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Love is not something that you force
Author :Kuttipaapu
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14 Snow

Looking at his shadow Shouji couldn't help but be depressed. Thus in the end he went towards his new brother. And waved his hands, getting no reactions from 'him'. He stopped his actions and asked "WHY are you here?. If I hadn't come to rescue those guys would have already robbed you. Hey are you listening what I am saying? "

Hey still didn't get any response but he saw that the blacky was looking at HIS CAKES AND PASTERIES and raised his hands towards Shouji.

Shouji got immediately alerted and protected his cakes and pasteries and slapped Mi-chan's hand. It got instantly red that's when Shouji realised that the hands of new bro was white like snow and from slap it has become red...like blood can be squeezed from a little pressure. As Shouji stared at it , he unconsciously swallowed his saliva.

But a small kid bumped into Shouji and asked sorry. Shouji came back to reality seeing that a kid was asking sorry he just smiled and touched the kid's head. After the kid went away he was shocked at his thoughts for his new brother.

He turned towards to see his new brother only to find he was walking away. He didn't know what was going on his mind but he still chased after his new brother.

''Hey wait for me!!!!" screamed Shouji.

Thus Shouji and Mi-chan walked side by side. Though people could not see the face of Mi-chan, the grace that was being seen was something that no normal people could have. So Shouji secretly thought that his new brother was not ordinary.

As they went by Mi-chan suddenly stopped. Seeing him stop Shouji also stopped and looked towards the direction where 'he' was looking.

It was a ordinary shop well to be more precise it was a stall.Though it looked ordinary it was attracting more customers. Shouji was not interested in anything but seeing Mi-chan.

He asked " Do you want to go and look there? Guess some new food or things. We can go and see it." Shouji has already treated himself as the big brother of Mi-chan. Though 'he' has never called him like bro.

To this question he didn't get any response but it was expected by Shouji. Thus Shouji and Mi-chan went to look what it was.

They saw some kind of food that the stall man was making and was dipping in some kind of water...busy putting in the bowl..of each person standing around....


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