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Serendipitous Love Fox Master Pampered Queen | HIATUS|
Author :roumania
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27 Long Lei awakens

Long Lei was now awake and could listen to her surrounding clearly. She could hear that narcissist pig arguing with her blue dragon.

How dare he?

She would teach that pedophile a good lesson before going home. He thinks that she would be put in his hand now that they have a contract but she was not easy to deal with.

After all, she was not your average ancient lady. By now she was aware of this world's process where men and women were independent and respected each other although there was still a small boundary that made women inferior to the oh so! Overpowered male.

Long Lei heard Meng Zhang's irritated voice when he refuted Nangong Ah Jin's words. Her newly acquired beast was already being bullied by a pedophile.

This was not acceptable. She has to do something about it.

Hence she has to do something to stop this fasted from going with her and also give him a good lesson on how to treat ladies as she didn't care whether it was a modern world or the ancient world.

He was too arrogant and rowdy for her taste.

She praised her blue dragon and told him that he was pretty so as to not make his confidence rise in front of that narcissistic pig.

"You need to take him away from here."

Long Lei ordered azure dragon through their mind. After all, she could not reveal her plans in front of that cunning man.

The azure dragon was happy that his mistress was finally awake and even ordering him around.

He wanted to shout in happiness and snatch her away from the hold of the sovereign Lord.

Long Lei could feel his excitement through the bond and instantly told him to keep his mouth shut.


The azure dragon asked her inside their mind link as he was aware that his mistress didn't want him to reveal that she was fine.

"Just follow my command and you will know." Long Lei refused to tell him why she wanted him to do take away Nangong Ah Jin.

Without wasting his time the azure dragon responded immediately and came near the sovereign Lord.

Nangong Ah Jin who was observing him for a moment felt a change in him but since Long Lei was under his protection he knew that this stupid old foggy would not dare to do something funny.

If it was a few seconds ago it might be true but now since his mistress was safe and good from the trauma of the blood contract, Meng Zhang was fully excited to teach this irritating man a good lesson.

It was his time to shine. The new dragon was so happy to fulfill his role that he completely forgot that he was just new Warcraft for his mistress.

The presence of Nangong Ah Jin helped him and Long Lei in creating a good bond easily. They don't need to develop their communication any more by wasting time on talking with each other.

Real life practice was enough for them to know about each other and express their loyalty in times of difficulties.

"So, do you dare to fight with me?" Meng Zhang proposed.

Nangong Ah Jin was suspicious about the sudden change in the old foggy. How could this be?

He was shouting and promising to kill him just a few seconds ago and now he was in the mood to fight with him.

Has he gone senile in his old golden years?


Meng Zhang was aware of the sovereign Lord's cautious nature so without wasting a moment he started his awesome acting.

"What? Why?" Meng Zhang taunted. "Are you afraid? I know it is difficult to fight against me but aren't you the sovereign Lord? How are you are able to show your face with that gutless attitude?"

The azure dragon spoke like he was very disappointed in the sovereign Lord and was remembering about the previous Lord's that were brilliant warriors.

Nangong Ah Jin didn't like his authority being questioned and moreover, this ugly dragon was even looking down on him. It was an insult to his dignity as a sovereign.

He would teach this stupid dragon that he was more than ready to send him six feet under the ground.

"Fine! Don't cry later." He warned Meng Zhang.

Meng Zhang was already aware that he was not a match of the sovereign Lord. He was doing all this because his mistress wanted him to distract this man.

He was just a loyal Warcraft that wanted to help his mistress.

"Cry? Who? Me!!! In your dreams." Meng Zhang growled.

Long Lei was carefully listening in their conversation and was satisfied with her dragon's performance.

He was so good to her that he willingly asked for a beating. She has seen their fight when she arrived near the lake and was able to clearly pinpoint their strength.

The four mythological beasts were powerful in the eyes of common people but they were also clueless while dealing with the cultivators of high Martial ability. So, her dragon was not safe from that jerk.

From the looks of it, she could clearly see that the pedophile was one of the high Martial cultivators.

This made her appreciate the azure dragon even more as it was difficult for Warcraft to do something for their master's just after starting the contract.

Her fear against animals was slowly disappearing from her mind as she could see her dragon in a new light. He was so trusting and loyal to her.

She was lucky that she could rope him in.

While both the men were away from the scene Long Lei gradually stood up from the ground. Her body was rejuvenated and there was new energy inside her body moving around with her blood making her bones secure and light.

This energy was from the heart blood contract which was helping her in being more stronger. It was not completely bad for her as she was able to pass the fiery trial but the way the pedophile used against her was not good.

She could not accept it. Nangong Ah Jin chose the blood contract for her and didn't even ask about her opinion so so it was wrong.

It would be bad if she would not return him the taste of his own medicine.

"We will see if you can still behave arrogantly." Long Lei smirked.

Her plan was simply amazing that she wanted to perform the winning dance. After all, it was going to be hilarious.

Since she has a treasure within her grasp, she didn't have to worry about other things. The locket was enough to make Nangong Ah Jin cry.

She focused on the locket and found the Redstone that she was looking for the great pedophile.

Long Lei took it out from the space and attached to a chain.

This Redstone was a precious treasure that would create amnesia and the most important thing was even an immortal would not be spared from its effect.

So how could he? A narcissist with just some level of cultivation fight against it. After all, Nangong Ah Jin could not be a god so it would definitely work.

After wearing this red Stone Nangong Ah Jin would completely forget about the incident related to her and there would be a big gap in his memory.

Even if he will not use this stone every day, his memory will be still locked inside it and only she would be able to unlock it by releasing the chaotic energy inside the Red Stone.

She just needs to stay away from that man and they would be like any other strangers in the world.


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