Revenge against the heavens
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Revenge against the heavens
Author :Monklee
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" Brother Li we will be arriving at the eastern auction house soon I suggest we find a spot before anyone else . " Ma Gang said unknowingly that Su Li has such a high influence inside the auction house .

Su Li smiled , " Brother Gang does not need to worry I have reserved us a comfortable spot prior , Ma Gang and Xia Rong were both startled . One has to know that for normal cultivators like them reserving a spot prior to the opening was not something they can get . " As expected from brother Li he never cease to amaze me " Xia Rong said . When they arrived a clerk escorted them with respects . The other people saw this and felt awe , not just towards Su Li's background but after they saw Xia Rong some men could not help but feel star struck .

Su Li and group was escorted to a VIP room on the 5th floor it was the highest level any cultivator can enter as the 6th floor and above contains the executive rooms and the items .

" esteemed guests If you wish to bid you only need to sound that bell once and the host will be notified" The clerk said . " Thank you very much " The clerk left after .

Xia Rong grabbed Su Li's arms " Brother Li how did you manage to get a VIP room only the sect master has such a privilege. "

" Well I did some things the past days and remember the pill I gave you and Ma Gang it will also be sold today with some beast cores I upgraded "

Xia Rong and Ma gang were surprised .

meanwhile several minutes later cultivators started arriving the 1st, 2nd and 3rd floor were packed with cultivators of all kinds . While the 4th and the 5th comprises of cultivators with an influential background .

Inside on of the rooms on the 5th floor a young man was sitting down he was Shao Xun young master of the Xun family and the brother of Gong Xun . He was speaking with an elder . " Shao Xun young master Gong was killed last night at his inn when I inspected the inn keeper he said that a young male who came from the cherry tree sect came by and demanded him to tell the young masters location "

" The cherry tree sect … what happened to the woman ? " Shao Xun said with a calm voice , he was also interested on Wang Zexi but he has his dignity . The elder man's eye's twitched " The bitch escaped with the young man I believe they must still be hiding inside this city ."

Shao Xun licked his lips " I will have to demand her back from Cao Min and see to it that this young man is killed . I will have fun with both Cao Min and Wang Zexi I heard that they are both beauties " .

The elder man also nodded" If master wishes I can ask Cao Min now to hand us Wang Zexi and for the young man I can find his wereabouts from the cherry tree sect I heard that he was wearing outer court uniform so they would easily be willing to hand him over . "

Shao Xun smiled " very well finish this up before the end of the auction I want to see the 3 of them kneeling before me ."

Finally the auction started , a bright light appeared on stage as the stage was filled with light a young woman appeared it was Cao Min wearing a seductive red dress .

Su Lin saw this and was stunned . " That brat "

" Welcome everyone to today's auction today we will have a lot more in store than the previous auctions I hope that we can make history " Cao Min shouted . " I would also wish to greet an esteemed guest " Cao Min pointed at Su Li's room direction .

The cultivators were paying close attention to Su Li's room .

" Brother Li do you know miss Min " Ma Gang asked , Xia Rong on the other hand had a smile on her face ." Brother how could you it's just been a few days " She teased . " This ... Cao Min I will teach you a lesson later ."

Finaly Cao Min brought out a sword which was emitting Qi . " This is a 3 star sword which our auction house bought from a great blacksmith with a name you mostly know Shao Zhong ."

" Shao Zhong the 4 star blackmist I can't believe this is his creation "

Cao Min smiled " The starting bid should not be lest than 100 spirit stones the buy out price is 300 spirit stones "

Su Li wasnt interested on such a sword , he's bare fist could act like a sword so he has no plans on wasting spirit stones on such an item . After Cao Min said the price , " 101 " a middle aged man said from the 1st floor .

"120 " another one said

after a few minutes a man at the 2nd floor was able to buy it at a price of 310 spirit stones .

