Predestined Love
5 Chapter Three
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Predestined Love
Author :Toxic_Lover
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5 Chapter Three

"Hush, boy I may be old but I am not deaf"


"Now as I was saying Maria Ren is your adopted sister, she was adopted from your father's old business partner. Her father passed away about two years ago so I adopted her. Since I can no longer take care of her, you have to"

"Okay, grandmother how old is she?"

"She is about 2 years of age, wait a minute, Ron", Lady Ren calls out for the Head Butler

Head Butler Ron comes into the room

"Yes, Ma'am?"

"Please bring Maria to me"

"Yes Ma'am"

Ron comes back into the room with a sleeping baby. In Jayden's mind he is thinking, how will he take care of this baby? He was never really a playboy so nothing would change in his romantic life but still how would this baby fit into his work life even as it is he was never really at home due to long hours spent at the office but nonetheless he would make time for her and raise her the same way his grandmother raised him, with love and affection.

Ron passes Maria to Lady Ren

"Here, Ma'am"

"Thank you Ron, you may leave"

As Ron exits the room, Lady Ren turns to Jayden who seems to be lost in thought

"Jayden, Jayden um Jayden can you here me?"

"Yes, Grandmother I'm sorry", Jayden snaps out of his trance after he hears his name being called

"She is asleep right now but she is usually very lively, but I guess everyone needs rest every now and then, and getting her to sleep will be very tricky at fist but you will soon get the hand of it", Lady Ren chuckles very low

As Jayden looks at the baby his Grandmother has in her arms he vows to give her everything she could ever want but not to spoil her, to be there for her when she needs him and to be her rock when she feels sad or alone.

"Would you like to hold her", his grandmother asks him but he has no words so he just nods

In his mind, Jayden thinks Maria is very cute even when she is asleep and he wonders how cute she will be when she wakes up, he wonders what her laugh sounds like and he wonders if he will be good enough for her.

"Okay, Ron will give you her things and you will need a car seat also I'll give you a list of wet nurses if you need it and a list of paediatricians just in case also....... "

Jayden had zoned out during the middle of his grandmothers spiel as he was too busy staring at Maria's big blue eyes which were open as she had just woken up, just staring (but not in a creepy way).

"Jayden, if you zone out again while I am speaking I will hit you with my slipper", his grandmother said exasperatedly

"Sorry", Jayden mumbled

"As I was saying in the notebook you will find some pictures and information about the woman you are going to marry, Kalia Quinn"

Jayden was quick to snap out of yet another trance as soon as he heard the word marry

"I'm sorry grandmother but did you say marry?"

"Why yes, of course I did. It is no secret that you have an inactive love life, so since you won't make an effort to find a woman so you can prolong the Ren family name I have taken the liberty to find one for you and you will marry her in five years. Please no ifs, ands or buts, after all it is the second part of my dying wish", Lady Ren finishes with a wide grin

Jayden after being left speechless by his grandmother is slack jawed



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