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If I have to choose, then I will control time!
Author :Upsidedownfan
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1 Rebirth!

I am a weeb, although an auxiliary weeb. I don't spend money on the merchandise or anything. I don't wanna be Japanese, either! I am however a tad bit obsessed with anime and manga. I really love the stuff where they stop time or time travel! It's really awesome! Imagine repeating an event to learn moves and counter from the past!

As such my super dream is being reincarnated! And not in some normal immortal world, but in an anime! My favorite choice would be Naruto! It's such an awesome thing to watch. With the fast fighting and jutsus. Though, I never got why the signs are named. Well, even if I did get reincarnated I wouldn't get what I desire. The heavens have made time, so the heavens will restrict time.

I sighed and went to bed, it was what? Three AM? Weird, I usually only feel tired at five or so. And so I went to sleep after pulling the covers over myself and saying good night. To myself. Creepy even by my standards!

Hours drifted by but something happened, something weird. I had woken up in a white space. I knew it was a dream but I just couldn't shake off that feeling of realness. It's not like I'll meet God! I haven't pushed someone out of a trucks way or just gotten hit by one randomly. Or gotten struck by lightning. Or any other kind of death alright! Who am I talking to anyways?

I might as well amuse myself! "I wanna control time, and go to Naruto's world!" I yelled to the void. Though I knew it was useless, I might as well try it. It's never good to give up chances! And then, nothing. I just stood there for a while before waking up.

I scratched the back of my head I suppose it was a dream after all, I rolled off the bed and stepped onto the floor, wooden weird. I finally opened my eyes, and behold the majestic sight! It sure as hell wasn't my house! I worked a low class job and had to stay with my parents till I got paid more! This isn't a new house! Or anything else for that matter!

My head was spinning. It was surreal, so I did what a normal person would do! I punched my arm. And I felt it, pain. My arm was shaking after that, I just couldn't control myself! I then thought back to the white space in my dream. Or supposed dream! Maybe my dream affected reality, or maybe my dream wasn't a dream at all! Nevertheless I had to.

I laughed, I laughed perhaps the hardest and for the longest time in my life. It went on for about two minutes, I almost suffocated because of it. I was on the floor, everything just felt. Fake. But there was no time for a life crisis. I don't need to be real to have fun! I don't even need to confirm if this was really the Naruto, world or not! Or even if I was alive or this was all a dream

I just needed to live, live my life to the fullest! I didn't even know what time it was. Whether the beast attack yet or not! Or even where Naruto, is. Though he's most likely in the academy. Ah. Will this be a cliche? I wonder if he will be in the academy and we live close by! Or next to each others apartments.

And so, I took a step outside. I knew this house like the back of my hand and I didn't need to explain why! But given by door knob to height ratio I was definitely a child. And god sure as hell intended it to be because apartments. Hah, what a cliche!

I walked over to the door and knocked specifically three knocks in an pattern. Though I wasn't social it was an instinct I suppose. (I feel like one person is going to be confused by this, the instinct is the knocking. He has an instinct for a specific pattern of knocking.) The door was opened a few moments later by a child who had golden yellow hair. Ah! Irnaku, what are you doing here, aren't you supposed to be at the training fields!" Said Naruto, obviously. "Oh, I just wanted to check on you! I just had that weird urge to see if you were still here!" I laughed and said. Naruto, scratched the back of his head with a bright smile on his face. But then I realized why I had an apartment next to him. And it should of been obvious to me! I was an orphan probably shunned by the rest too!

I felt like Naruto noticed some change in me, I can't be surprised after all. Who knows who I was before I woke up, I might of been extremely energetic or extremely cold. Maybe both, who knows! A thought struck me for a split second. Was I always like this?

I went silent for a bit Naruto, seemed care free. What can I say! I had around a eighteen year old brain in this tiny child body! Although, I wasn't that smart. Can't believe I just admitted that to myself aha.

"Naruto." I said in a somewhat playful tone. "Where is the academy and when do we go there again?" I asked. Naruto, seemed surprised but still answered. Good kid. "Oh! Our exams our tomorrow! I hope Iruka sensei, will treat me to ramen if I do well!" I nodded my head and walked off, to see the town. This is the town I've always wanted to be in! The leaf village! My wish of reincarnation has finally been bestowed on me! Maybe even time control! If I'm in Naruto, then it sure as hell means I get that!

With those thoughts done I walked around confusedly. Just because I loved the series doesn't mean I'll know the streets!

(I'm going to throw you for a left hook and show you Naruto's point of view with my terrible knowledge of Naruto and writing!)

Irnaku, was being weird. He knocked on my door in a different knock then usual! It sure was strange! Then he asked me some weird questions! But at least Naruto, the future Hokage the already awesome being of awesomeness and a ton of others answered him! That's because he's my friend! My best friend, still it was strange.

(That threw you for a loop didn't it?)

