Midlorin: Change of Heart
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Midlorin: Change of Heart
Author :yash_mundhva
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Somewhere on Midlorin, Kenji, Cris and Osayas are following the flying sword. "It is the pirate's sword. I suppose, he is near," said Cris.

"I can feel the smell of blood. Maybe he is ready to fight with us," said Kenji.

"I am waiting for this moment," said Cris. Some kind of crazy smile comes on his face. He is moving faster.

After put the stone of black rock, the Shadow Ocean's all parts are changing. The invisible force field is formed. It is the third layer of defense system.

Kenji and all are at the boundary of Shadow Ocean. Mysteriously, the flying sword disappears, and they change in statue. That was sudden and mysterious. The user of flying sword isn't happy after lost the presence of his sword. "Shadow Ocean, I will destroy it. I will kill you rock warrior", said flying sword user. With this line, he starts his journey to find the person who created force field and the rock warrior.

At Bri,

"Seven different planets, it is amazing," said Bailen.

"Yeah, this thing is really amazing. Who are you? Why are you in spirit form? And how do you know this," said Uidon.

The soul turns in his real form. He smiles and says, "My name is Ester. I am an elf from early era. I have seen Midlorin from my starting days. It is not spirit form little dwarf. Even I don't know what it is,"

"Are you grand elves?" Uidon asked.

"Maybe," said Ester.

Bailen interrupts, "Carry on, I want to know what was happened."

"Okay, then hear," said Ester. "All planets are having different species. And it was growing with time. Early days, only few people were alive."

"Yeah, we know that, there were 6 people in early time," said Uidon.

"Well, everyone knows 6 persons, but it isn't truth. I met one more person on Midlorin in early time. My elf eye can see him," said Ester.

"You know that time, how?" Uidon asked.

"Everything is inside myself which was told me whole story. My imagination is wide. And It helps me to understand the fact of this world," said Ester.

"I suppose, you are part of those 6 people," said Uidon.

"Maybe," said Ester.

"I am glad to see you, 'first elf'," said Uidon.

"Uidon is that true!" said Bailen.

"Yeah, he is the first elf. I knew it from starting, but I was not sure," said Uidon.

Ester smiles and they understand that he is the first elf. Then they move to the centre of the open library. Ester shows something to Bailen and Uidon in magic ball. It is the vision which is about time and space.

Other side at ship, Wardan and Glowrin are near to reach Eldorin. They see something. It is like the big circular rock in the centre, and the groups of meteors are rotating around it.

"Is that Eldorin planet?" Glowrin asked.

"Maybe it is. But I can't say clearly," said Ligion.

"Alright," said Glowrin.

"The ship is moving toward it, so it can be Eldorin," said Wardan.

"Maybe, but I can't say clearly. All we can do is waiting," said Ligion.

Glowrin and Wardan agree with Ligion. They are watching the space with the artificial eyes. The glass is around their eyes.

"(After sometimes) it is my first time in the outer space. It is really great experience. Many magical things are here. I wish, I will watch everything," said Ligion.

"We wish too," said Wardan. "By the way, why did you leave the Midlorin?"

"I am here for a mission," said Ligion.

"What kind of mission?" Wardan asked.

"Planetary mission, nothing serious," Ligion answered.

"Oh, then you will go back to Midlorin, right?" Wardan asked.

"Well, I can go, if I will alive. Cause living in space is different than planets. I can survive until; I can't finish my mission. Maybe I will die, who knows," said Ligion.

"So your life is precious for them," said Wardan.

"I hope so," said Ligion.

They keep watching the sky. The black surrounding is about change in the violet. The tiny world is near. Ligion wears his jacket and just in the space. The boosters are fitted on jacket. He can move with it. Glowrin and Wardan are watching him from a window.

At Whalegrown,

"How many participants will come?" Weardand asked.

"Until now, 13 nations were sent letter. They will join us. I don't know about others," said Spicman.

"Good," said Weardand. "Have you decided anything for winner?"

"Well, I am thinking about to give historical weapon to the winner," said Spicman.

"What kind of Weapon?" Weardand asked.

"You will see it," said Spicman. "Second thing, many mysterious warriors will come. They can be good or evil. We have to prepare for them."

Weardand isn't worried. He says, "Don't worry, I sent letter to Agserio and Monki. They will come here in short time."

"What about Porun? Didn't you send the invitation to him?" Spicman asked.

"Porun, I don't know where he is gone. He was told me that he is going to find his nightmare. I don't know what he is talking about. I can't predict anything, because I don't know his past. So he will not join us," said Weardand.

"Orian, what about him?" Spicman asked.

"I can't feel his presence. He left Midlorin too," said Weardand

"Okay," said Spicman. He is going to say something. But Weardand interrupts him. He says, "Don't ask about Yuzin. He is on a mission."

Spicman laughs. He says, "Nah, I was going to ask about enemies. Did you send any spy to watch their activity?"

"Don't worry," said Weardand with decent smile.

Then Spicman and Weardand go to watch the preparation. They reach to arena and see everything. After see the preparation, they go back in room, and designing about tournament's criteria and rules. Other side, Yuzin gets some clues about his demon and invisible aura. He leaves Midlorin and going to another planet.

At Eldorin planet,

"Finally we reached here," said Wardan.

"Ha, ha, so now where can we go?" Glowrin asked.

"Umm, this place is new for us. First, we have to find a place for rest. Then we will decide about where to go," said Wardan.

"Alright," said Glowrin. They walk forward to find a place for their living. And Ligion is travelling in space.

Elvendor is full of good and evil elves. The elves were divided in eleven parts. The two parts are in Midlorin, and remaining parts are in different world in same universe.

At Sian, finally Tharius wakes up. Zin sees it. He is going to use his conch to call Loki.

"It is worthless to call Loki. He is so strong. I will not able to win," said Tharius.