Cao Min then showed a box with an ingredient the flower was emitting a chill Qi and it's blue color was alluring to the eyes. " This is the rare blue lotus flower it is meant for cultivators on the foundation establishment realm and above the starting price is 300 spirit stones . "

Su Li was startled " That is one of the ingredients I need ... " Xia Rong noticed him " Brother Li I can see that the flower is special does brother Li wish to attain it ? "Su Li simply nodded his head . " We shall wait before we make a move . "

Shao Xun on the other side was also interested " This flower will allow me to beat the other prodigal geniuses and leave them to dust " .

Shao Xun shouted " 500 "

The other cultivators were startled an increase of 200 was a largenumber but for shao Xun who belongs to the Xun family such money was insignificant . Su Li used his deity eyes " So this is the prodigal genius also that Gong Xun's brother ."

Shao Xun believed that no one in this place can challenge him . " 1000" suddenly he was startled he found out that another person was openly challnegin him . Shao Xun was angered even if 1000 was a small amount he would not be willing to waste such an amount on a mere flower . " 1500 " Shao Xun said .

" competing wealth with me ... " Su Li said Xia Rong and Ma Gang were startled by the amount . " 2000 " Su Li said it was a big slap to Shao Xun .

" brother Li " Xia Rong said .. " don't worry I have a enough "

Cao Min was startled she did not know if Su Li has the capability to afford such a high price but did not dare ask him to back down.

meanwhile inside shao Xun's room , he's face was turning red from anger that 500 spirit stones increase gave him a big slap to his face and if he doesn't return the favor he would loose some face for him and his family. " This arrogant fucker .. Elder what is that person's background " Shao Xun asked another elder besides him .

" I don't seem to know he is not someone I know of ." The elder said , Shao Xun was dissapointed

The elder gave him a sign " Do not push that much capital on a flower it will be to much of a loss " the elder reminded Shao Xun . Shao Xun can only give up " Elder I want you to kill that man afterwards . " The elder simply nodded his head .

" calling once sold congratulations estemmed guest " Cao Min said the flower was delivered to Su Li's room . A knock can be heard from outside Su Li's door " come in "

" estemmed guest this is the blue lotus flower " the woman handed it to him .Su Li handed the woman 2000 spirit stones . " This .. " The woman was startled because prior to this her mistress told her to give this for free as a token of friendship . " brother Li my ... "

" keep it I don't want to make your auction hall loose any money take it as my greetings to your mistres ." Su Li said .

Xia Rong and Ma Gang were both speechless they have never expected Su Li to be able to bring out such a tremendous amount of spirit stones like it was nothing . " Brother Li what will you do with this flower ? " Xia Rong asked

" well it will be usefull for a new pill I will concoct but I am still missing 2 more ingredients "

Several items went by , Su Li did not bother to buy any as all it seems to be useless . Finaly an item piqued his interest Cao Min revealed it as the sun's petal it looked like a petal but it was emitting a large amount of Qi . " another one of my ingredients ."

" The starting price is 500 , buy out is 2000 spirit stones "

" Brother Li is that the one of the missing two ingreidients ? " Ma Gang asked Xia Rong was also staring at the ingredient . Su Li nodded " indeed "

" 1000" Su Li shouted . Quickly the spectators were speechless . Shao Xun on the other side was also angered but after thinking of the ingredients falling on his hand after the auction he was happy and did not bother to fight with him . So in the end Su Li won the petal and paid the 1000 spirit stones .

Finaly it was time for his beast cores and pills to showcase .

" My dear cultivators the next two items are the most important items we have this day the first item are perfect beast cores " Cao Min said afterwards the crowd was speechless " Miss how much ! " some continued asking for the price while some asked for it's authencity .

" of course we had checked thir prior to selling it and it is indeed a perfect grade beast cores and their are 20 of them . The crowd were dumfounded

" the starting price for each one is 100 spirit stones "

" 120 ! " a cultivator said

" 140, no " 180 " the price continued rising .

meanwhile inside Su Li's room Xia Rong and Ma Gang were speechless " Brother Li are thos beast cores yours " Xia Rong asked ...

