Shadow Hack
265 Demon Appears
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Shadow Hack
Author :Great Lord Of Cloudland
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265 Demon Appears

"This Higher Dimensional Continent's Fan Zhanshan can't be human. He seems even more formidable than people like Man Tian and Xiye Hanbei!"

"Just by relying on his physical strength, he killed five barbarous devil claws, this really is inhumane. Regardless of whatever is said, he certainly surpasses humans."

"He is simply a monster."

"Ferocious, too ferocious. I didn't expect a person without any fame to be so ferocious. What crouching tigers and hidden dragons, I've heard that there are no weaklings among fluxers of the Higher Dimensional Continent, but I didn't believe it. Now, though, I'm somewhat convinced."

Fan Zhanshan, who was from the Qingshan Clan of the Higher Dimensional Continent, became famous with this one battle. His name hadn't appeared in public before and no one knew who he was, but after this one battle, most of the fluxers of the six continents now knew his name.

Many people even thought that this Fan Zhanshan was even more formidable than people like Xiye Hanbei. However, the people who were thinking this way only displayed their ignorance and limited experience by doing so.

The first test continued, and after the first contestant, the second came, then the third… thirteenth. Very few people renounced, but the number of those who succeeded in passing the first test also wasn't high.

When the turn for the thirteenth contestant came and the Alliance representative announced his name as Coiling Tiger from the Desolate Continent, all the spectators watching the test exploded.

"Coiling Tiger, he's Coiling Dragon Barbarian King's son. It's said that among the thirteen sons of Coiling Dragon Barbarian King, Coiling Tiger is the youngest, most talented, and had merged with the most powerful bloodline. If someone asked who among the thirteen sons of Coiling Dragon Barbarian King are the most likely to succeed him, then it would certainly be this Coiling Tiger."

"Yes yes yes, someone from the Desolate Continent exposed once that this Coiling Tiger had challenged Man Tian when he was thirteen years old. It's said that the battle that time had lasted for three days and nights until Coiling Tiger finally lost because he was too young."

"Yes, I also heard about this matter. Coiling Tiger now is fifteen years old. In the two years since that battle, he only became more formidable. I wonder, between Coiling Tiger and that Fan Zhanshan from just a moment ago, who would be more formidable."

When Barbarian King's son Coiling Tiger took the stage, everyone's expectations rose up. If this Corporeal Body Strength Test was a disaster for seagod's people, then for the people of Desolate Continent, it was a heaven-bestowed gift!

After the people of the Desolate Continent awakened flux energy, they would merge with an innate bloodline of the outside world and thus temper their blood vessels to become even more formidable. The strength of their physical bodies would then surpass that of people from the other five continents.

Although Coiling Tiger's name wasn't as famed and outstanding as Man Tian's, since he was Coiling Dragon Barbarian King's youngest and most outstanding son, online viewers produced all sorts of information related to him.

Because of it, everyone discovered that this fifteen-year-old Coiling Tiger was surprisingly so valiant that he had challenged Man Tian while he was only a minor.

Swiftly, under everyone's gazes, Coiling Tiger entered the energy cover where his opponents were the same five barbarous devil claws.


The next instant, Coiling Tiger's aura transformed and became extremely threatening, like that of a devil tiger. The five barbarous devil claws became so frightened that they shivered, no longer able to pounce on him.

"Rubbish, completely useless, just hurry and die."

Blue veins appeared on the body of Coiling Tiger, who was wrapped in a rich aura like that of a devil tiger. He pounced towards the five barbarous devil claws who had already lost all fighting spirit.

He started a bloodbath, and in less than a minute, the five beasts were dismembered, their internal organs spread all over the ground.

The audience was so quiet you could hear a needle drop to the ground.

Was this really a fifteen year old? Were his enemies really the same barbarous devil claws who were known for their savageness?

Everyone on the scene couldn't believe their eyes. Just moments ago they had been thinking that Fan Zhanshan was comparable to people like Man Tian or Xiye Hanbei, but Coiling Dragon's actions broke their delusions. What bulls*it Fan Zhanshan, ignorant people had surprisingly thought that he who had barely crossed the Control Line was equal to the greatest among the Overlord characters. 

"How can this be!"

Most of the people were left dumbstruck, including the majority of rainbow crystal fluxers. Fan Zhanshan dealing with five barbarous devil claws when his flux energy was suppressed and he couldn't use any of the flux skills was already considered quite unbelievable. This had seemed like an impossible feat for all the spectators.

However, once Coiling Dragon appeared on stage, their worldview was torn to shreds. All those who were watching this test became aware of what the title of Overlord truly implied.

They also realized that the reason why Fan Zhanshan hadn't entered the ranks of Overlords wasn't because he didn't have sufficient fame or powerful background, but because compared to people like Coiling Tiger, he was weak, extremely weak.

Despite this, Fan Zhanshan's previous performance had already surpassed the imagination of ordinary people.

Collapsed, my worldview has collapsed completely. Heavens, are these people still humans, how can they be living under the same sky as me?

These were the words at the bottom of the heart of one rainbow crystal fluxer, and they perfectly portrayed the innermost feelings of countless Flux Disciples.

If it wasn't because the Continental Battle had been affected by the Heavenly Transformation, they wouldn't have even known that the world where they were living was so terrifying.

"This Coiling Tiger's strength is probably sufficient to kill a Flux Master who had just entered the Sixth Dimension. That's just too monstrous!"

After Coiling Tiger passed the test, other contestants entered the stage. These people who had automatically cleared the seventieth level indeed deserved to be known as Unhindered Fluxers.

Although people still kept renouncing occasionally, increasingly more participants made the spectators realize what the existences named Unhindered Fluxers were.

Despite losing their flux energy as well as all the flux energy battle skills and even their flux energy crystal armor, after formulating a battle strategy after doing their research, seven out of the next ten contestants passe.

Although ordinary fluxers couldn't imagine passing this test, in the eyes of this group of people, this test wasn't that difficult.

Apart from seagod's people or those with very weak flesh, the challenge raised by the five barbarous devil claws was passed by others using all sorts of methods.

"Seventy-ninth contestant, Demon from one of three great ocean cities."

After yet another contestant passed the test with a daunting experience but without any mishaps, the Alliance's official announced the name of next participant.

The name attracted the gazes of many who were present, and they stared over, during the thirty seconds of preparation.
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