"Well, I know it from the starting. I was thinking about to stop you, but he was told me that he won't kill you. So I was enjoying the show," said Zin. "Now you have to go Dwarendour. Loki was told me that Dwarendour has last dwarves' army. They are bigger than elephants. They can help us. They have good skills and stamina and power."

"Okay, I am going to my home. I will back with them," said Tharius. He smiles and leaves the Sian.

Other side, Ron and Xela reach to Liveron Mountain. The place is empty. The evil armies are gone. The place of Dragon riders was destroyed.

"Where is he?" Ron asked.

"I was here when he took the black dragon. They were cheated me. They were told me that I am part of their team, and then Volcus came and attacked on me without a warning. There were three more dragons. Soron, Veron and Marus are rider of them," said Xela.

"Alright, we will take our things. Now come with me," said Ron.

(After sometimes) "Master!! Is it our fort," Xela asked.

"Yah, let's go in," said Ron.

They move inside. A watch dog comes. He knows Ron, so he let him go. The dog is bigger in size and smarter in brain. He is from another dimension. And his sensing power is better than Greezland creature.

They reach to a hidden room. Some kind of magic is on the wall which is helping the hidden thing to be hidden. That magic was made by ancestor of Ron. Cause of same blood Ron can entre in the room. So he goes in and takes his past things. He takes his two ancient eyes and goes outside the room.

"What we will do," Xela asked. She sees Ron in his armor. The king's sword is in his hand. And his eyes are shining.

"Time to get back the pride of Liveron Mountains," said Ron. He uses his eyes' power and gets the location of black dragon. He understands that his dragon is somewhere in Indrov jungle.

"The dragon is in Indrov jungle. Let's prepare for a war with them," said Ron.

"But master, we are only two. Where are the warriors of Liveron," said Xela.

"They died, we have to fight alone," said Ron.

"How they were died," Xela asked,

"Umm, in the past our place was in bad condition. Flu was covered the entire nation. And it killed the mountain's men and women. Also some kind of natural effect was killed my family. I don't know how I am alive. It's time to know the reason, but first, let's win the dragon," said Ron.

"We need army. Let's find the help,' said Xela.

Ron thinks about her words. He agrees to find the army. Then suddenly a thought strikes in his mind. He says, "Wait; find the contract paper of lost kingdom. Only they can help us. We were helped them many time. They promised us. The king of Bragrin will not show his back to his family." With this line, they go to find the contract papers.

At Bri, Ester is telling them about early era.

"In the seven people, first was Angel. The angel had one body two souls, one soul was belonged to male and another was from female. One side was evil and another one was brave, but still evil. Those sides had good nature, but it was turned in bad. The angle had three bad habits, and it is her envious and Greedy behavior. Also she was having big anger. Engle left when the terror was started. Maybe the female side was the reason. Or maybe male side was more evil. I don't know.

Second was Demon. You know, the beast was met the most dangerous person. That person was killed five kids of Demon, and threw him in end of everything. I have good sense that is why, I can see everything. We all came together. Everyone had different abilities and skills. We were known as first generation of Midlorin. Demon was mysterious. So I don't know more about him.

The third was human. He was killed by that dangerous person too. He was most intelligent person of my time. But his limitation was his kind nature. Because of that, he killed by that dangerous person.

Fourth and fifth were two lady wizards. Both are so beautiful at the same time powerful. One wizard was falling in Demon while other was falling in love with human. That is why demon and human were treated badly by that person.

The first lady was gave ten kids which are known as Hell kings. Nothing special about them, or maybe because of my limitation, I can't predict them.

The second lady wizard gave six kids. Most interesting things are her first two kids. They didn't have wizard's power. But with practice one is getting. And you know him as Weardand.

The bigger brother of Weardand was living with Hedrit. The hedrit was come naturally. First human's cells were divided in three different parts. One was pureblood humans, second was hedrits and third was natural dwarf. The natural dwarfs are smaller in size. But with time, I was changed them bigger in size.

Second lady's another four kids were come when all trouble was started. They were powerful. After finishing of their goals, they went to Ommin, and Living their peaceful life.

Sixth one is me, the Ester or all know me as elf. I did many experiments and made species. My many creations were killed and manipulated by the lady first wizard. And reason was the Human slayer. He was controlling the second lady wizard, and still he is controlling her. Because of Old guardian, my some of creation is alive.

In Early time, mysteriously we got kids. I am trying to found the reason. Maybe it is hidden in nature. One day I will know.

The last one is most dangerous person. He is better than me and all. He has great physical and mental strength. He can control all the auras, but not light. We all six are positive side and he is a negative side.

If anyone has too much regretful, envies, laziest, angry, proud, lie, lust, afraid from anything and insulting behaviors then they all live in death zone after the death. They will get another life to solve their problems. Without balance, the person will not get place in soul word. The balance is dependent on Karma," said Ester.

"I feel amaze to know these all stuff," Bailen interrupts.

"Well, our universe was made from two things. One is technical term and another one is spiritual term. Our body is technical term and our soul is spiritual term. We made by these two things. If we control any of these, then we can be immortal. The body was given by light and life given by auras, and the space is ruler. If we can't able to happy our own selves then we can get big punishment in hell of universe. We can't obey this fact. We have to carry our own self and walk on chosen path. Otherwise our existence will lose from an emptiness or pain. And this is the golden rule of life," Ester said. They keep watching the vision from eyes of Ester.

In whalegrown, the army tournament will start. The preparations are done. The weapons are forged and rules are made. The people are ready to show how strong they are. There are 13 armies reach there. They are faith in their determination. They all come to win the price. But the winner can be one.

The Whalegrowions welcome the warriors' from other nations. They treat them as brothers. The way is clear to go in arenas. Weardand is waiting there to meet the participants.

(After some times) "All armies, I am happy to see you. We are welcoming you all with our good wishes. The tournament is the best way to show your ability. I know everyone has different skills and talents. And I am happy to tell you that all the warriors will get something according to their glory. The Whalegrowions will guide you, if you want. Don't dare to betray us. The punishment is pure death. (A silence covers the face of warriors. Then a smile on their face; and Weardand gets his answer.) Alright, follow me; I will show you the rest room," said Weardand.

