Predestined Love
7 Chapter Five
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Predestined Love
Author :Toxic_Lover
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7 Chapter Five

Kalia's POV

It was around 1 pm when she had woken up after a long night of drinking it was the one year anniversary of the day she should have gotten married but here she was alone and single with a splitting headache she needed some Advil so she rose to go to the kitchen to get some and some water. She padded into the kitchen regretting the past 24 hours as she remembered last night she felt like how she had spent her life in the last year had proved to herself that she was a mess with Sam after all she had loved him with all of her heart but he went and cheated on the wedding day with her best friend.

She still remembered the look on their faces when she walked in on them his face was of shock and regret somehow mixed together and hers a mixture of triumph and glee her own best feeling felt triumph in the fact she had ruined her life and her relationship of 5 years. But she was better off without them both she was happier now or so she told herself but she knew in her heart she was depressed.

"Kalia, KAILA", she dropped her glass in utter shock

"Mom, wh-what how did you get in here", Kaila looked at her mom as if she has grown another head or four.

"Through the door Hun like a normal person, and close your mouth you are a young, not a fish"

"Sorry mom, so what can I do for you?", Kaila really loved her mom she wasn't like an evil witch in Kalia's eyes she was like a fairy godmother when Kalia's dad died her mom raised her all by herself and she ran the family business by herself for 8 years but about 2 years ago Kalia took it over to give her mother a break.

"Well, baby we both know you don't have a good track record when it comes to marriage but you have to give it a second try you will have to marry Jayden Ren", Marriage. Kalia never thought she would ever have to go through that farce ever again in the face she would rather it be just her mother and her alone.

"Why Mom? I can't go through that again"

"I know baby but you have to you, see this marriage was arranged years ago by your father and his grandmother it was a way for him to make sure you were safe when he couldn't protect you.

"Dad? he did this ", Kalia was dumbfounded but it sounded like something he would do he was always helping her even when she hadn't asked for it. And now even from the grave he was protecting her so because of her love for him she would at least meet the guy but she didn't say she would like it.

"Okay Mom, when am I meeting him next week or next month?"

"How about in a little over an hour?"

"An hour mom are you being serious you could have given me at least a few days warning"

"Well i thought you wouldn't be able to say no if i told you the day of", well she wasn't wrong if she had been told a few days in advance she wold have said no instantly.

"Where am I meeting him?"

"Drunkard's Inn", okay that was about 10 minutes from her apartment so she had time to have a long bath and contemplate her decisions.

"Okay I'll be there now can you leave so can get ready"

"Okay okay I'll leave you to get dolled up"

"Urgh! mom no one says that anymore and can you please shut the door on your way out?, Thank You"


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