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If I have to choose, then I will control time!
Author :Upsidedownfan
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4 Pussy.

"You. Little. Pussy."

Hardcore Henry, is a movie that was amazing, easily one of my favorites. It was never classic but I loved it, it made my blood rush and made me want to rip apart anyone that came into my path.

All the music was great, I could connect to the main character, he didn't even talk. How did they do stunts that epic, the only time I felt it was fake is when things would be extremely dangerous to do. And I still got over it!

Don't get me wrong, I'm not a overcritical person, if I like something I'll acknowledge it's flaws and still love it. Ah the accent of the main villain, and that plot twist! So great. It was even funny all the way through! I never got to see the squeal, if I was a millionaire I would definitely support it. Although, maybe I'd have to be a billionaire for anything to really happen.

My consciousness finally fluttered back to me, I was still at the same stool. The same bar, and the same body. God, I'm such a light weight. I had maybe two drinks! How can this even happen to me? I mean seriously, I'm a god damn adult! Two drinks can not get me buzzed enough to faint!
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Heartbreaking fuckboy, was in front of me. He was staring dead at me, there was interest in his eyes as he examined me. He didn't touch me but his eyes were violating. Felt like they were piercing the depths of my soul.

Dog piss and soap, so classic. I rubbed the back of my head. "How long was I out fuckboy?" Did that slip out? I'm sure it won't matter.

Some hysterical laughter came out behind the counter. I have a general idea of who it is. Of course it's Dana!

Blood filled my mouth, I could see one of my teeth on the floor. The taste of the blood was horrible, but I managed to swallow it. I tried to act passed out, I doubt they'd stop though.

"You little pussy."


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