Serendipitous Love
3 Inheritance
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Serendipitous Love
Author :roumania
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3 Inheritance

The ghostly voice silent for the first time and wondered that how could this measly human can understand the simple logic so easily.

It was not because she hated humans that she was sneering on her it was just a mere test of her heart. She wanted to know what lies in her heart. Is she capable to become the beast tamer?

But she never expected that a human will accept his bad side too.

In this world where strong ruled and the weak were despised no one cared about beast. Humans want to become powerful so they want beast as their servant not because they respect their beast companion.

This was the test created by her for the one who will finally be able to reach this cave and answer her this question. It was not because she was a beast tamer or a non human it was because she wanted to know who is eligible enough to finally inherit their hardwork.

Only her soul power was left here to wait for the one girl who was like them to inherit their life works.

The story was fake to confuse the people who came here but this girl did not try to even fake her thoughts in front of her.

After reading the story they try to act sympathetic and trap her in their wordly promises thinking that she will not understand their greed. It was always like this. They were all killed by her.

Finally she met the true heir who can receive this inheritance.

"Human tell me why you are scared of animals?" the ghostly voice asked .

It was like a mother asking that why don't you like my food? The voice became soft and full of love.

What is this 360 degree change?

Her face was red due to embarrassment. " Umm. It is not something big. I just don't like touching them. I fear them and nothing else. No tragic story or whatever."

The ghostly voice laughed again. Now her suspicion was confirmed that this ghost aunty have lost it.

"Child what is your name?"

She thinks hard whether to tell her new name or the original name but then decided that since she is here then why not accept this world and all the things coming to her.

"Long Lei."

"Good child you have a nice name. You will receive this inheritance so you need to learn space rules." The ghostly voice told her in all seriousness.

"Just like this and what is space rule." Long Lei asked .

"It is the speciality of my elder sister. She is well versed in space law. You should know about the cultivation system although I can't feel any qi on your body." The ghostly voice said.

"So now that I am getting your things should not I know about your true name." Long Lei asked petulantly.

"Of course. My name is Xuan it is enough for you to know." The ghostly voice laughed again.

"I want to tell you something before we start I don't know anything about cultivation and system. You can treat meas anew born child who is here to school first time." Long Lei informed senior Xuan.

Xuan was shocked to hear this that the girl truly does not know anything about cultivation but she didn't mocked her on her ignorance and materialized in front of her.

The bloody and battered girl in front of her looks like she will die any minute now. She was shocked to see her appearance as the traps were deadly but not for females. It is true that the story which was written was a lure for the coming people but actually when females arrive here they don't have to face such trials then how did she end up in this condition?

Long Lei was in trance to see the beautiful ghost standing in front of her. She is what they say calamitous beauty. Her saliva was just about to fall from her mouth.

The visual brought a smile on Xuan's face as she watched Long Lei.

"Stop drooling and go near the second door to heal your wounds. Inside the door lays the world of alchemy and spirit spring pool. Go there and you will be healed properly." Adviced Xuan.

Long Lei accepted and went inside the door and true to Xuan's words this was like a dream garden with a deep pool. Without waiting for any other thing she jumped inside the pool. The feeling she was experiencing inside the pool could not be expressed in words.

As her body was healing rapidly her fatigue was more clear and she felt a comfortable sensation in her body as if the water was cocooning her body around it.

She fell into deep sleep as the comfort was too good for her.

After waiting for sometime Long Lei did not emerge from the second door so Xuan went inside herself to see the beautiful girl sleeping in the spirit pool.

Xuan had a soft look on her face as she gaze at the sleeping beauty and could not stop herself from touching her chubby cheeks. She knew her time is not going to last so she used her enchantment to put every knowledge of this cave inside her which is beneficial for Long Lei.

After that she put down a pearl necklace around Long Lei's neck and disappeared from the cave.

The entire cave regained its silence once again.

Unknown to everything happening around her Long Lei was enjoying her deep slumber.


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