Serendipitous Love
5 Yin-Yang Lake
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Serendipitous Love
Author :roumania
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5 Yin-Yang Lake

The special quality of the pool is its colour or more precisely its energy. The dark blue and blood red colour is giving the kind of energy similar to yin and yang.

She was present inside the blue pool. Her necklace tingled again and the voice of Senior Xuan floated inside her brain.

"Long Lei since you had activated this ring then you clearly are able to inherit my elder sister's cultivation method of space power."

What? Now I am able to cultivate then what was I doing before coming here? Rattling drums for your enjoyment.

Long Lei was angered by the recent news. " Where are you? Why didn't you clearly told me about it and how are you inside this necklace?" Long Lei asked confused. Clearly it was this ghostly lady's fault for not mentioning anything and then after her dumb attempt to learn the space law she is saying that now she is eligible to practice it. How wonderful?

"My soul was weak so I could not stay there anymore in that form that's why I placed my will inside this necklace to help you during trouble. Now clearly hear me out about the inheritance carefully."

"After I had a soul search on your body I knew how you came inside the cave and I also know that you are a new born." Senior Xuan told her.

"New born? No I am not." Long Lei asked confused.

"Yes you are. Your soul is new in this body that means you had possessed the body but it is not a case of possession because the previous soul is dead and after some time your soul occupied the body. So it is the case of reincarnation."

"OH! But I was not dead in the first place. How could I reincarnate?"

"It is a special case of soul affinity. Your soul attribute is rather high and hence you are able to inherit everything which is inside this cave as well as the ancestral ring of my elder sister Duan. The place you are currently present is yin-yang Lake. You are inside the space ring of my sister."

"What about that tree and other plants surrounding the pool? I can also see a building."

"The plants here are the most mythical and spiritual things that can be found in Longduan continent. My sister was once the most powerful expert in this continent so naturally she has everything that a mere cultivator can't possess. This is also my first time in here but still I can give you information regarding this place."

After that Senior Xuan told her everything about this place. The largest tree was the evergreen spirit tree which is the source of spiritual plant and the most exotic treasure and the other herbs and plants are for medicinal purpose. The water inside the pool is also magical as it can heal, grow and the most important thing is it can allow its owner to strengthen the soul.

The building is where all the treasure of Senior Duan aka the elder sister remains.

Senior Xuan explained her stages of martial cultivation. It starts from martial origin and has its four parts low, medium, intermediate and then high. Martial origin is the presence of spiritual qi inside the cultivator. It is then followed by Martial core, martial saint, martial spirit, martial immortal, martial god and then ascension to martial celestial.

Long Lei was surprised to hear that after being a celestial she can do whatever she wants and also learned that it is not easy being a celestial. Cultivators could only reach to martial immortal realm and some talented ones are those who can enjoy being martial god.

These three sisters were also defeated during their trial to ascend to martial celestial.

Long Lei concluded that she has entered inside the xianxia novel where sect, cultivators, expert and most important status ruled.

Although she liked reading about them but to live in this kind of society was something that she can never imagine.

But reality was cruel her independency and freedom now all depend on her cultivation and the social hierarchy she belongs to.

"Do you understand how lucky you are to come here and inherit all these treasures?" senior Xuan asked her.

Long Lei nodded her head on this completely sure about her luck.

"Now properly cultivate and then try to learn space law. Just like cultivation it is also divided into various stages whenever you will complete your stages a star shape will be formed on your palm."

She then taught her sitting position and how to meditate and concentrate while drawing qi inside her body.

"Wait! Then would not I have like a hideous palm if I am to learn all your profession and progress into more high stages." Long Lei shouted and thought about her beautiful palm. Clearly this world is ripping me.

Senior Xuan chuckled at her words. "Silly it will be just for you to see and whenever you will succeed it will appear and then it will disappear. If you are multi- talented in many paths then it will overlap on its own mark."

Long Lei felt her energy back in the body as she didn't like tattoos so the idea of having a palm full of marks was unbearable to her. After this Senior Xuan told her that now she has to choose her own path and get out of this place. This was the last will of hers and now she won't be able to help her out more. Long Lei was sad to hear this that this ghostly voice will not be there anymore to disturb her but still she hardened herself and know towed to her for all the help.

She then sat inside the centre of yin yang lake and started practicing. She concentrated the spiritual qi from her surrounding and tried to absorb it. Long Lei thought it would be difficult to absorb the qi but fortunately as soon as she started the particle around her started pouring in rapidly.

She reached the high martial origin in just a few minutes. Initially she was not able to draw the qi in her body because of lack of concentration but when it started she didn't face any difficulty. She was finally a Martial cultivator now albeit a high martial origin is just at the bottom but it is a start.

"I am Long Lei now. That old hag was calling me trash when I regained my consciousness so this body clearly was not able to cultivate just like the MC's of the novel. She also mentioned prime minister and someone wanting me dead. It is best that I should stay away from them but why don't I have any memory of the previous body is it because I truly reincarnated or something else." Long Lei was confused because of the many unanswered question.


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