Hidden Marriage
177 Unexpected Reversal
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Hidden Marriage
Author :Jiong Jiong You Yao
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177 Unexpected Reversal

"You want to cancel your contract?" Chang Li’s expression finally changed, but she quickly calmed down. "Ning Xi, don't use this to threaten me, do you know how much the termination fee is? You still have four more years with the company. At two million a year, that comes to eight million in total!"

Ning Xi gave the lawyer next to her a look.

With an emotionless expression on his face, the lawyer took out a black suitcase and opened it to reveal that it was full of money, all cold, hard cash!

Ning Xi pushed the suitcase towards Chang Li. "Here is eight million, want to count it?"

"You…" Chang Li was struck dumb at the sight of all that cash, "Where did you get all this money?"

Ning Xi was impatient. "It’s none of your business, is it?"

"Heh, so you sold your own body for money! What's there to brag about! You think eight million is enough!" Saying this, Chang Li threw a thick sheaf of documents at her; it was the termination agreement. It looked like she had prepared for this.

Ning Xi took the agreement and skimmed through it. The more she read, the more amused she became. "Sister Chang, why didn't I know I was this valuable?"

A penalty fee of 60 million! Why didn't this woman just go rob the bank?

She knew terminating her contract wouldn’t be so easy. These people would definitely think of ways to give her a hard time.

Chang Li was regained her cool. "Our professional lawyer calculated this total. It’s clearly stated in the agreement, aside from the eight million termination fee, you need to compensate the company for its losses from this incident!

"Because of you, our project was shelved and the investments were all withdrawn, our biggest money-maker was seriously injured… in total, this is already the least you need to pay! If you don't have the money, then we’ll see you in court!"

Hearing this, Ning Xi creased her forehead. She didn’t know how good Lawyer Chen was, and whether he could handle this…

Lawyer Chen just took a casual look at the agreement, his expression still calm and his mood indecipherable.

Chang Li noticed Ning Xi’s hesitation, and sensing a weak point, immediately softened her tone, "Ning Xi, think carefully, do you really want to do this? There’s still room for discussion. If you don't want to do <Laughing In The Spring Breeze>, we can arrange something else for you. I have a few scripts on hand, all big projects, you can choose any one of them."

Inside her, Ning Xi laughed coldly. Big projects my ass, they were definitely all the same shitty plots, just with different titles!

The only reason Ning Xueluo didn't want Ning Xi to leave Starlight was so that she could keep a close eye on her and keep her under her thumb forever, even if she was afraid that Ning Xi was desperate enough to go back to the Ning family…

At the same time, there was a knock on the door; Starlight’s lawyers had arrived.

Three of them at once.

Ning Xi knew one of them, he was the senior law advisor for Ning Corporation, Cai Yingyong.

F***! Ning Xueluo really wanted to crush her this time!

On her side, Ning Xi looked at the lonely Lawyer Chen, and felt even more unsure.

After Chang Li’s backup arrived, she crossed her arms, her expression coolly arrogant. "Ning Xi, you can still change your mind."

Law wasn't Ning Xi’s field, she really didn't know much about it, and could only depend on Lawyer Chen.

Lawyer Chen… still didn’t make a sound.

Next to him, Ning Xi was about to worry herself to death. Wasn't a lawyer supposed to be eloquent? Why the hell was this guy not only stone-faced, he was also acting like a mute? Could he actually do it or not!

But then…

What happened next, was like a fantasy drama to Ning Xi.

Lawyer Chen stood up slowly, produced a pile of papers from his briefcase, and finally opened his mouth: "First of all, as far as I am aware, your company withdrew its investment to threaten the production crew. That has nothing to do with my client;

"Secondly, Ning International has nothing to do with my client, my client is not obliged to compensate for any of its losses;

"Thirdly, your company’s employee was injured on set, your company, the production crew and the insurance company should jointly bear responsibility. My client has not been convicted in any court, and is not obliged to bear any responsibility.

"Furthermore, according to the evaluation of the injury sustained by your company’s Miss Ning Xueluo, it was only a superficial wound. The most we will compensate you for is 252.40 yuan in total. As for the additional expenses of staying in a VIP ward and service fees, these should not be borne by my client…"

In a stand-off against the three lawyers, Lawyer Chen fired his words off rapidly. He spoke for half an hour without pausing to take a breath, and in front of his direct attack, the three Starlight lawyers were left speechless, their sweat falling like rain. After successfully helping her terminate her contract, apart from the eight million, they didn’t pay a single cent more…

Oh, that wasn’t right, they paid an extra 252.40 yuan…


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