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If I have to choose, then I will control time!
Author :Upsidedownfan
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2 Congratulations!

@@Congratulations host on your first time manipulation! Host will be rewarded with a special gift from the system. Congratulations host! You have received a gift from the system!

There was a slight flurry of notifications. Time was still moving and everyone was looking at me, they didn't see how his hand got off me. It was an oddity I suppose, who wouldn't want to study a person who can move faster then the hokage could ever hope to catch a glimpse of!

I just realized, how dangerous what I just did was, Danzo, he was fucking insane and he'll do anything to get me now. How could I expose myself like that! What the fuck is wrong with me! Have I never read any novel ever? My breathing stopped and I could feel sweat dripping off my head.

I went into the system menu and opened my new gift. Congratulations host, for opening gift! Congratulations host, for gaining. Space manipulation minor. Universal Spoon, Universal Fork. One time teleportation. Congratulations host for finishing the opening of the gift!

'Universal fork and spoon? I can understand space manipulation but. Seriously?' 'System, activate the one time teleportation!' Congratulations host, for activating one time teleportation. I disappeared almost immediately. Reappearing in only god knows where.



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