Serendipitous Love
4 Fucking Fantasy!!
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Serendipitous Love
Author :roumania
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4 Fucking Fantasy!!

Long Lei woke up after her peaceful sleep and was completely rejuvenated. She looked down her body to see all the scars are completely healed and was very happy by the spirit pool.

She came back inside the main hall of the cave but could not find senior Xuan. She searched for her everywhere but didn't find her.

Long Lei was energised and thought about everything what happened to her after coming in this world and unconsciously her hand wandered near her neck and she felt a necklace was on her which was not here earlier.

As she touched the pearl necklace her mind became dizzy due to the overload of the information.

She realized that Xuan is no more here and it is her parting gift to her. She felt warmth within her heart for that ghostly senior who was overly suspicious of people.

Now she understood that why the senior was behaving like a petulant child and asking weird question. She wanted to test her and her way was too childish.

Who gives their inheritance to a no body by asking silly question?

"Forget it. Since I have this thing I should first study and help myself first. I can't let her generous gifts going to waste."

So basically the trio were apparently beast tamer, spirit master aka who is expert in souls and alchemist who apparently have the power to control space.

Space power and soul power are most unique in this world according to her inheritance. This is the rare element in cultivation. The white light represent light element which can give the soul power and black represent dark element as well as space power.

Here martial art is based according to elements in this world. Whoever has the element can proceed in that direction to become a strong cultivator.

Wow it is like a xianxia novel where you have your own elements and acquire power.

Long Lei decided to first learn space power as senior Xuan suggested to her in her mind. This necklace is like a brochure that will give me various ideas to pursue.

I don't need to attend any school anymore with the knowledge I have now I can truly walk in this world without any problems.

"Thank you god that you did not abandon me here . I know you have pulled me in this world but still you helped me reach inside this cave so I can really forgive you for the blunder you caused me. Either way I will find my way back again for that I must first become a powerful expert."

According to these manual when I will become a celestial I can travel anywhere and with the space power I will be able to return back to my time.

Long Lei decided to read everything regarding space cultivation , soul cultivation, beast taming method and alchemy. After reading everything she has dark circles marring her face. Everything leads to same conclusion that she have to cultivate first then only she will be able to gain mastery in this subject. It is truly same thing mentioned in those novels.

What should I do now?

The best method was to learn space law so that she could carry this place with her. The simple method is only given for this in the manual which could be done without any cultivation.

So she started learning space law which was one of the difficult paths in cultivation.

She didn't know that what she thinks easy is the most difficult for other cultivators. If anyone had a chance like her they would be ecstatic and would thank the heavens thousand times for the grace of senior Xuan.

Beside who is lucky enough to get inheritance of four different paths in only one time from these immortal experts but Long Lei was still in her novice state so she didn't realize the importance of this cave .

Long Lei was continuing her practice without eating food and taking rest but still could not understand anything. She was not able to learn the space law.

Why was this happening now? She wondered. This is like you have food in front of you but you are not allowed to eat it.

After thinking about food she remembered that she has not eaten anything yet and it's been one and half day already that she is here in this damn world.

She didn't like it one bit now as she can't follow anything properly and was starving on top of that.

In her anger she kicked her foot to nearest table on which laid so many jewels that women would just kill each other if they have their eyes on it. Just like those sales in the mall when you got like 80% discount offers.

But after this ruckus she felt a strange power entering from her toes towards her. It was circulating in her blood, the hot feeling as if she would be burnt if she made a single mistake. It was just few minutes but she felt like eternity due to that horrendous heat. She saw a dazzling ring lying near her toe which was bleeding to her surprise.

Long Lei picked that beautiful ring and was concentrating on its design. Suddenly she was transported inside a good damn pool.

"Fuck! What the hell is with this sudden bath again?" long Lei screamed.

But now she was in a complete different place compared to a second before. She was once again inside the pool, a deep dark blue pool. Almost black and on the other side it was dark red just like blood.

"This fucking fantasy will kill me some day. Is this some kind of space ring again or a new forest"

Long Lei wondered as now the surrounding of the pool was covered with different types of flora and she was again inside the water dripping wet.


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