Predestined Love
3 My What!??!
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Predestined Love
Author :Toxic_Lover
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3 My What!??!

"Um okay give me 10 minutes, I am on my way, please inform her"

"Of course, Young Master, right away"

Ren walks over to his garage, choosing the Range Rover. On the 10 minute drive to his grandmother's villa, Ren thought about the past, when he was younger he grew up in a happy home with his parents and little brother, Kou, but when his little brother got sick his parents were in the way to the hospital to look after his brother, they were killed in a car accident and his brother also coincidentally went missing, he was taken in by his grandmother and was trained to take over the company one day. But also realised with endless love. He imagined a small coffin being lowered into a dug out grave and his face instantly darkened and he became angered at God for taking away his family.

As Ren arrived at the Old Su Residence, he jumps out of his car, not even remembering to turn off the car, he stumbles up the countless, large, marble steps not even bothering to look where he was placing his feet, he kicks open the door causing the old Butler to almost faint from shock, he runs up the staircase to his dearest grandmother's bedroom.

Ren as he pants and sweats, bursts through the doors

"Grandmother(pants), I am here"

"Oh Ren, you got here so fast", a pale, cute old woman, smiles up at him with the most beautiful smile.

"Yes, Grandmother, I came as soon as Butler Kai called me"

"Don't be in such as a rush, my sweet boy it is not like I am dying, oh wait I am", laughs a melodic laugh that could brighten any room.

"Grandmother, don't laugh at a time like this", Ren frowns in his heart, but feigns[1] a smile for his grandmother to put her at ease

"It's better to leave the world with a smile on my face don't you think, anyhoo, now that you are here I have some requests, dying wishes for lack of a better phrase. Go over to the top drawer in my desk and bring out the book and brown envelope"

Ren walks over to the desk, as he would do anything for this woman. He retrieves the little notebook and the envelope and walk back over to his grandmother's bed and pours the items on her lap gently.

"Now prop me up, (Ren looks at her with worry) I said prop me up boy,now in this envelope, you will find some adoption documents and the birth certificate of your adopted sister, Su Maria"

"My What!??!"


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