The armies are following him, in discipline. There are 13 armies, and they live in 13 different rooms. Hundred men in a team from a single nation are come.

First army is LigromasV. They come first. They are already in room. And the remaining armies are Threonessis, Infinity Wann, Thread Wann, Elvenone, Metzor WI, Naizerin, Isonati WI, Trigonon, Horren Hreg, Hidden Wann, Elvendor and Murgundabad.

All the men reach to their room. They are making strategy. Some different Weapons are in the room. The Warriors go to choose it. In the middle of night, the different voices like crashing of two swords are coming from the room where LigromasV and Murgundabad's warriors are resting. The warriors are checking each other's ability. The other nations' warriors are sleeping. They think that next day, they all have to do struggle to get title of best nation.

Whole night the voices were coming. Without sleep they fought. Morning starts, all warriors wash their self and finish their meal. They are sited in their room and discussing about weapons, then suddenly the voice of conch is come. They understand that it's time to go.

They go to ground where Weardand is waiting. Their face is fully determined to win. But not only determination will help them, they need skills and powers too.

"Good to see you all," Weardand said. "I hope, you all are stronger enough to save yourself. The tournament's purpose is to define levels of armies. So killing isn't allowed.

There are three levels high, medium and low. These levels will define by your win rate and helping skills. Cause in war, saving people and wining in battle are necessary. Many times in war, strong armies were lost. It was happened because of mistakes and less communications between the warriors. Remember one thing, only strength will not help to win this tournament. Now the king 'Spicman' will tell you everything about this tournament."

Spicman moves forward from his throne, and says, "Everyone, I am glad to welcome you all in Whalegrown. My name is Spicman, and I'm king of this nation. We organize this tournament is to define the strongest warriors' army. And they will be new hope for Midlorin. I assume that all are having techniques. (Everyone show their respect to the king. Spicman is happy to see their attitude.)

Alright, so the tournament will run in 10 different parts. Winners will decide by their performance and winning rate. First part is about sword men. All the nations will collect their sword men and send to the arenas.

Second part is arrow thrower. Third part is spear user. Fourth part is axe user. Fifth part is ball thrower, sixth is horse riding skill. Seventh is leader's group. In leader battle, the leader will chose his favorite weapon and fight. Eighth part is air fighter. Ninth part is water fighter and in the tenth part skill less warriors will fight.

You all are hundred from the single nation. So divide in ten groups and go to the arena. No killing is the golden rule. If anyone will down on their leg, then he will kick out from the tournament. Now go to the arena and start your preparation. This round will finish before tonight. Good luck!!"

The warriors decide their team. They divide in equal part and go to the arena, ten men in each part. There are ten different block in the single arena. The kings of all 13 nations are come. They sit in the arena to see the performance.

The warriors reach to the arena. The symbol is fitted on the top of block, so they know where to go. All the warriors take their place. The arena is bigger than it looks. Somewhere at corner, there's a guardian. He shots the hammer on bell. With gong, the battle starts.

The battle is intense. They are fighting for their pride and title. Some of them are greedy, while some are mysterious. But mysterious are also greedy. Everyone's main target is to become part of strong army. But not everyone can win.

The day ends. Not only the day end; the opportunity of some nations is gone. Some face of warriors is full of joy while some are having regrets and blood. Luckily no one is died. But many are injured. Kings are happy. The performance from all the nations was good enough, but winner of single round is one. And it is the truth.

Spicman moves forward with list of winners. He says, "All nations are fought well. But winner is only one. I am going to tell the winner of the ten different part of the first round.

Sword fight is won by Isonati WI's Banders.

Arrow throwing is won by Elvenone's Elves.

Spear fight is won by Infinite Wann's Deiman.

Axe fight is won by Thread Wann's Valkyrie.

Ball throwing fight is won by Rainorids of LigromasV.

Horse ride and fight is won by Murgundabad's Mon-drovs.

Leader battle is won by Whalegrown's Black knight and street fighters.

Air fight is won by Hidden Wann.

Underwater battle is won by Naizerin's Alphicians.

The last battle is won by Horren Hreg.

And there are four nations which have to out from this round. Their names are Elvendor, Metzor WI, Trigonon and Threonessis. Thank you everyone." Then Spicman move back to his throne and sit.

"Good work everyone, you all warriors are good in your field. But winners are better. They have good coordination and skills to win the round.

Loser team can go to their home and work hard for next time. They can carry their used swords as memory. This tournament will happen once in 3 years. So prepare well.

Winners you may go to your rest room. Information about other round will give you tomorrow morning. Now enjoy your glory," said Weardand.

All the winning nations go in their room. Other side, the ten warriors are doing their train with Yurshian. They are far from Middlear to find emblem of whalegrown.

At Death Zone,

"Namron," said Hurriorsis. "Why you did that to Midlorin? We did nothing to you. You killed many innocents, you cursed many place and took many precious thing without permission. You will have to pay for it."

Namron Laughs, then he says, "I am death of everyone. No can stop me. I took everything which is mine. I did nothing wrong. But he did." The evil smile is on his face.

"Are you really happy after killed those peoples?" Hurriorsis asked.

"Haahha, taking worthless lives is my goal. It gives me strength. And I will not stop. Remember, the pain is me, the karma is me, the future is me and the death will happen by me. You can't stop the fate which is ruling over you because of my order. I am not king or god, I am beyond," Namron said.

"Why do you act like this? As I know, you were the small kid who was run to meet your uncle to know how to play the ball game. I wonder that you have changed because of her desire," said Hurriorsis.

"Well, this Midlorin was only gave me the pain. I already forgot the past, don't dare to remind me. I am the strongest wizard now. You can't play with my mind without my knowledge," said Namron.

"Tell me, why did you go to Shadow Mountain? Who makes you to go there?" Hurriorsis asked.

