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If I have to choose, then I will control time!
Author :Upsidedownfan
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3 Ha!

I stumbled across the door until stopping, I hit my head against a rock knocking myself unconscious quite slapstick I know.

I always striven to that one goal, that one life. A wife some children a good amount of cash and a happy ending, and yet I never got it. I thought I got it when I played video games got an extremely rare drop or whatever. But it only lasted for a few minutes and the buzz fell away. I really don't consider myself a creative or deep person alright. A bit away from my timely transportation I had a thought, maybe it was from Bojack Horseman, you're never going to have a happy ending no matter what you try or do. There will be ups and downs, and if you strive towards that goal eventually you'll just grow sadder and sadder. I connected with it a bit, but that's the genius of the show. Who am I talking to anyways?

In the end, it'll never be that easy. I can tell what my life will be like from now on, a bunch of easy battles in an easier world. Wishing for the power to control time, was easiest the stupidest thing I've done. But it'll sure as hell make me all powerful, even the sage of six paths won't stand a chance. Just gotta snap my fingers and poof, instantly gone. It doesn't even matter if you're immortal, there was always a time when you weren't.

There was a boy who fell from the sky, landed straight on a rock. We couldn't even come to guess where he came from or how. The kid didn't even have a scratch on him! It was amazing, absolutely astonishing.

I suppose there was one more thing that really go me interested, to just think about everything I've done. VA-11 HALL-A it was simply astonishing the characters the story even the mechanics which were just dragging and dropping were simply fun. Don't get me wrong, I am not a man who enjoys story. Anything that gets me extremely invested is so rare that I can count it on one hand. I'd really love to go there some day and just find the bar, but this is simply impossible. Though you can say the same thing about time manipulation. Even using the thing would throw off the whole timeline!

'Ding! Acting according to users request and using space manipulation to create worm hole to Dimension C-185790' 'Ding! Congratulations host for doing your first universe hop! As a result the system will provide one item free of charge!'

A giant hole opened up around the child, it peered through space itself seemingly leading to a different plane of existence. I'd jump in but the kid was floating to it! How fucking crazy is that! Just as he went inside the portal closed. I wonder what would of happened if I followed him inside.

I finally woke up, I had some trouble opening my eyes as the pain at the back of my head was bothering me. I rubbed it for a bit and finally looked around, the bright lights of the gigantic buildings, it was so futuristic. Was this my one time teleportation? This could only really bring one thing to my mind. Wasn't this like, Va-11 Hall-a's city? Most likely just a coincidence.

I walked towards the gigantic city. It was like home, but more future like. Is that even a thing? I walked around a bit, and I found something entirely new! "I have a feeling we aren't in Naruto anymore." I whispered to no one. In front of me was a bar, but not any bar. No this bar was special! Va-11 Hall-a, the almighty!

The place was still open by some miracle of fate, but then I realized something, I was still a child! But luckily, I still had the power to control time. I snapped my fingers, hoping I would just age up. Time control works that way right?

I was right! My vision grew by a few feet and my voice grew deeper. Though I wouldn't know it grew deeper I just kinda imagined it would with the height increase.

After some adjusting to my new self I looked to my left and made a mental note. Make sure to leave a pair of adult clothes there in the future! And poof, there it was. Ah memory is such a blissful thing when you have time control. I put on the clothes, the old ones weren't very tight so I put it over them. I wasn't stripping in front of a bar! The fuck do you expect from me no one?

And then finally I went inside, too much effort for going into a bar, if it wasn't Va-11 Hall-a! The inside looked pretty nice, cozy atmosphere good for a bar. It smelled exactly how I thought it would. Dog urine and soap.

"Hello, welcome to Va-11 Hall-a, what can I get you?" I sat on a stool, in front of me was just pure euphoria, it was Jill! Or the bartender. What a good game. "Can I get a flaming moai?" The secret drink in the game, I always thought it looked cool. And it was actually on fire. "Of course."

The new customer is weird, he stares weird he looks weird, he feels weird. But that's what you find out when you try bartending, a ton of new characters to connect with. 1 1 2 3 5 8 right?

"Here you are sir." Jill, stated placing a drink in front of me. It looked like a statue with hair of flames. I picked up the drink before chugging it, if here was one thing I was good at it was chugging large volumes of things. Never came in handy, nor can I fit a gay joke in there so it's not worth going into further.

With a somewhat long sight I finished my drink. And I sure as hell was a lightweight because I could feel myself becoming light headed. "Ah- Can I get a sugar rush with as much karmotrine you can fit?" I'm not even sure why I'm doing this, it's an occasion I suppose.

What an odd request, nobody ever requests for a specific amount of karmotrine, what an odd character.

After the next drink came and I chugged it I felt really light headed, a bit woozy, the edges of my vision blurring. My cheeks got a bit red, I feel more opened up. Is that, even a thing?

"Y'know, with all the sections of the game you never actually showed us where boss got her robot arm. I never even got to play 2064, but even so making me play a whole game just for some back story. That's a dick move you know! Oh! Oh! And Gillian, we never actually knew where he came from, just implied he's hiding from someone. And I'm fine with that if you gave him more screen time! You never even showed if you got the bar to stay open!" I started to go on a rant about some of the issues of the game I had. I revealed some extremely personal information, I really should never be drunk.

I laid my face against the counter letting the dog piss and soap float into my nostrils as I drifted into dream land.

I felt sweat dripped down my forehead as I listened to the light weights complaints. It all contained personal information and experience. He was not there, he absolutely could not have been there to hear anything about that! "Boss! Gillian, is gonna deal that guy, I can't deal with him!" Gillian, looked at me with a dumbfounded look. Must be the fact that I couldn't deal with a customer.

I had no customers at the moment so I was fine with it, but Jill, not being able to deal with a customer? What is he, a fucking wizard? I sighed and walked over, Jill, went out for her break. But, how could she not deal with a customer that was a complete light weight. Two drinks and he's already dead.


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