Hidden Marriage
166 An Even Faster Method
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Hidden Marriage
Author :Jiong Jiong You Yao
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166 An Even Faster Method

However, this maneuver was so perfect!
The only issue was that extortion, this kind of thing, if one were to personally go and do it, the conscience wouldn’t easily allow it…

Ning Xi bit her lip as she remembered everything that had happened that night, and she laughed coldly inside her heart. Ah, what conscience, they had even gone to that extent!

Ning Xi quickly made up her mind. "Alright, send it to me. I’ll contact Ning Xueluo!"
"No need, I’ll help you. That way, no one can track down your IP address," Lu Tingxiao said.
At this moment, in Ning Xi’s view, Lu Tingxiao was no different from a god. Her eyes glimmered as she said, "God Lu, I’ve realized your abilities are too heaven-defying! Do you accept disciples?"
Seeing the girl’s worshipful gaze elevated Lu Tingxiao’s mood a lot. He glanced at her. "I don’t accept."

Ning Xi immediately appeared disappointed. "Ah…" As expected, he wasn’t accepting any! Big Boss Lu had so many things to take care of, so how could he possibly accept any disciples…
Lu Tingxiao continued to gaze deeply at her. "If you want my level of capability, there’s an even faster method."
"What is it, what is it?" Ning Xi instantly perked up as she asked.
Lu Tingxiao: "Marry me." If she married him, everything that was his would also be hers, what else would she still need to learn?
"Cough cough cough…" Ning Xi nearly choked on her own saliva.

This method, you really couldn’t say he was wrong…
It was just that… did she just get hit on again?

Lu Tingxiao admired the girl’s embarrassed expression, before asking, "Have you thought about which company you want to join after you dissolve your contract?"
Ning Xi rubbed her chin. "This… I'm still thinking it over…"
Lu Tingxiao was undeterred as he continued. "After you've cleared your name, your popularity should be on par with first- and second-tier artistes. It'll be much easier to find a company then."

Ning Xi sighed. "It's actually very troublesome. Small companies aren't very competitive and don't offer a good future, while big companies will be hard to get into because of my lack of background. I might appear very well-known, but most of my fame comes from bad press. I don't have even one finished work, so my position is pretty awkward… hmm, Teacher Lu, do you have any ideas?"

Regarding such an important decision, Ning Xi had already intended to ask Lu Tingxiao for advice.
Lu Tingxiao poured a cup of water for her before replying: "From my perspective as a businessman, you are a very explosive stock full of rising potential. I believe you will prove your worth in the future. Therefore, I naturally hope you will join Glory World."
Ning Xi speechlessly widened her eyes in disbelief, and was frozen for a while before coming back to her senses. "Is Lord Boss trying to personally poach me right now?"
Lu Tingxiao slightly smiled. "What you said is not wrong. I really do want to poach you. So, will you come?"
Damn it! This manner of speaking was foul play!
Ning Xi gulped while calming her heart, and then seriously replied, "To be direct and honest, if this time, I am able to smoothly leave Starlight Entertainment, the company I most want to join is Glory World. Today, Glory World has already surpassed Starlight Entertainment and has indisputably become the best entertainment company in this industry, with the best future prospects…"
Lu Tingxiao appeared very pleased and nodded. Then he extended his hand towards her. "Then let’s have a pleasant cooperation."
"Ah?" Ning Xi subconsciously extended her hand. "Let’s… let’s have a pleasant cooperation."
What… what was this situation? Just like that they were going to happily work together?
Just like that she had come to an agreement with Glory World?
The Great Demon King was so efficient even in poaching people…


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