage.

The next instant, the energy around him exploded, and his presence increased greatly. He pounced like a barbarous devil claw towards the true barbarous devil claws and went on a rampage, astonishing everyone.

"Rubbish, complete trash, just hurry and die."
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    《Shadow Hack》