Hidden Marriage
670 Lu Tingxiao, I Like You, I Really, Really Do
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Hidden Marriage
Author :Jiong Jiong You Yao
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670 Lu Tingxiao, I Like You, I Really, Really Do

The more he thought about it, the sadder he felt. Not too long before this, he had suspected Xiao Xi Xi of being slightly interested in his brother and he was prepared to test her. Who would have thought that when they finally found her and before he could test her, he would receive such a shockingly horrible news...

Lu Jingli told his brother earnestly, "Because she threatened me, she would ask you instead, so I had to simply teach her a little.

"I told her that if the other person has met many people, she should cook for him. And if he is new to love, she should use the seduction method. I'm guessing she's definitely prepared to cook.

Mmm...wait...what if she combines my methods and cooks before seducing? Oh...bro, I've let you down!"

While Lu Jingli was still rambling on, Lu Tingxiao felt his brother's voice fading away and even the world around him seemed to be dissolving into the background.

The instant he heard Lu Jingli say that Ning Xi wanted to confess to that man, he felt like he was being smashed by planets into ashes beneath his calm surface.

All his bloodthirsty, negative emotions were running through his veins, colliding against the rationale of not wanting to hurt her. These thoughts kept clashing within him and it felt as if it was going to tear him apart...

His heart, it ached so much, it was about to explode...


Ning Xi tossed and turned on the bed for quite a while before Lu Tingxiao finally finished his phone call and entered the room.

She noticed that he seemed slightly out of place...

It was like the phenomena of an eclipse, whereby all light had instantly vanished, taking away with it all emotions and liveliness.

Ning Xi suddenly thought of something based on her observations. She instantly started cursing in her heart.

God damn it!!!

That call earlier wouldn't have been from that Lu Jingli, would it? Did he tell Lu Tingxiao everything?

No need to wonder further...

He definitely did...

Or else, Lu Tingxiao wouldn't look like this.

She initially thought that in order to avoid hurting Lu Tingxiao, Lu Jingli definitely wouldn't tell him. But he still went ahead anyway.

Damn it! She had initially wanted to prepare for a little while more...argh!

But from the looks of the devil's expression now...

Obviously, he was not preparing to explode with his silence, but preparing to self-destruct with it!

She could not bear to delay it for another second! She had to speed up her plan now!

Ning Xi sighed, pinched the space between her eyebrows and curled up under the blanket.

Several seconds later, she peeked her head out and looked at the man. "Big Boss..."

Lu Tingxiao looked up at her with empty eyes.

"Could you come over for a while?" Ning Xi asked, her voice oddly gentle as if afraid she would disturb him.

Lu Tingxiao lean body stiffened straight, he walked to the bedside robotically like he a conditioned reflex.

Ning Xi stared straight at the man in front of her bed and said, "Big Boss...uhh...let me just tell you beforehand...wait...I might need to do something...that offends you as a superior..."

Before the man could react to the implied meaning of her words, the girl turned the lights off. She then suddenly sat up in the bed to kneel and put her arms around his neck, pulling him down to kiss him without hesitation.

At the same, because she was in a kneeling position, the blanket that had initially covered her entire body slid down.

Ning Xi felt around in the dark and pulled up the man's stiff and icy cold palm on her own bare naked waist.

The man was still stunned by the sudden kiss, so when he felt the girl's warm and smooth skin, he jolted.

This was when the girl's soft and clear voice said right into his ear, "Lu Tingxiao, I like you...I really, really like you..."


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