Predestined Love
6 Chapter Four
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Predestined Love
Author :Toxic_Lover
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6 Chapter Four

"Yeah, of course, I remember", even if he tried to forget Maria is a constant reminder, not that he was complaining, she was a very cute reminder at four years old.

"Good, because today is the day you two meet for the first time ", Jayden was hoping this day was never going to come because he would much rather be able to be single and free. But maybe it would be best to get married so the media would stop question his sexuality. But to be honest he couldn't blame them as he hadn't been seen would anyone of the opposite sex other than Maria in 2 years and this wasn't because he was gay it was because he generally hated all women or anyone who wore those disgustingly sweet perfumes.

One time he had fired his secretary as she was always smelling of disgusting perfume so he decided to hire a male secretary and be around males so now you can see where the rumours came from. But what if he got married to this woman and she smells foul what was he supposed to do live at separate ends of the house and expect her to stay away from him. Anyway, we will get to that when we got to that.

"Do I have to meet her?"

"Yes, you promised your grandmother"

"Okay, when and where am I meeting her?"

"Today at 3pm at the Drunkard's Inn"

"Fine, I am on my way", before Mark could even give a response Jayden had already dropped the call.

"Kalia Quinn huh soon we will meet", Jayden had been fingering the picture his grandmother had given him 2 years ago. he wasn't sure why he always carried the picture but for some reason he did. It brought him comfort for some unknown reason.

Jayden got up off of his desk chair he strolled out of his office as he was about to pass his secretary's desk he was stopped.

"Where are you going Sir", If this was another day Jayden would have fired his secretary for asking personal questions but he was meeting Kalia so he was a bit calmer.

"Out", he opted for a short answer so time would not be wasted and with that, he left his company using his private elevator.

As Jayden began his walk to the bar he asked himself if she would be expecting something maybe some flowers or chocolate he has never really gone on a sate so he had no idea what a woman would want or expect on a date and also its the first time they have met so she must be expecting something.

He decided to get her flowers in the notebook his grandmother had given him said her favourite flowers are hydrangeas but what if she doesn't like them anymore, it has been two years since the book was updated like what if she hates flowers now maybe she is not as feminine as before.....wait a minute why was he acting like a little boy they were just flowers its not like he was picking out an engagement ring. What if she was one of those gaudy types who like jewellery and bling then he would not even be able to look at her.

He decided then and there inside that little flower shop across from the bar he would buy her the biggest bouquet of hydrangeas because he felt she would welcome the bit of femininity in her life or maybe he was overcompensating a bouquet of flowers but if she was anything like notebook said she would love them.


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