"You don't need to know why I was gone there. But the thing which I can tell you is, the Shadow Mountain is best place. I got many things. I understood the fact of pain and happiness. I know the life and death's rule after gone there. I won't betray to him. I will be the man who he wants to be," said Namron.

"Who he was," Hurriorsis asked.

"The ruler of different dimension, and you all know him as Angel," said Namron.

"Could angel manipulate your thinking?" Hurriorsis asked.

"Angels aren't bed. They weren't strong to manipulate me. No one was capable to manipulate me. They were showed me the future. I changed my self to save my world," said Namron.

Namron is giving the vision to Hurriorsis. He sees something bad. He tries to leave the place. But suddenly Namron takes his sword and put on neck of Hurriorsis.

"You can't go anywhere. Now come with me," said Namron.

Namron speak a spell which helps him and Hurriorsis to leave the Death Zone. They reach to Shadow Mountain in short time.

"This is the unreal illusionary Shadow Mountain. Come with me, I will show you the real Shadow Mountain," said Namron.

Namron use his spell to create a magical door with help of black magic. They go in it. Suddenly the blue sky changes in violet. The mountains are come which are made of black rocks. Hurriorsis isn't scared to see it because he had seen many terrors in infinity cycle.

"This is the place where the angel was lived," said Hurriorsis. "It's impossible. How this place is hidden from everyone's eyes."

"This place is most curse place in the world. I compressed the real Shadow Mountain in a cube and changed the small rock in big. Then the cube is always staying inside my body. Everyone needs me to reach in real Shadow Mountain. Unfortunately, only my creations are living here,"

"Why do you want war? I know, you can win the whole world without a death," said Hurriorsis.

"(Laughs) It will not satisfy me. I told you that to kill worthless life is my goal. And I will not stop until the whole world doesn't die. Now you have to leave my place. Go meet your brother. And tell him that I will attack on Middlear in two days. Prepare well," said Namron.

"You can't do it. I am here to stop you," said Hurriorsis in louder voice.

"Do you think that an old wizard can able to stop dark lord without strong magical powers? I suppose you will die with regrets. If you fight with me now, then my army will attack on Middlear from different sides. And even you will not able to warn your friends. (Laugh)" said Namron. Hurriorsis worries about his brother. He leaves Shadow Mountain and going to Whalegrown.

At whalegrown, Morning starts. Agserio reaches to Whalegrown. He meets to guardian.

"Finally you reached here. I am happy to see you," said Weardand. "I hope you know about the tournament. And you are late."

"I know," said Agserio. "Something was stopped me for a moment. But luckily I reached here." Then he laughs.

"Alright, so your job is to check this member's ability in this round. I know you are good fighter," said Weardand.

"Okay, don't worry. I will give my best," said Agserio.

"Time to starts the second round. Come with me," said Weardand.

Weardand calls all the warriors on the ground. He was used the conch to call them. There are thousand warrior, they come to the ground.

"So you all finally come here. The second stage will start. It will most troublesome. Lord Spicman will tell you about it. Please Lord," said Weardand.

"Hello everyone! I hope you all are ready. The second stage will be more tuff. In 2nd round, all the nations will choose their five best fighters. They have to fight with my warrior, and it will be 5 vs. 1 battle. You can get idea that how strong he is. If you will lose, then you will disqualify. But if you win, then you will be part of last round. Individual performance isn't matter. The last man standing will be the winner of second round. I wish that you all will do your best. Good luck!" said Spicman.

Weardand moves forward. He introduces Agserio with Greezland creature. All warriors are surprised to see him. They can't imagine that a warrior can have greezland creature. But they have to win the battle to go in last round.

Taurus is growing up. Now he is having 8ft height. The claws and horns are growing. The kid is changed in young age, with good skills and strengths. Agserio knows the weak point of Taurus, so he was working on it all the time.

The warriors are prepared their weapons. The leaders of the nations chose their 4 warrior. They all know their worth, so without argument 5 men teams are ready. All are going to arena.

Suddenly Hurriorsis reach to the Whalegrown with his magic. He is in arena. "Where is Weardand?" Hurriorsis speaks in louder voice.

Another louder voice comes. "I am here brother," said Weardand.

Hurriorsis moves forward to meet his brother. The hug each other, then Hurriorsis say, "We are in trouble. Namron is back from hell. He is prepared for war."

"How do you know?" Weardand asked with his curiosity.

"I was come with him from Death Zone. He will attacks on us. We came today. He told me that within two days he will finish everything. I come here to warn you," said Hurriorsis.

(Everyone is watching them. They all know history, so they are worrying about future. Spicman and Agserio moves toward the ground to control the arena. Weardand and Hurriorsis are talking on the stage)

"We haven't enough army," said Weardand.

"Brother, it isn't time for arguments. We have to do anything within 2 days. He will attack on us. And you know, he never lie," said Hurriorsis.

Weardand is unconscious, but his other brain is conscious. His eyes are opened but he is in visionary world. He gets his past memory, and it is about Reign Fire. Namron was told him about the pure magic, the magic which can change the existence; and everything which was created. He was showed Weardand about his magic's small part to destroy the land called 'Eveton'.

The body of Weardand is trembling. Hurriorsis understands that his brother is having his vision. He doesn't like to see his brother in pain. He tries to make him conscious. He slaps his brother. Then Weardand is conscious.

"I didn't want to slap you, but I do cause you will die without worth in visionary world. And this is all he wants. If you again being coward then I won't stop myself to slap you. The visionary world is not healthy for your life," said Hurriorsis.

"I am sorry. I can't forget his words. I don't know that it was painful truth or nonsense lie. But I will fight, and win. No matter how tuff it will. I must have to save this world. I am guardian, and I won't give up," said Weardand.

Other side, the crowd was controlled by Spicman and Agserio. They go to the stage where Weardand and Hurriorsis are talking.

"So I am sure that your important discussion is over. Let's prepare for the war. Go tell them, what you were decided," said Spicman.

