Predestined Love
3 Chapter One
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Predestined Love
Author :Toxic_Lover
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3 Chapter One

"Mr.Ren", a nervous assistant walks into a large dark office, afraid to upset his boss, Jayden Ren looks up from his documents with an indifferent expression and cold, dark eyes, somehow making his distinct model like features stand out.

"Sir, Mr.Peters is on the phone and would like to speak with you. He says it is urgent",  Jayden stares at his assistant for at least a minute, as the assistant starts to tremble, Jayden holds out his hand and grunts very low, his assistant then shakily hands the phone to him and scuttles out of the office, Jayden gingerly hold the phone up to his ear.

"What?", Jayden says in a monotonous voice

"Jayden, you bastard, we haven't spoken in  two years and all you can say is WHAT, oh how you break my oh so fragile heart"

Jayden's oldest friend, Mark Peters pretends to sob on the phone, Jayden's dark, cold eyes regain so warm light when he hears his best friend's voice.

"How can I help you Mr.Peters?"

"Mr.Peters!?!, after almost 27 years of friendship, you should call my by my first name, Mark,  and I'm doing just fine"

"Good, I'm glad now what do you want"

"Hm, well it has been 5 years since your grandmother, Lady Ren, passed away, do you still remember her dying wish"


A 22 year old Jayden had just ended his 3 hour video conference and was heading up to his room to have a shower, when he receives a call from Old Family Mansion.

"Hello?", Jayden asks in a gruff, exhausted voice

"Good Evening, Young Master Jayden, this Head Butler Ron speaking , your grandmother would like to see you"

"Can she not wait until I wake up tomorrow?"

"No Young Master, I am afraid your grandmother is on her deathbed and the doctors are saying the probability of Lady Ren surviving the night is not likely, please Young Master, she is asking for you"

To Be Continued


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