Hidden Marriage
217 I Could Be Worse
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Hidden Marriage
Author :Jiong Jiong You Yao
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217 I Could Be Worse

Ning Xueluo: "…"

There was a long silence on the other end on the phone, then she hung up.

It was hard to imagine Ning Xueluo’s face after hearing those words, and how panicked she must have been when she hung up the phone.

"Pff! Xiao Xi Xi, you are so bad! You probably scared that woman so bad!" said Lu Jingli in admiration.

"You call this bad? You are so green and inexperienced! Now, I will show you something much worse!" Ning Xi bit her lip and pressed a key on her phone. The next second, a recording of her conversation with Ning Xueluo started to play.

Yup, she’d recorded it.

She had originally planned to call Ning Xueluo in front of Su Yan, then put her on speaker and let Su Yan hear her directly, but Little Treasure’s entrance had changed the plan.

Good thing was, it hadn’t changed the result.

Ning Xi edited the recording a little before sending it to Su Yan, then sighed in pity. "Pity that I can’t use this kind of trick on her anymore, she will be more cautious when talking to me from now on. Just this once is still great though!"

She’d expected from the start that Ning Xueluo wouldn’t admit to framing her, so today she’d wanted to solidly plant a seed of doubt in Su Yan’s heart. Now all she needed to do was watch two dogs bite at each other…

Lu Jingli shivered and his voice shook. "Xiao Xi Xi, if I ever do anything to upset you, please tell me straight or beat me up to release your anger, don't use such evil tricks on me! I’m scared…"

Ning Xi laughed lightly and replied straightforwardly, "Don’t worry, for your brother’s sake, I won’t care too much about you."

Lu Jingli’s eyes brightened. "My brother has such a privilege?"

Ning Xi glared at him resentfully. "Of course, he’s my Boss, my life savior! For him, I’m willing to work like a horse!"

After hearing her answer, a beam of light streaked across Lu Tingxiao’s eyes like a meteor, leaving an endless darkness in its wake…

Even though she usually tried to act cautiously, he’d still noticed that her attitude towards him had changed after she’d returned tonight.

From bringing Lu Jingli with her to the hospital, to purposely acting close to Su Yan; she’d even acted like a schemer to make him resent her, then casually brought up his position as her boss to clarify the boundary between them…

It was like he’d steeped a frog in warm water, nurtured it, and slowly allowed it to get used to his presence and accept him subconsciously, but then it learned his tricks and began to distance itself from him…

No doubt about it, she was a good student, able to apply what she learned in real practice.

It was like he’d bitten his own tail, trapping himself in a cage he’d personally designed. He knew clearly what she was doing, but couldn't do anything to stop her.

Late night, Lu Mansion.

Ning Xi was lying in her big bed, counting sheep. She couldn’t sleep.

She picked up her phone and opened WeChat.

She browsed the moments for a bit and was absent-minded, then typed: Had I not seen the Sun, I could have borne the shade, but Light a newer Wilderness, my Wilderness has made.

It was a poem by a female poet, Emily Dickinson. Ning Xi wasn’t sure why, but it suited her mood unexpectedly well…

The first one to comment was… Lu Jingli…

[Awww, everything comes back to life, flowers blossom in warm spring, now is the time when animals… Ah, bah! I smell love!]

The corner of Ning Xi’s mouth twitched, Lu Jingli, this bastard, replied so fast. Didn't he need to sleep?

To her surprise, Jiang Muye wasn't asleep either, even though it was so late. He commented: [So sour that my freaking teeth are falling off!]

Ning Xi was gonna send a few words back at Jiang Muye, but something suddenly caught her attention. She heard a creak as someone pushed her door open…


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