"Yeah," said Weardand. (He moves forward where all the warriors are standing in discipline.) "Hello everyone, I am sorry to tell you that we have to stop this tournament. We are interrupted by Dark Lord without his presence. We have to tell you all that go to your home and protect it until your last breath. If we will win the war, then we will continue this tournament. Good luck, don't die so easily," said Weardand.

All the warriors are agreed with him. They go to their room, and pack their bags. Weardnad allowed them to take what they want from the room. So they take weapons and going to their home.

Weardand and all are sited in fort to discuses about the war. "Call everyone from Eveton. We need every single person in this battle. The army of dark lord will come to destroy the Midlorin. They need authority of ruling on Midlorin. They can't satisfy until they won't finish us. They will kill all. It is time for our underwater weapon. I am going there," said Spicman. With these lines, he moves away. He knows the trouble time. The war with evil is not easy. HE knows that he have to determine to fight the war for winning. Otherwise, the world will change in dark. The real deadly sin will form and it will destroy all the good hearts.

(After sometimes, in Weardand's room)

"Where will they attack?" Weardand asked.

"I don't know. He didn't tell me," said Hurriorsis.

"Damm," said Weardand.

"I supposed, you prepared," said Hurriorsis.

"Hmm, but I don't know about the others," said Weardand.

"Then, it's time to move. As we know, the attack will sudden, and maybe it will on many nations. His army is big. He can do anything," said Hurriorsis.

"I know, let's move," said Weardand. They pack their stuff and take their horse. They are going to warn all the nations.

Spicman is moving down side in the fort. Agserio interrupts him at the door. "Oh, Agserio, What do you want?" Spicman asked.

"Again we are interrupted by enemy. Last time we saved. I don't know about this time," said Agserio,

"I wish that it will last battle. And we heard Weardand and his brother, we should prepare well. I am going to take help," said Spicman.

"Okay, but also, we have to tell everything to Northear. They can help us too," said Agserio.

"You are right. And this work will done by you," said Spicman. Agserio smiles and move to do the work which is given by his king.

Spicman goes in deep of Whalegrown's fort. He opens the gate of hidden city. He moves forward. After sometimes, he surprises to see another side of door. It is opened in Shadow Ocean's seal city.

This door is only one thing which can break the seal's magic. The evil souls know it. They feel the presence of crack. So they are moving toward it. Spicman understand that he is in the seal world. He doesn't stop, and move back as fast as he can. The evil souls are faster. But luckily without any trouble, Spicman closes the door. He is thinking about his strong army. "Oh no, where do you all? I can't sense you. I wish you all not died," Spicman told his self.

Between the way,

"Does he changes a little bit?" Weardand asked.

"Yeah, he becomes more silent and more evil. I feel like something controls him. He showed me true shadow Mountain and also he told me his plan. Maybe his one side tried to tell me that he is not evil. But I can't predict anything at this movement," Hurriorsis said.

"Yeah, we can't predict anything about him. He tried many things to destroy our world. But he hasn't succeeded. Maybe he is playing some kind of mind game. Or maybe he needs help. I really believe in me. And myself is telling me that I have to same Midlorin at any cost. Even if he changed his thinking, but still his greed will not go. The evil aura always stays inside of him. And that aura is his soul," said Weardand.

"His soul, maybe you are right brother," said Hurriorsis. "We need elemental warriors at this stage. Otherwise we can't win. By the way, where is Yuzin and Porun? And where is the killer of dark lord."

"I didn't see him after one battle. As I know, he is finding fire demon for my last mission. And the killer of dark lord, I don't know where he is. Maybe some darkness ate him," said Weardand.

"Then who can help us this time?" Hurriorsis asked.

At this time a man reaches there. He was following them from the starting. "I am here," he said.

"(Surprisingly) oh, I don't think that you are on Midlorin," said Weardand.

"I am protector. I can never leave the home," he said.

"I see," said Weardand.

"Monki, do you know, what is happening here?" said Hurriorsis.

"I always watch Midlorin. I know who is back. That is why I come here to meet you. You faced him before. So is there any possibility to lose this time?" said Monki.

"Monki, I know you are god. But don't think like this. He can surprise us anytime. He surprised me before. We can't predict anything now. All we can do is to fight with our full strength. And it is the only thing which can help us," said Hurriorsis.

Monki don't react on him. His sub conscious mind is on the work. He is thinking about the war. The images are coming in his vision. Then suddenly his subconscious mind stops and he speaks, "Do you have any plan?"

"Plan, umm, not actually have. But we are going to borrow the help," said Hurriorsis.

"What about the other nations? Do they know about it?" asked Monki.

"Nah, but they will know. We will go to send the letter. I have written everything in it," said Weardnad.

"Bad idea, you are slow. You can't make it in time. Maybe I can help you." said Monki.

"Ha, maybe you are right. 2 days are not enough. (With smile) this time, your technique and my magic will help us. Then we will have time to make a plan," said Weardand.

Monki knows how to do fast and efficient work. He made twenty clones and take letters from Weardand's hand. Weardand make a short with his magic, and Monki's clone goes in it. Within a minute, their work is done. They start to make a plan, but a messenger comes to meet Weardand.

"Wizard, I have some information about war. I have seen that one army will attack from south side. Their target is Whalegrown. Also there are four more armies. One army is from Sian. Other armies are from Indrov and Shadow Mountain. I don't know that where they will attack. Another thing is, from south, a big army is coming. They are more powerful than our thinking. They have crossed Dragon guard in one jump. I was surprised to see their shape. They have big muscle, just like fifth dwarves' family," he said.

"Anything left to say?" said Weardand.

"Not maybe. I will keep watching them," he said.

"When will they arrive to Whalegrown?" Monki asked.

"As per their speed, they will come here in one and half day," he said.

"Okay, thanks for information. Now you have to go to Whalegrown and tell Spicman about this. Also tell him that to be ready for a big war," said Weardand.

Messenger is going to do his work. And the others are moving forward on their horses and making a plan too.

At Liveron Mountain,

"I got this contract paper. We will get a big army with these magical words. Volcus, we are coming!!" said Ron.

