Hidden Marriage
708 Just Too Cute!
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Hidden Marriage
Author :Jiong Jiong You Yao
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708 Just Too Cute!

"You’re really great as well! How cooperative! I didn’t expect you’d really wear it…" Ning Xi tried not to laugh at him as she pinched his wolf ears. "You’re really cute!

His boss aura was all diminished…

Lu Tingxiao looked at her helplessly. "Do you think I’d let anyone see me in this?"

"Alright, alright! I know it’s a big sacrifice for you…"

As she was talking to Lu Tingxiao, she realized that Little Treasure was pulling her skirt. He was staring at her with a little disappointment in his eyes.

"What’s wrong?" Ning Xi asked.

Lu Tingxiao glanced at his son and reminded her, "His ears."

"Huh? What happened to his ears?" Ning Xi then remembered. She laughed and touched the little bun’s wolf ears. "Little Treasure looks really cute as well!"

The little bun was enjoying the moment with Aunty Xiao Xi. Oh, it was Mother Xiao Xi now! He felt truly satisfied.

"Are you hungry? There are some desserts. I'll go get you some!"

Ning Xi went to the dessert counter happily. Just as she was about to get a brownie, she felt a huge nudge from behind and she was pushed to the side. The kid who had bullied Little Treasure earlier, Sun Zhuangzhuang, grabbed a few cakes and stuffed them into his mouth.

Not only that, he took all the other cakes and put them into a big bag he brought…

Some parents were voicing their dissatisfaction. "Hey, whose kid is this? Look after him! He's taking away all the food. What are we supposed to eat?"

"He’s my kid. What’s wrong?" A chubby woman sauntered over as she looked at her son dotingly. "The food here is meant to be eaten. There’s no rule about how much one can eat! My child is strong, of course, he needs more!"

"He shouldn’t take that much. There are around twenty pieces. Can he finish all of it?"

"It’s none of your business. Aren’t you ashamed to argue with a little kid for just a few slices of cakes?"

"It’s not about the cakes. Your child…"

Some parents were still trying to reason with her. The child’s father went up and glared at them with his ferocious eyes, so everyone just kept quiet and let it be…

The incident passed quickly. The teachers then arranged many activities including singing, dancing, and interactive games. Everyone was having lots of fun.

For the final agenda, they were going to select the best costume of the night.

As expected, Ning Xi and her two buns emerged as the winner, their number of votes leading the way.

Lu Tingxiao had already made such sacrifice. It was only worth it if they won the prize!

"Congratulations to Lu Qingyu and his parents! All three of them look really cute tonight! They make us realize that even wolves in fairytales can be cute as well! Our prizes are cute too. What could it be? Let me reveal it to you!"

There was a large box on the stage and the teacher untied the knot.

Among the crowd, Ning Xi was even more excited than the children. She was really looking forward to it.

The box was opened and in it was an enormous fluffy bear, even bigger than Ning Xi.

Ning Xi’s eyes shone. "Wow! It's so cute!"

Little Treasure saw the big bear and Mother’s happy face, so he felt giddy with joy too.

Lu Tingxiao looked at their beaming faces and touched the fur on his outfit, feeling that it was all worth it.


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