Serendipitous Love
1 Awakening
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Serendipitous Love
Author :roumania
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1 Awakening

"This trash is finally dead. Madam will be happy with our work." Whispered the guard eerily inside deadly silent night.

The sound of horses running coming towards came again but still they were not afraid as if it was nothing.

"Long Lei , I know we did wrong to you but you can only blame yourself for not being strong enough. We are mere servants in the prime minister's household. We can't defy the order of our master's. I hope you shall rest in peace. It is the only thing that this servant can do for you."

After that the old woman closed her eyes and prayed for the bloodied dead girl lying on the cold ground.

In the sky thunder and lightning rose again as if accepting the old woman's prayer.

The silent bloody girl was listening everything that was happening in her surrounding and could not make anything.

Who are these people?

Why is she here?

Who is Long Lei?

She knew she can't ask them so the best option was to play dead to them. After all life is what is most important to people. Curiosity can go to hell because clearly they are trying to kill her and she is not preferring to be some experimental mouse for them.

Her entire being was in hell. Every part on her body was hurting and the wet patch on her back is the clear conclusion that she has been stabbed behind her back but they were saying that it was ordered by someone so she can't blame them clearly right now.

After the praying and making sure that no one would find anything about this matter the group left the bloodied girl behind in the silent night. The girl patiently watched as they left and could not be seen by her.

She focused all the remaining strength in her body on her hands and moved . Somehow she succeeded after multiple tries and then went the other side the group left.

She was astonished to see that all around her were trees and large trees. It seems those fuckers left her in wilderness .

She was scared. Really scared at this time but still moved forward to the nearby covering. It look like there is something to rest. She carefully moved her body towards the bushes leaving no trace behind her.

She did not want to face any wild animals now when she needed serious treatment.

Arriving near the bush she could clearly see a tree house that was not visible in the huge covering from outside.

The horse hooves were coming near her at very fast pace which were miles apart earlier. She feared that those people came again to kill her. She controlled her breathing after sitting near the base of tree house so she could hide her presence. She was scared dammit.

Where am I?

I have never been to places like this. Oh ! god please help me. It is night and no one is here. What should I do?

She remembered that she was just writing a book and then suddenly she was tired and slept there on the table.

Poof! And then she is here . HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?

She questioned her sanity again and again but she still could not make it out clear.

During her rambling the horses step down to the place where she was lying when the earlier group was mercilessly killing her and then praying for soul.

What a joke? Such hypocrisy is laughable.

"Your highness there is so much blood. Could it be his?" asked a man to a slight taller man.

I could see that he is clearly the leader but who are they here for? He said his then it must be for some one else but I still need to be vigilant. It could be there trap to lure me out.

"Yu Gao are you stressed these days that you can't even differentiate things clearly." Replied the other masked man aka the leader.

Yu Gao! What an old name? just like in ancient fantasy or historical novels.

She froze on her stupid thinking. Historical , fantasy and ancient.

No. This is not possible in real life.

No. How is this possible?

Did I really transmigrate?

No, no. It can't be?

"It is just an assassin case of a child. See those patches it is clear that it is of a child precisely 10 or 12 not of an adult. This is not his blood."

He told his companion in a cheerful voice but his smile clearly was scary.

" Now get going or else the little rat might just die watching us here." Smirked the man looking at her side.


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