How sad are you
2 Chapter 1 - Walk me home.
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How sad are you
Author :Eos_In_Pen
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2 Chapter 1 - Walk me home.

It was 4 years ago when I met a boy named Franco or "Rank" for short. It's quite a cool name for someone who always likes to isolate himself. For me, for someone like him his name should be Fred or Mar. No reason at all! I just think those names are for quiet people. So yeah! Let's move forward to the story. Rank, wasn't a new kid or boy or guy…anyway,but I thought he was because I, no we, never knew he was with us since 1st year.The only reason we found that out is when he got elected as the Student Council's President by our teacher. I mean, how could we not know about him all this time?! He was a very good looking guy and tall also. As time goes by, I really started noticing him more; I feel like there's something about him(btw, he didn't won the election because no one knew him before so… yeah). There was this time that I couldn't forget, it was the first time we spoke to each other; it was an afternoon of April. I was on my way home when I realized that I forgot my phone under my desk, I hurriedly run back as fast as I can. As I enter my classroom I saw Rank fixing his things and getting ready to go home. I just enter the room without saying a thing as I looked for my phone and to my surprise he called my name.


"Yes?" I said, slightly having an awkward moment.

" I think this is your phone.I was sleeping when I heard something ringing." He says,as he walks towards me holding phone on his right hand.

" T-t-thanks."

There was atleast a minute of silence when I asked him

" Why are you still here? It's getting late you're supposed to be at home by now."

"Oh sorry. In that case, i'll get going"

Omg! Did I say something wrong? I think it sounded like I'm his mom.

"W-wait! Franco!"

"Why?" Saying that as he turned around.

" Walk me home!" I closed my eyes to hid the feeling of embarrassment I've cause myself.

"Uhm, you're weird" Then I open my eyes again only to see that he's walking away.

I just think to myself " Eya, that was really embarrassing "

Then I headed home alone that day with a broken heart and with embarrassment


Back to the present. Many things happened ofcourse, I graduated and currently doing a part time job at my aunt's restaurant while waiting for my visa. The boy named Franco I met 4 years ago evaporated in the air after that semester. He was my puppy love and I was really devastated after his disappearance in our school. It was to sudden and mysterious. But, life goes in and that was 4 long years ago.

" Can I get a black coffee, no sugar and a slice of a dark chocolate mocha cake?"

" Would that be all, Sir?"

"Yes.Thank you!"

After my shift, I decided to stop by at a convenience store to buy an Ice Cream.

"This day was really hot and stressful and I need to reward myself for a job well done" I think to myself

" Yah you you should also reward yourself for having too many alibis just to eat an Ice Cream. My ghad! You're on a diet, have you forgot?!" Also thinking this.

Yet, I still bought an Ice cream. I sat on an empty chair, thinking how beautiful the city lights are. I never think of those silly looking lights beautiful but tonight they seem like Christmas lights. Maybe it was because Christmas is near or maybe I'm just imagining things.



"Uhm hello?miss?"

What was that? And as I look up I saw a man wearing a hoodie with eyeglases with his arms crossed.

"Shit! I feel asleep?!"

" And you finally figured that out." says he

"Everyone is looking at me?! omyghad i'm sorry" as my eyes wander across the store

" It's okay they don't know you. But you know I have nowhere else to seat,mind if I join you?"

" It's okay the seat is all yours. I'm going,thank you."

"Uhm you're welcome. But, you know you owe me one."


" Walk me home!" looking at me intently

I just ignore him and walk away. I slept for almost 3hrs. Maybe that's why I kept on having hallucinations. Walk him home? Is he nuts? I don't even know him. I owe him one? what a weirdo.

"Walk me home!"

"Walk me home"

"Walk me home"

"Uhm, you're weird"

Out of nowhere it hit me I turn around and stop. Could it be? Is that even possible?

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    《How sad are you》