I was wondering through the streets seemingly at random. Looking at random buildings and people. I even saw Kakashi! He seemed surprised I saw him though. I'm sure it doesn't matter!

(Now this is the last time I'm warning you! Because I want to get better at point of views you hear? Alright this time for Kakashi.)

Iruka, I believe his name was noticed me. I wasn't trying to be secretive or anything. But he still did. He shouldn't have though. He barely has chakra control even! But something was odd, he looked at me like he was looking at entertainment. I've seen some sick fucks, but that wasn't a sick fuck look. It just looked natural. He was even trying to find his way around! I must, absolutely must report this to the Hokage, immediately!

After some trial and error, I familiarized with the roads and buildings. I even found the world famous ramen stand, I don't even need to speak it's name for you to know! But, I found an anomaly, it was Iruka! So naturally as I respected him more then I did even Naruto, I sat down with him! Although it might seem odd, this was real life. Meeting with friends and teachers is absolutely 100% natural!

So, I sat down next to him and ordered a bowl of ramen. Iruka sensei looked over at me! I felt a bit giddy. Ah, he was just such a good character! He seemed a bit surprised but revealed a smile. "Irnaku! It's so nice to see you here! How have your studies been!" That. Threw me for a loop I didn't know anything about actual chakra. Hand signs or anything really! And such my maxed out speech skill came out to play. I revealed a dark neutral expression as I told him. "Horribly, sensei! I just can't seem to get the hang of any chakra anymore!" Iruka, shook his head and then rubbed mine. "You'll get the hang of it eventually Irnaku!"

The smile was warm, it was like he was looking at his own child. This was why I loved him! He's just so great!

Irnaku, was different. I didn't know what it actually was but his attitude his speaking his everything felt different. His voice or appearance didn't change. I suppose it's just different or maybe he got out of bed differently!

Too bad I didn't get the memories of this guy. Or was born from new, that would be much easier! I could model my own character rather then play someone else's!

I heard a voice behind me and believe me my heart skipped a beat when I saw it! It was the Hokage, in the flesh. And he was staring dead at me. I felt like a fish on land, or a frog in a well when the god damn well was being slammed into the ground! I'm not a good judge of aura or character! My breathing became ragged, I was scared. Why? The Hokage may be kind. But he'd rip me to shreds if I betrayed the village! Or did anything stupid!

Why did I have to be transmigrated with no memories! I remember one time reading about parralel universes. This is the same universe as Naruto, however there's sure as hell differences!

The Hokage, seemingly noticed my ragged breathing. I almost believe he knew I wasn't who I now was. He wouldn't believe me if I told him either! So I was in a difficult situation. Act like nothing happened, or tell him I lost my memories. But If he tries to search my memory, it'll be impossible to resist, I'm simply not strong enough!

Hah, even if I can control time and win that was not a challenge! When I wanted this power because it's amazing and so fun!

I was amazed in the passing seconds by what happened. It seemed like this was really a novel, but that was impossible!

System initialized, due to host's problems. Administrator, deemed it necessary to give system elevated privelages. Thus creating Time Training System +. In the new features of Time Training System + the system can now deal with deeper control of time. And improved training! Even new shop items. The system recommends host to activate the system menu by willing it in his mind.

I was, surprised to say the least. I thought time control would be the limit and from there I'd be dead in the waters. Who would of guessed the administrator would be kind enough to give me this gift! So he did as the system said and willed in his mind for the menu to appear. Poof! A UI appeared in his head having a variety of options. STATUS, TIME TRAINING, SHOP, CHAKRA CONTROL TRAINING. And last but not least. Skills. He first picked skills to see what he has.





Ah, what a short and disappointing list.

Time for my status!



CHAKRA: 100/100

STAMINA: 130/150





I chose to invest everything into chakra control. After all, if there was a training section for it it's better to upgrade it now!

I finally finished checking the secondary features, though I couldn't check the others.

I looked at the Hokage, with dead eyes. Got up from my seat and left. I bet someone told him about my erratic behavior and he came over to check on me! Hah! What a joke. Though I might be intercepted by a hand of some sort. Ah, this was a bad move! Why did I not think this through. And then it hit me. Literally, I felt someone grab the back of my shirt. And I was scared and made a kick to the air.

I heard a somewhat quiet yelp and then everything stopped. Everything wasn't black and I could still breathe but. Everyone wasn't moving at all. I turned my head and saw my number one favorite sensei grabbing me. I really hate to get out of sensei's grasp but I must do it! I forced his hand off of my shirt. He must not of put much force in the grabbing of me.

While I was still looking back I saw the Hokage looking at me, it looked a bit disapproving maybe he was disappointed? He was most definitely disappointed. I kept looking at him until everything started back up again. First slowly then moving at a normal pace. I got the feeling I literally kicked father time in the balls.

When time restarted my number one absolute best sensei in the world's hand was slipped off of my shirt. He looked completely surprised. Considering, I just kicked air and his hand disappeared off my shirt, I would be too.


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