Shadow Hack
93 Being Unlucky Serves You Righ
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Shadow Hack
Author :Great Lord Of Cloudland
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93 Being Unlucky Serves You Righ

It had to be said that the more the rumors about the mysterious Li Sect spread, the more authentic they became. Large numbers of people rushed over to see whether Tang Ruochen, who had lost previously, could make a comeback or not. However, some people went to take a look at the last fight between Li Yun and Tang Ruochen several days ago. 

"Strange. This Tang Ruochen was clearly defeated by Li Yun. Why is he fighting this Li Yunmu now?"

"Who knows, Li Yun has probably arranged this fight. Maybe he didn’t want to fight against a person who had already lost to him."

"He he, I think he understands that he couldn’t beat Li Yun, neither did he have the assurance of winning against that Li Feng, so he targeted the weakest one among the three disciples."

"Yes yes yes, that should be the case. I checked this Li Yunmu’s past achievements. He should be the third disciple of that Li Sect. However, his strength is far weaker that Li Yun and Li Feng. He was only able to defeat black crystal fluxers previously and he has also lost many times."

"The reason behind Lucky Wind City rushing into top fifty was precisely because of his combination with Ling Shuang. I have heard that his innate talent is lower mid-grade. However, his battle instincts are extremely formidable, but he had only killed those weak dwarf witches in the past, so it doesn’t mean that he could also trample over Tang Ruochen like his fellow disciples."

"Right, I can also kill a first layer dwarf witch easily. Even the weakest among the fluxers can also kill them, that doesn't count as anything."

"Haha, it seems like this Li Yunmu is out of luck today and will become a punching bag for Tang Ruochen to vent his frustrations in place of Li Yun."

"Hey, you all quickly come. Heavenly Dragon Tang family is certainly resourceful. Tang Ruochen has surprisingly used the Snow Guzzle Blade as a stake in this bet."

"Truly interesting, this Snow Guzzle Blade should cost around ten million coins, isn’t that right? Heavenly Dragon Tang family’s financial power is indeed terrifying."

"Don’t be noisy. The battle is finally starting. I just want to see this group battle with the main highlight being Tang Ruochen and Li Yunmu’s fight. The others are just background actors."

The majority weren’t very optimistic about Li Yunmu’s chances to win the battle. Similarly, they also weren’t hopeful regarding others in the big bear battle squad. Who was their opponent? Tang Ruochen, who had become even more powerful compared to last time. If Yunmu’s fellow disciple Li Yun had been there, then there was still some chance. But now…...

As the countdown of ten minutes given for battle preparation started, an increasingly greater number of people began to pour into the spectator area allocated to watch the fight between the two battle squads. The number of spectators continued to increase, 3,000.....7,000....23,000....38,000...50,000.

In a short while, the number of spectators crossed 50,000. As the battle between battle squads was much more interesting compared to the solo fights, the number of spectators continued to increase.

Moreover, the entry fee to watch this battle was 5 dimensional coins, almost double compared to solo fights whose entry fee was 3 dimensional coins. 

"Yunmu, do you have certainty in winning?"

Li Daxiong asked seriously. Something which he rarely showed. His question attracted the attention of the others. Brother thin, crooked teeth, Li Zi, all of them looked at him. As for Zhang Ying, she was already standing near him. 

"Don’t worry. I will deal with Tang Ruochen."

Li Yunmu didn’t give a direct answer as this question was clearly unnecessary. The answer to this was already clear. Ten days ago, he had defeated Tang Ruochen using the second level Violent Blade.

After ten days, his Violent Blade had already reached the fourth level. 

Although the opponent should have found a way to break it, unfortunately for him, the Violent Blade had been upgraded to the fourth level. Presently, Li Yunmu had the confidence to fight evenly against Ling Shuang, so what to speak of the Heavenly Dragon Tang family’s Tang Ruochen? Even if other people thought that it was very difficult for Li Yunmu to win, Li Yunmu was aware that perhaps only his brother, Tang Baichen, would be able to force him to use his full strength in a fight. 

The ten minutes preparation time was getting close to its end. 

The battle between battle squads could take many different forms. One way was that both battle squads would choose one person to duel with each other. The loser had to leave the stage and the winner would remain. The winning side could continue to remain in battle and defeat subsequent enemies. If one had sufficient strength, then he could suppress all the members of the enemy battle squad by himself.