Ron's behavior is changed. He is being serious. Some kind of anger comes in his nature which was made him as a king. Xela understands that the true nature of Ron is come back.

Ron speaks those magical words. The time is stopped for a moment, and with it, the reality stopped too. After finishing of the letter, the Mountains are trembling and thunder is striking. There are three ancient dragon riders and ancient human's army arrived there. They have come from dead world. Their bones are visible, their skin is about to go. But dragons are in their original form.

Ron is happy to see them. But he doesn't show his smile. He goes in his room and wears his armor. He takes his sword and hold tightly on his hand. The ancient armor is made of abrasive material. The Ron is powerful enough to run with that armor. He reaches to top of the mountain. The armies are ready. They are made for war. Those word are manipulated them.

The army is speaking in louder voice, 'fight, fight, fight,..'. The voices become bigger and bigger, with voice they are charged up. After sometimes, they are moving with the king toward Indrov.

Other side, Weardand and all reaches to Threonessis. Monki's clone already gave them the letter. So the army of dwarves is ready in front of fort.

"I see, you know about the terror," said Weardand.

"Ha, I got the letter. My army is ready for a war," said Threo.

"Good," said Weardand. "All I have to tell you that, from south new generation warrior will come to fight. Their target can be Whalegrown or Threonessis or Elvis kingdom."

"I understand it. We will fight well. We will not lose," said Threo.

"Don't repeat the past. Attack with full of your strength. And, (In stronger voice) don't dare to lose," said Weardnad.

Weardand sees a smile on the face of king. He understands that his work is finished. Between the way, Weardand, Monki and Hurriorsis made a plan. So they give the dwarvish part to king Threo, and leave.

They have made plan, which is in four. After the Threonessis, they meet to Jgrez's king 'Origas and Razmund's protectors. They give the paper and move forward to Whalegrown.

The day ended and night starts. South's nations are prepared. The spy of those nations sees some kind of movement. They understand that the day of war is come.

The army from Southear reaches to Kirin Sea. They are moving forward on ships. They have swords, spears, and bows-arrows. Loki is leading them and Tofer is finding his company.

The evil army's head is same as cat. Their body is like bear. Their height is 7ft. Their color is brown. That species is known as 'Carbir'. They are made by Namron.

"Look at these places army. Kill all of them. Feed your hunger with their meat, Feed your thrust with their blood and show your energy with their death. Goooo!!" said Loki.

The army is moving forward to attacks on Whalegrown. The war is started before the predictable time. Luckily the Whalegrowions is prepared. Weardand and all have seen them in the way. So With help of magic, they reach to Whalegrown and expressed their plan. Then they divided and go to find help.

The army of Whalegrown is divided in three parts. One part has to attack on enemy with long distance, and the other part is save them and defends the walls of fort; while the third part is gone inside the ocean. Because of their capability, they can live inside the water. They are moving other end of enemy.

The evil army is not only attack on Whalegrown; they have attacked on Razmund and Threonessis. Razmund and Threonessis are prepared as per Weardand's plan. Razmund has immortals. They are same as human but the difference is life span. Their skin is grey with three red lines on head and white eyes. Their height is 6ft. They have silver hair on their body, but not their head. The species is known as 'Deiman'.

Razmund and Threonessis are directly attacking on enemy. They don't think about defense. Because of it, the Carbirs are moving to Whalegrown. Now the Whalegrown is in trouble. The evil army thinks that the Whalegrown is weak. And this thinking helps them to give big impact. They are destroyed some important places on the Whalegrown.

Morning starts, the sun is shining. And as a light, Weardand reached there with some green Jgrezion. The new strength is come in those tired souls. They took sword and move toward the enemies. Also the hidden army of Whalegrown is reached to other end. They start attack from the back. At the end, all south places are successfully won their place.

Loki's prediction is wrong. He is alive. He left the war when the Weardand was reached. He meets Tofer.

"Did you meet them?" Loki asked.

"Nah, they are not here. I don't know their location. We have to deal this without them," said Tofer.

"Alright, Namron will handle it. Our work with dark lord is over. Let's move forward. The next mission is waiting for us," said Loki. The evil smile is on the face of Loki. They are on the horse and move. Their destiny is far. They are following their way.

Other side at Whalegrown, the real trouble comes on the ground when the night starts. Dark lord reached there with his magical stick. He is not alone. The smartest army is with him.

"The past war was too easy. But be careful this time. Maybe they are trying to trick on us, or maybe it is their full strength. I don't care about tricks and magic. I care about you all. The dark lord and his army are not weak. They proved many time. Now we have to finish them. Don't lose your strength and attack. Put your soul energy on the line to win war. I believe in you all," Weardand said to army.

"Warriors!! Don't lose your guard. Fight like a beast. Show them that you are the rulers," said Spicman.

Dark lord and the smart warriors start attack on Whalegrown. Those warriors are known as 'Dagners'. Their height is 7ft. they have big muscles of their entire body. Some kinds of glasses are on their eyes. They have worn thin jacket, and leather shoes. Their bottom wear is made of metal. And also their shoulder and stomach is protected by stretchable metal, which is mixed with jacket's material. Their body color is light brown. They have come from another dimension.

On the Whalegrown's ground, the exhausted armies are moving forward to face smart warriors. Also the dark lord is showed his full strength. He created many illusions on the ground which is increasing troubles of Weardand.

"(In louder voice) don't put your shield down. Fight for your better future. Fight for your love ones. Don't lose yourself like this. We can still win the war. Go attack on them. The bright light is watching everything. It wants to see something beyond your level. It wants to see your pure determination. Don't disappoint it, otherwise it want give you brighter future," said Weardand.

Last four lines touched the soul of Whalegrown's warriors. They again charged up and attack on the Dagners. They wish to survive until the enemies won't lose their selves. Their determination is giving them motivation and that motivation is turned into their strength.