Su Li nodded his head " indeed we just have to wait for our reward "

meanwhile inside shao Xun's room he was startled and quickly called his father if he can get addtional funds . After his father learned of it even he was startled and quickly accepted .

" 300 " Shao Xun said , Su Li heard this and smiled " 500 ! "

Shao Xun was angered .. Meanwhile Cao min did not know wether to cry or laugh and continued to act with him ..

You ... " 700 "Shao Xun said. Su Li smiled " 999"

Shao Xun was angered to the point of no redemption " 1000 " Su Li smiled " I quit young master Xun is indeed rich "

Shao Xun won the core but felt angered having to waste 1000 spirit stones over one core . For the other 19 cores Shao Xun was able to attain 13 of them at a price of 1000 each and with the highest 1500 after Su Li's constant bid . While the other 7 was attained by other people on the 5th floor at a lower price . Xia Rong and Ma Gang could not help but laugh " brother Li is indeed wise " Ma Gang said . " I bet that person must be superbly angry right now .. " Xia Rong said

" Finally the last item on our agenda this item is of greater value than the previous beast cores , as this item can severly help one reach the next realm helpfull for people from the Qi gathering realm all the way to the disciple realm ."

" Is that true what a item ! " countless cultivators were filled with awe . Shao Xun was also spechless " fuck such an item must be expensive that brat on the other side has already made me loose a tremendous amount of money "

Cao Min revealed a box filled with 10 pills which was golden in color and emitting Qi .

Shao Xun was speechless and so was the other culivators. " impossible ! a golden pill "

meanwhile Su Li was smiling .. on another VIP room an older man was surprised to see the pill his hair was white and he has a long beard he's body was emitting a very strong Qi . " impossible how could such a pill exist I have to get it "

" The starting price is 10,000 spirit stones for the entire thing " Cao Min said .

" 11,000 " Shao Xun said ..Su Li was about to counter but a older man's voice shouted

" 15,000 young man I hope you can give me some face ." when the older man showed his face Shao Xun and the others were startled "Elder Chao ! " Shao Xun said this Elder Chao was a reknowned alchemist that even his father respects .

Su Li was startled by the old man . " This old man's cultivation has reached the master realm even if he is weaker than Shao Xun's father the old man's influence is a lot higher for he has been invited by the king . " If senior wishes then this junior can only leave ." Shao Xun said he does not dare offend such a character .

The old man was pleased and won the box containing 10 pills for 15,000 spirit stones .

Su Li asked Xia Rong and Ma Gang about the old man's identity ." Well that man is a 4 star alchemist that is invited by the king ."

" 4 star , I guess the highest alchemist in this place is only 4-6 " Su Li sighed

After the auction was over Su Li and Co. was invited to Cao Min's office . Meanwhile inside Shao Xun's room .

" Fuck " he kicked on of the chairs " I did not expect to loose such valuable item, and lost a great amont of money over this beast cores " .

the elder calmed him down " young master calm down we could not dare offend the old alchemist , but we have news relating to your earlier problems . elder Huan has found the identity of the young man from he's name is Su Li a outer court disciple of the cherry tree sect and he is also beleieved to have connections with Wang Zexi ."

Shao Xun smiled " good good that brat will regret killing my brother and making me loose face let's hurry up and ambush him . "

Back at Cao Min's office she was happy after the auction the profit was tremendous even for her . but when she saw Su Li coming in with Xia Rong she was stunned by Xia Rong's fairy like figure . " Cai Min this is Xia Rong my partner and Ma Gang my friend.

When Cao Min heard Su Li call Xia Rong his partner he naturally knew that she was his dao companion . " nice to meet you , I will now hand you your share "

Cao Min calculated the total amount . " We earned a total of 33'500 from your beast cores and pills deducting the 20% you gain 26'800 spirit stones " Cao Min handed out the 26'800 to him "

Su Li was impressed . " Thank you very much , and as a token of gratitude here's the pill I told you " Su Li handed her a pill . " This " Cao Min was delighted and took it .

