Mystery Village
7 Chapter 7
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Mystery Village
Author :Shey_Saints
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7 Chapter 7

The seven Grim Reapers mourned with much regret. They would have had puffy eyes and red nose over their snow-white pale skin, if only they were alive. The flashback had left them speechless, shocked, and grief-stricken, that everyone had been silent for a while.

Joony broke the silence. "I know it's too late, but we are sorry…truly sorry for what happened, Mrs. Mendoza. We have no idea how to move on from here. I believe, we deserve to be punished for what we have done to your son, and for what we have done to ourselves."

"It was because of me. You wouldn't have left…" Jeon's voice trailed off. "This wouldn't have happened if I wasn't sick that day." He covered his face. Instantaneously, the Grim Reapers stood up and gathered beside Jeon to comfort him. Jimmy held the hands covering his face and helped him up to hug him. The rest of his brothers smothered him with their embrace.

"We were all stupid moronic dumb imbeciles with stupid moronic dumb actions. We won't have another shot to redeem ourselves, but let's just keep on repenting together until Tannie forgives us for our stupidity." Yoon said, his voice hoarse but sincere.

"I forgive you."

Goosebumps appeared on their pale white skin when an unexpected voice from Tannie reverberated the room. They instantly felt his presence across Mrs. Mendoza.

"My baby!" Mrs. Mendoza was full of joy upon seeing his son's form materialize in front of her. Tannie glowed with silver lighting illuminating from his skin. She rose from her chair and hugged him tightly. "My baby, Tannie, I missed you so much."

"I've always been here with you, mama." He responded. "I never left you. But today, I am leaving you under Santiago's protection. "Will you take care of my mother for me please?"

Santiago instantly nodded. "Yes. Yes, of course." He felt like he was about to faint, but he held himself together. He didn't want another humiliating experience in front of Maria, who was supposed to be normal enough to be scared of a ghost's presence in the room, except she wasn't. There was no hint of shock in her face, and that concerned him. He thought, this girl is not normal at all.

Tannie beaconed for the seven Grim Reapers to follow them outside, and they all did, including Mrs. Mendoza, Santiago, and Maria. The sun's upper limb broke the horizon, and the sunlight started to disperse in the atmosphere; it was the break of dawn. The seven Grim Reapers surrounded Tannie. "Joony, Jinny, Yoon, Faith, Jimmy, TaeTae, Jeon." They all smiled at Tannie who looked at each of them, as he called out their names. "Joony, Jinny, Yoon, Faith, Jimmy, TaeTae, Jeon." They all looked at each other and let out a silent sigh of relief. Then, Tannie recited their names for the third time. "Joony, Jinny, Yoon, Faith, Jimmy, TaeTae, Jeon. Let's see each other in our next life." He smiled.

Santiago couldn't believe his eyes with the next thing that happened; big black wings grew from the seven Grim Reapers, then they stepped back from Tannie and started flapping their wings. As if the sight of seven Grim Reapers who turned out to be fallen angels weren't enough, light shone from Maria's skin, and the next thing he knew, huge white wings were flapping beside him.

Maria gave Santiago and Mrs. Mendoza a nod, then approached the seven Grim Reapers with a smile on her face. They were all flabbergasted, including Tannie. "I'll guide you to your next path and help you throughout the reincarnation process." Maria said, then turned to Tannie. "And you, little boy, will come with me to where you belong." She gave out a sweet smile.

Jeon was in awe. "Maria, you can speak?"

"Really, Jeon? A human turn into an angel with enormous white wings and that's the only thing you noticed? Are you kidding me?" Yoon commented with an annoyed look on his face.

They all laughed and waved goodbye at Mrs. Mendoza and Santiago. Maria's right wing carried Tannie and they flew away. The seven Grim Reapers flapped their wings and followed Maria. Mrs. Mendoza's face was full of joy as she watched her son in the arms of a beautiful angel, but Santiago's puzzled face was still. "Are you alright, dear?"

Santiago fainted.

The end.


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