Hidden Marriage
265 The Devil’s Arrival!
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Hidden Marriage
Author :Jiong Jiong You Yao
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265 The Devil’s Arrival!

The Lu group, CEO’s office.

Lu Tingxiao made a quick call for Lu Jingli to come over.

Lu Jingli immediately made his way to his desk, “Brother, you called for me?”

“Have you prepared the materials for the meeting?”

“It’s done, here you go.”

“Mmm, inform every department that we’ll have a meeting in half an hour.”

“Oh, okay…” Lu Jingli did not immediately leave, but seemed worried and absent-minded.

Lu Tingxiao lifted his head up and gave him a questioning look, “What is it?”

Lu Jingli was frightened and replied, “Nothing, really! It’s nothing!”

Lu Tingxiao put down his pen and stared at him with eyes that seemed like he could see through people.

As if he was being examined on the military field, Lu Jingli stood rigidly straight and tried hard to remain calm, when his guilt was terribly obvious.

Five seconds later, Lu Tingxiao finally looked away.

As Lu Jingli was about to release a sigh of relief, he saw his brother quickly type something on the keyboard and then clicked enter.

He saw clearly what Lu Tingxiao had typed, “ NINGXI.”

Oh no!

His brother was searching it by himself!

My dear brother! Why do you have to be so smart?

After Lu Tingxiao searched through the results, the latest and hottest news about Ning Xi immediately popped up—

[Jiang Muye and Ning Xi Played Video Games All Night, Interacted Intimately. Suspicions of Feelings Blooming]

[Similar in Age, Interests and Are Like-Minded, Jiang Ning Are A Great Match!]

[Both Parties Claim That They Are Just Good Friends, Fans Excited For Them To Get Together!]

[Jiang Ning Are Said To Be ‘Couple of The Year’]

Obviously by now, Lu Tingxiao had seen too much of everything, even more than he should have. Lu Jingli shut his eyes tightly, afraid to see his brother’s expression.

Lu Tingxiao shut down his laptop, pulled his chair out, and put on his coat as he instructed, “Jingli, get the car ready.”

“Ah? What about the meeting?”

“Postpone it to tomorrow.”

“Where are you going now then?” Lu Jingli swallowed nervously, following closely behind.

“I’m going to inspect.”

“Inspect? Can it be….?”

At this very moment, at Movie City in Beijing suburbs

Due to the fact that shooting the first kiss scene at the lantern festival required a huge amount of money and manpower, they strived for perfection. Ning Xi and Jiang Muye put on such a stellar performance that the director only needed to shoot some supplementary outtakes for the second half of the scene, saving time and money.

To ensure that the actors performed better, he even asked for all crew members who were not required to leave the set.

When everything was finally ready, just as Guo Qisheng was about to shout “Action!”, the producer Wang Taihe suddenly stormed in. He pulled Guo and the assistant director aside and told him some urgent news.

Guo Qisheng expressed his shock about the news, “Glory Word corporation’s boss is coming to personally inspect? Why all of a sudden? But no worries, Muye and Ning Xi’s acting skills are flawless, let him come if he wants to!”

Wang Taihe exclaimed in response, “Ah, my dear director, if it’s only the Senior Vice President, why would I be so nervous? It’s the big boss himself! The CEO of the Lu group!”

Guo Qisheng was stunned. “Who? You can’t mean…Lu...Lu Tingxiao, right?”

“That’s exactly who’s coming! Guo, hurry and come along with me to welcome him! Zhang Rui, you go quickly and tell the crew members and both the actors about this!”

“Right away!”

They were already ready to shoot and yet there seemed to be a delay, and even Guo Qisheng and Wang Taihe were suddenly nowhere in sight. Seeing Zhang Rui run towards them, Ning Xi immediately asked, “What’s wrong?”


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