Other side, the last army from Indrov jungle is going to Whalegrown. Ron sees them in a way. His army is ready to take the revenge. He attacks on them. The battle starts and ends faster. It was happened on the boundary of Indrov. Only Volcus is alive with black dragon.

"Volcus, I kill you!" Ron said with his anger. With this sentence, he takes his sword and directly jumps on Volcus. In one strike, he removes the head from Volcus's body. And the king of Indrov is being unconscious. His body is moving. So it runs somewhere.

The black dragon does not remember the face of Ron. It throws black flame on him. The black dragon is not disappeared that mean the ruler of the dragon is alive. Ron understands that Volcus isn't died. But he doesn't care. He touches the black dragon.

"Hey Brak, it's me, Ron, your partner. Do you forget me?" said Ron.

The black dragon can't understand. He throws the Ron on the mountain. Ron stands up. He throws his sword. He runs toward the black dragon.

"Brak! Try to remember me. I got you from the thirdregion. You were baby when I got you. Even the flames were not come from you," said Ron. He touches head of the black dragon. He shows his kindness. The dragon and Ron are watching each other's eyes. Suddenly, Brak remember him. Then Ron sits on the Brak.

Between these moments, the army and three dragons disappeared. Also Xela go back to the fort. She thinks to develop the nation.

Ron got power of eyes. He uses his left eye's power. He sees the presence of soul of dark lord. He moves to take his revenge.

Other side at Whalegrown, Dark lord uses his spells. Because of it, half of the Whalegrowion are died. Weardand sees this. He challenges the dark lord. The battle between white wizard and dark wizard is started.

"Do you think that you can win against me, old man?" said Namron.

"(With guts) I will win. I have to win. You will die today," said Weardand.

(Suddenly Hurriorsis reaches there.)

"Don't fight with him Weardand. I have to finish my half battle with him. He told me that I can't win. But I have to prove him that magical power won't give the glory," said Hurriorsis.

"As you say brother, but do you know, it is dangerous to fight with him. You can't win alone," said Weardand.

"Yeah I know, don't worry about me. I will show you the real power of a wizard," said Hurriorsis.

"Show me, whatever you can. I know the end," said Namron. Before he finished his lines, Hurriorsis uses his spell. It throws Namron from air to ground.

"(after stand up) old wizard, your strength is nothing in front of me. You are nothing but a coward. I have seen your strength. It won't help you to win against dark power. At the end you will die. It is better to let him fight with me," said Namron.

"Hey, I am not same as before. I will try my best. I have learned that from one Hedrit. It's for him, be ready!" said Hurriorsis.

With this line, he uses his strongest spell. It breaks shield of Namron and throw him away. He is badly down on his feet. Then another magical light hold him.

"Look, this is what is can. Try to break my magic," said Hurriorsis.

"huh, this magic is weak. Or maybe it is not magic. It is light. And I saw it before," said Namron.

Weardand is surprised to see move of his brother. Hurriorsis is throwing Namron everywhere. The bones of Namron are strong enough to save him from death. He tries to stand on his leg, but Hurriorsis's violet magical hands hold him. "Give up, Namron. You can win against me. I proved you wrong," he said.

"You said that you never give up. But I can feel a fear in your eyes. This fear won't let you win against me, old man. Your fear won't let you grow. It will eat you from origin. And you will end with death of souls," said Namron.

He is manipulating Hurriorsis. Suddenly Weardand's eyes see the invisible lines. He understands it means. He leaves the battle and reach to save his brother.

"Namron, you can't manipulate him," said Weardand. With this line, he holds his hand. Because of it, a voice comes. It gives the consciousness to Hurriorsis's subconscious brain. But effect of dark magic makes Hurriorsis unconscious. Because of it, the violet light throws Namron. It breaks the chest of him.

Namron tries to stand on his leg. But he can't able stand. He uses his flying trick and start flying on air. He is getting angry. And that anger is giving him strength. "You all will pay for this," he said.

Namron use his strongest spell. It destroys all the warriors. Only immortal warriors are alive. So unfortunately, All the Degners are disappeared.

"You killed your own army. How fool you are. Now you are alone. You can't run from me. You have to surrender yourself," said Weardand.

"Surrender ha!! You don't know my anger. Your chain cannot stop me. Your prison is weak, anyone can break it. Your community is about to die. And at the end Midlorin will turn in void. Then someone like me, back and again help the Midlorin. It will again rise. Then someone like you, again rise. It will try to stop me. And it will do too. But the cycle will always repeat. My desire is evil in your eyes. But try to watch it from my eyes. It will break the cycle of death and life. The singularity can only made by me. It will start with my anger," said Namron.

"You can't win with your anger. Your anger will kill you. You talk about infinite world. But it is not possible," said Weardand.

"(Laughs) I will show you with my anger," said Namron. He uses his spell and generates the force field. He throws it on Weardand. It can take the soul of Weardand in other dimension. But Weardand easily stops it.

"This force field is not strong enough to stop my light. You have to show me something new. You aren't changed from past. But I am. I learned many things," said Weardand.

"(Louder) I won't lose," said Namron.

"This louder voice will not help you. To not lose, you don't have to give up. But here it's looking like you already lost from inside. Your powers are gone. I don't think that you are the dark lord which I faced before. He was strong, but you are weak. Your concept of singularity is good. But at the end, you are making a dreamless world." Then Weardand shows the future. He shows the bad side of infinity life. Some of visions, Namron already have seen.

In quiet place, (Weardand's brain)

"Wizard, how can you so strong?" Namron asked.

"You can never understand it," Weardand asked.

"I know the pain of losing love one. He took my brother's life in front of my eyes. He made me like this. He made me evil. Or maybe the nature wants me to be evil. It created my world. It made my strength. Now you are trying to take it from me. This will not happen. I understand that what the meaning to become powerful is. You can't win this battle old man," said Namron. He breaks the illusion of Weardand.

"You can't play with those things which I have played from childhood. The illusion can't change my mind," said Namron, with laughing. He was on knee, and then he changed his position. He is now flying on the air.