This type of fight was called solo combat. The main responsibility lies with the core member, that would act as the pillar of the battle squad. Many times, if that core member of the battle squad has formidable strength, he would get rid of many members of the enemy team.

The second type of battle was group battle, where everyone was transferred to a random point on the battlefield at the start. All members from both sides would fight together without any limitations. The battle squad that wipes out the enemy squad was the winner.

There was still a third type of battle. It was known as monster sea step battle. In this battle type, the battle squads were usually transferred to a location where an extremely large number of monsters were concentrated. The battle squad that survives the longest was the winner.

Today, Li Yunmu and the others had chosen the group battle. It was the fastest and had the least number of rules. Both battle squads would continue to fight until all the members of one battle squad was defeated.

The rule about the choice and allocation of weapons was slightly different compared to solo battles. It allowed members to choose more than one weapon. Thus, the weapons were classified as primary and support equipment. 

Furthermore, the primary and support equipment could be projections of real-world weapons by replicating the data of those weapons. Afterall, a group battle wasn’t simply to temper and allow the members to gain more battle experience. Rather, it was to temper and improve the coordination between members of the battle squad.

Naturally, that could not be done unless all members were using the weapons of their choice. Thus, it was decided to allow the replication of data to form a projection of real-world weapons that could be used in fights.

The reason why Li Yunmu had jeered at Tang Ruochen earlier and mocked him for relying on external assistance wasn’t without justification. Just now, he could clearly see a pair of golden arm protectors. From the looks of it, these arm protectors seemed to be used to support the Tyrannical Cross Shaped Arms Skill.

This person, he really thinks that just by relying on formidable equipment, he could break my Violent Blade?

The enemy’s intention was easily seen through by Li Yunmu. Following which, this shameless person, Li Yunmu, who had just mocked the opponent for using external assistance, without caring about morality or principles, instantly took out the seventh dimensional Underworld Raven bow and used it as the basis of the projection for his weapon.

"Ha ha, you want to compare weapons? Then let me give you a little shock."

Li Yunmu chose the battle soldier equipment and used the Underworld Raven bow as his weapon.

F*ck him, he wants to use me as a punching bag.

If the opponent had only wanted to create trouble for him, then he wouldn’t have taken such extreme actions. However, why did the opponent to go and create problems for other members of the big bear battle squad.

"10, 9, 8, 7,... 2, 1."

The last ten seconds of the preparation phase passed in the blink of an eye. Next instant, the big bear battle squad was transferred to a random location. 

"It is a rainforest on a subtropical island."

As soon as Li Yunmu and the others were transferred here, they immediately identified the terrain.

Island warfare!

It was still alright as they weren’t transferred more than 2-3 miles away from each other. Otherwise, it would have created problems as the forest on the island was quite dense.

"Quickly come and hide. Crooked teeth, brother thin, Li Zi, be ready to snipe the enemy at all times."

Suddenly, a trace of excitement flashed through Li Daxiong’s face. This map provided an advantage to them, as their battle squad had a hunter, a tracker, as well as a ranged attacker.

After all, guerrilla tactics and ambushes were the best methods of attacking within a dense rainforest. Moreover, even though Li Daxiong was a terminator, his chosen weapon was a flux energy infused machine gun. Although the machine gun wasn’t as awesome as the silver base weapons, he could still act as a powerful ranged combatant on this map.

"Wow, this fatso is a little bit sinister. He has surprisingly chosen to hide and wait for Tang Ruochen and his group to come."

"Heavens, two long ranged attackers, one middle ranged combatant and one hunter skilled in sneak attacks. Isn’t this map a little too advantageous to the big bear battle squad?"

"Ha ha, it will be of no use. In front of absolute strength, this little tricks will be completely useless."

"Yes, they would immediately be discovered if ChenChen wanted to deal with them. However, he doesn’t care about them. ChenChen doesn’t think that these people could even break his defense."

"Ehhh, what’s this Li Yunmu doing? Isn’t his consummate skill Violent Blade? What is he thinking taking out a runed battle bow?"

"Wait a minute, this guy is attacking. The enemy is still more than a kilometer away and he wants to attack?"
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    《Shadow Hack》