Su Li stared at Cao Min " I hope that you can gather me a certain ingredient "

Cao Min looked at him "I could get you anything you want ."

Su Li told her the item ." This can be done for free as a token of my appreciation you can get it here tomorrow I shall get it ready ." Cao min said .

Su Li nodded his head " Then I will have to touble you . " Afterwards Su Li and co said their goodbyes . As they leave the auction house Su Li felt people watching him .

Shao Xun arrived with his 3 elders besides him , when Shao Xun saw Xiao Rong he was amazed and lust could be seen on his eyes . " little miss I could forgive you all if you start seving me ."

The other 3 elders also had lustfull intent after seeing Xia Rong " Young master you should not be greedy and share her with us ." one of the elder said " I can feel that she still has her yin inside her it will greatly benefit you " ..

Shao Xun was delighted . He then stared at Su Li " brat I will give you 3 seconds to leave or else you will die ."

Xia Rong did not bother with them instead looked at Su Li . " brother Li .." Xia Rong clearly knows of Shao Xun's status as a core disicple and one of the 4 prodigal geniuses . But Xia Rong was confident that Su Li can defeat him .

" stupid ... " Su Li said , Shao Xun and the other 3 elders were shocked " this moron is asking for death young master I alone am enough to deal with the likes of him ." Shao Xun nodded " very well quickly finish this up "

The elder released his Qi . " 7th stage of the diciple realm " Xia Rong and Ma Gang were both startled , but Su Li was calm after he reached the foundation establishment realm he was confident on killing cultivators on the Disciple realm an equally fighiting with cultivators on the warrior realm .

" brat die " The elder launched himself with a powefull speed he quickly arrived near Su Li . But suddenly The elder felt death as he's head was quickly sliced off . Shao Xun and the other 2 elders were shocked Xiao Ru and Ma Gang were speechless .

Shao Xun was terrified even he could not kill hie elder in one hit for he was evenly matched with them , but after experiencing the scence he was lost for words .

Su Li stared at the 3 figures his killing intent was released into the air making the two elders and Shao Xun terrified . Xia Rong and Ma Gang moved back they did not dare interfere , " You dare kill an elder of the Xun family you will regret this . " one of the elder said but the next moment he saw Su Li's figure dissapear he was scared to death as he looks around .

Slice... He's head was cut off and he's body fell to the ground. Shao Xun and the other elder prepared a talisman to flee . But would Su Li let them ?

Su Li quickly killed the other elder off with one hit . Shao Xun was left behind falling on his butt scared . " please don't kill me ...." he was stuttering...

Su Li stared at him " I don't like people lusting over my partner they will die no matter if they are god or buddah " Su Li said .

" I am a prodigal genius if you kill me not just my family will hunt you but my sect and the imperial city " Su Li stared at him " Like I said I don't care wether they be the king or not once they lust over my love one ..." Xia Rong blushed . Su Li continued " they will die " Su Li sliced Shao Xun's head off .

Xia Rong and Ma Gang approached Su Li " brother you are capable of killing a prodigal genius your talent has reached the heavens ." Ma Gang said ."don't mention it I will naturaly make you the leader of this so called prodigal genius and eventually the king once me and Xia Rong leaves ."

Xia Rong blushed " Brother Li we must go and burn this brats body " Su Li took Shao Xun's ring and the other elders and burned their bodies . " I have accumulated 26'800 from the auction house , my 13 beast cores and some weapons and another 30'000 from Shao Xun and the elders all together " .

Su Li and co headed back to their sect . Xia Rong gave Su Li a kiss and headed back to her room to cultivate the other pill . While Ma Gang was given a sword to train on .
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    《Revenge against the heavens》