Hidden Marriage
639 Have A Taste
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Hidden Marriage
Author :Jiong Jiong You Yao
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639 Have A Taste

When she heard what he said, only one word appeared in her mind: Sh*t!

She was just a nobody. How could she attract all these people on her own? Now, the culprit was clear!

"No!" Ning Xi replied instantly.

The man gave her a cold smile and pinched her chin. "No? He broke off our alliance all because of you. My ears are gone because of his man Tang Ye as well!"

This man’s ears were sliced by First Senior Brother?

After hearing the man’s bitter words, Ning Xi got an idea of what was happening. She remembered the last time she was here when she encountered the people in the abandoned arsenal when she was looking for Lu Tingxiao.

From Annie’s message, she knew that these people were in an alliance with the organization, but the relationship had been destroyed because of this incident…

After Ning Xi realized what had happened, she had a more serious expression on her face.

If what she thought was true, she was going to end up dead here. It was no use denying her relationship with Satan here. She had killed this man’s underling and he would never let her go!

"That guy’s woman, huh? I’d like to have a taste…"

The earless man dragged his finger down her neck and rubbed her skin suggestively, making Ning Xi disgusted.

With a flash of reflected light, the man used a dagger and sliced through Ning Xi’s shirt from the top of her collar. Ning Xi’s coat and inner shirt were cut through and her fair skin was exposed…

This looming view was even more seductive than her being nude and all the men stared at her passionately.

Ning Xi knew what they were thinking just by looking at them. She was surrounded, her only gun had been taken away from her and she had no means of protecting herself. She would end up dead anyway, so she might as well try!

As the men were staring at her distractedly, she kicked the man’s groin.

Bang! A bullet went straight into her thigh and she cried out in pain.

She had reacted quickly enough and avoided it from entering her vitals.

The man covered his attacked groin, embarrassed. "You really have a death wish!"

All the guns were aimed at her right now. She would be dead the moment the man gave his signal.

Ning Xi looked at them coldly. Yes, she would rather die!

The man realized what she was thinking and he grabbed her by her hair, snarling, "You’re not going to die so easily!"

The whole of Philadelphia was already under his control. He was king here.

While Satan might not be able to get here because of the trouble he was having right now, even if he did come, he would end up dead here as well. No one could ever hope to help this woman escape.

The man’s gaze made Ning Xi uneasy, on top of the disgust and contempt she felt from his suggestive looks.

Some cars passed by and the drivers looked to see what was happening as the road had been blocked, but their faces all went pale after realizing what was happening. Out of fear, they ignored Ning Xi’s signal for help and zoomed off as quickly as they could.

After her signals for help failed several times, Ning Xi gave up on expecting any passerby to save her.


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