"grr, unfortunately I have to fight with you. The illusions are stronger. But they are worthless. Now I will show the power which is made by me," said Weardand.

With this line, he attacks with his sword on Namron. Namron is weak in hand fight. But his illusion making skill is good. He made illusion and save himself from attack of Weardand.

"Namron, how many time, you saved yourself like this," said Weardand.

"Until you can't be sick," said Namron. "I will not tire to make an illusion. But you will tire to kill them. You are nonsense on the title of Wizards. Wizards do not fight like this."

"As you want, let's finish this in one shot. Use your powerful spell, and I will use my powerful spell, and let's see who will win, said Weardnad.

An evil smile comes on the face of Namron. He put all his strength to create an illusion. Weardand knows the ability of Namron. So he creates the sealing spell.

"Are you ready old man," said Namron. "Take this." He gives the direction to his illusionary magic. It is near to stop the Weardand. But the sealing spell stops it. The unfortunate reality wants it. The nature of Namron is changed.

"Old man, teach me, how can I be strong," said Namron.

"My dear nephew, you will learn when you will lose your love one. If you really lost someone then you know the way to become stronger to protect your love ones. I hope you don't want to lose anyone again."

"I do not believe on this kind of things before. But now I understand it, I lost my self. But now I have to get it back. Please help me!"

"You are just alone. Find yourself will only done by you. But I can help you to get control on feelings."

"How do you get the energy to fight?"

"Well, I work hard for this Midlorin. That is why you can't win against me. My aim is to save people and your aim is to become stronger. Think about my aim, it is connecting with more people. And they give me their strength in form of belief. You are just selfish. You have powers, but you can never grow as stronger as me. Believe me or not. You never win against me. I know, I'm inside of your magic. But I tell you that, I get the powers from my surrounding. Their trust and my determination are helping me to stop you, now say good bye," said Weardand. He was in the illusionary world of dark lord. That is why he talked with good side of him. He breaks the illusionary world. He is now dominating. The strongest spell of dark lord did not work on him. Dark lord feels sad. The negativity is eating him.

"I wish, we will meet again in different world. I will show you my beautiful side," said Namron. With this sentence, he finished his body. Weardand is surprised.

"Oh Namron, I don't think that you can do something like this. I suppose you are stronger. I don't want to kill you. I only want to change you. But you killed yourself. God bless you my dear nephew," said Weardand.

Before die, Namron use his spell, and give life to innocent people. Hurriorsis is being conscious. He is close to him. He can understand the Namron better than all. He knows what Namron is.

"Finally it's over," said Hurriorsis.

"Yeah, the bad guy is gone. But I don't think that he was truly bad. His desire was bad for us. But it is good for him," said Weardand. "So, let's go back to home. Blue Weal is waiting for us."

"Brother, one last thing, what is the meaning of bad and good."

"Umm, I can't define it. It is depending with the thinking of people. I am sorry, but it is the truth. There is no any bad thing or good thing. I think Namron's thinking is good for him, but it is bad for us. I don't have any other explanation."

"Alright, thank you."

(Spicman reached there)

"Hello everyone, finally we won against the terror," said Spicman.

"Yeah we won. But we lost many warriors. That battle wasn't easy. Maybe we are lucky," said Weardand. "By the way, we have to help each others."

"Alright. Everyone, go help to injured man. We all will meet in the fort for discussion about future," said Spicman.

All go and help each other. Injured warriors are getting the medical help. The people aren't sad. They are celebrating their win. And some of them think why that war was happened. And some are crying to lose their love ones.

Weardand is sited on a rock. A person reaches to Whalegrown. He is a servant of Weardand. But he was working with dark lord. His name is Xavier.

"Guardian!" said Xavier.

"Yes, what I can do for you?" said Weardand.

"I have information for you," said Xavier.

"Come with me, we will talk in the room. Follow me," said Weardand. Then they are moving in fort of Whalegrown.

Other side, Namron is still on Midlorin. He changed in light, 'the black light'. He meets one Mon-Drovion kid. He's name is Leacol. Namron want to live new life. He wants to solve his mistakes.

"Hey kid, do you want to come with me," said Namron.

"I have no reasons to come with you," said Leacol.

"I can show you the better path. You will become a wizard, if you come with me."

"Oh,(Surprisingly) I will feel amaze if I will be a wizard. I am sure to come with you." Because of immaturity and less knowledge, Leacol is going with Namron. He is the son of Drilp and Getria. It is the starting of new student, teacher life.

At Whalegrown,

"Weardand, I have information," said Xavier.

"You may tell me. I am sorry, if you wait more than your thinking," said Weardand.

"It's fine, now just hear me," said Xavier. "You won. And all gods are happy with you. But you know, Namron was watched future before battle. His one of skill is to watch future. But he can't change it. You also know the future. Shanon's avatar told you, I suppose. The great terror will start. It will finish all the species and life from Midlorin. Thren and his warriors are in Northear to save you from trouble. Cris is died. Helescus and your warriors are in prison. The flying sword is back. The new dark lord is aiming to kill all the elements. The evils are awakened. We have to do something for life." Before he finish his lines, someone teleport him. Weardnad is in shocked.

At Bri,

"I start first stage again. It's not over yet," said Ester. "In this stage, the planets and starts were growing. There are seven planets, first planet is known as Ommin. The creators and first living species live there. The other world was formed because of Ommin's people. The other planet's names are Eldorin, Pegran, Heghear, Midlorin, Ciousin and Empardion.

The first stage will run longer. Stay with me all the times, we will go to the other world. It is new for me too. I even don't know what will happen there. But risk is required to gain the knowledge. We all are hungry." Ester said. He smiles and does something. Bailen and Uidon don't understand his move.

The blue sky is suddenly changed in yellow and white. Unmagical smell is coming out from there, which isn't unreal. The green things are looking like living, and the woods are alive. Bailen and Uidon are under a big tree, Ester is also there.

"Where are we?" Bailen said with fearless eyes.
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