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Serendipitous Love
Author :roumania
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2 Cave

The command was heard and the entire group left like a wind as if no one was here a moment ago.

She heard his last words and knew that the leader was powerful.

After all she is just a weak girl and what was she thinking that she can hide here and no one will suspect. She should bless her lucky stars that the one who came here was not her enemy otherwise she would not even have her soul left after all this trauma.

Thunder and lightning continue their dazzling performance in the sky but her heart was cold because clearly now she understood her predicament.

She really has transmigrated here in this weird world.

WHY? She was not even dead in the first place then why her?

Long Lei this was the name that old hag was referring to her and it is clearly Chinese so why did she even understand this language has become a huge question mark?

She was not Chinese in the first place and her Chinese language is damn poor.

It might be because of the transmigration. After waiting for a long time she finally accepted that she really is here and injured on top of that.

She was from some prime minister's place but they want her dead according to old lady so going back is a big no.

The thunder in the sky has stopped and new sun was rising in the east as she slowly accepted her reality and thinking about various countermeasures that she will use here.

The main problem is that she is in a forest and no one is in the near vicinity so how will she ask any help is also a major problem.

" So rose you are now a chinese miss. Long Lei is your new name." she muttered to herself.

She looked up and noticed that she is still sitting on the base of tree house but it has a big hole in the centre. Bright light was coming from it and without noticing any abnormality she went under that light to peek inside.

Her curiosity can't wait any long now. This body is numb after the life and death experience and all the cold which she suffered during night was making the bright space quite enticing to her.

As soon as her first step was at the center of the light some mechanization activated and she fell down.

"ow! God damn. What fuck is this?" she cursed loudly but the light space closed again.

She looked around but was shocked to see that she is lying inside a huge cave filled with treasure.

Like she fell into a dragon lair , every part was shining like multiple bright sun.

Gold, gems , pearls and what not?

" Man ! am I rich? Or I am going to die again? So much treasure."

Her bright eyes were shinning just like them ignoring her battered condition she moved around as if she is injected with chicken blood.

Her eyes stopped at the three skeleton that were sitting in a lotus position in a triangle.

"damn. What is this? Three humans in this position. Is this a cultivation world that I entered. It must be."

She searched around and finally came near the three skeleton and found that something was written on the ground but due to the gold and dust it was covered.

She moved them away and then saw something written in chinese but to her shock she could read them as if it was simple English.

" One who comes here should be a female to inherit this palace otherwise the soul fire will burn you down."

Soul fire? What is that and why only females can inherit this? It is clear discrimination.

Whatever. Lets read it first.

"We three sisters were blessed with supreme power but due to excess greed and to rule over the world we killed our innocent fourth sister and her lover. Why we want that our inheritance should be acquired by a female is because of the hate to that male who orchestrated the play and trapped our sister and she in the end died in the hand of the three us. So if you are a male and trying to take this inheritance beware."

Wow. What a story?

"But what should I do to take this thing?" she murmured

As the words left her mouth a slight wind moved and an area opened to her left.

"The things you can inherit is based on your capability. I am the third sister of the trio and specialises in beast taming."

A sound vibrated inside the cave.

Beast taming. Shit man I don't want this who in their right mind will take this offer if she is scared because of the mere presence of animals.

But isn't she dead then how come she can speak with me?

"Human I can feel that your body is clearly without any spiritual qi but you still managed to find this cave and reach here I am surprised."

The voice vibrated again.

Surprise? What is there to be surprised? It was just falling in the cave and boom you are here and she sounds like I faced lightning tribulation just to come here.

Is she really a cultivator?

"senior what should I call you?" she asked the ghostly voice and again was surprised to hear fluent chinese coming out of her mouth.

"No need to know my name. Just answer my question. What is the difference b/w animals and humans?" asked the ghostly voice again.

"Difference, hmm, they are scary." She replied her true thoughts.

"what nonsense? Give me an exact answer not your feelings." Shouted the ghostly voice again.

"What do you want exactly? I mean what is so good and bad about them. Both have their pro's and con's."

"What? Pro's and con's human. Don't you think that they are more powerful than you and are much more innocent. Tell me otherwise I would not give you my inheritance." The female ghostly voice again condemned her.

"Oh please, who wants your shit inheritance? Were ot we talking about humans and beast then how come inheritance is here again in between beside you are not human right."

"I could clearly see that you hate humans so why would you even give your inheritance to me hmm. What is the catch?" she asked her clearly. All the respect she had for her was gone.

"So what if we are not human? Still you guys come to us in seek of power." She sneered.

"god damn narcissistic. What do you want from me?you are asking me for this stupid inheritance I don't want it. You hear me."

"How could you not want it? You will become a respectable figure and after my inheritance you will be powerful too."

After hearing the word powerful there was some spark in her heart and she decided to agree in her mind.

"you want answer so listen. Not all humans are bad and as for the beast they maybe innocent and all but still they have greed too just like humans. As I said earlier according to me both have their good and bad sides so I clearly can't praise beast for your happiness. I don't have any answer. Do whatever you want."


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